Is Pottery Barn Furniture Good Quality (Get/ Avoid?)

Learn about the quality of Pottery Barn furniture and whether it's worth the investment in this detailed article for home decor enthusiasts.

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What’s better for a home décor enthusiast than finding the best brand or store for buying furniture and other accessories to maintain and upgrade their home?

Furniture seems like the core requirement of every household in recent times. With the indecisiveness that arises with what product to buy, we often get confused with what brand we should approach.

People prefer companies that offer a wide array of furniture items to wrap up their furniture shopping for an entire house in one go rather than browsing different companies for each good. 

One such company that offers an exciting and diverse range of solutions for outdoor and indoor, household and office furniture goods is pottery barn.

Pottery Barn is an American upholster home décor chain with retail stores in Mexico, Canada, Australia, and the United States.

pottery Barn Furniture

They provide their customers with options to buy online, in-store or over the phone. Pottery barn is known for its trendy and upscale designs with prices that tend towards the high end. It is now owned by William Sonoma, to whom it was sold in 1986 for $6 million by Gap

As we are now trapped among enormous choices to select from, we must decide wisely and don’t invest our money without extensive research.

Besides having so much in their stores to offer for home decor and furnishing, they also have exceptionally high prices for their products that disturb the customers.

Therefore, we find the need to know why they are so expensive? Is pottery barn of good quality or not? And does their quality justify their respective prices or not?

Quality and Price

With big names like pottery barn, reviews are always mixed. Some say that a pottery barn is highly expensive; others say this gives a pottery barn its value.

Sometimes, instead of solely reviewing the product based on its quality, people review it based on the money they are paying for that good.

Quality, however, is the main area of concern while buying furniture goods, and pottery barns offer furniture that is average too high in terms of quality. 

They include natural fiber fabrics such as cotton, denim, leather, canvas and solid woods such as ash, pine, hardwoods, mango and meranti in their high-quality furniture.

One of the elite qualities about their furniture is that they include tenon and mortise joints. These are considered the strongest woodworking joints.

They add structural integrity and durability to the product because they involve the insertion of one piece onto another rather than nailing or stapling methods. 

Some pottery barn products get the customers most excited, and because of their high selling ratio, they are requested to make these products repeatedly.

Customers’ top picks in pottery barns include rugs, bedroom furniture, mirrors, wall art, lighting, and bedding.

Having their respective ins and outs, the most common cons in their products include their exceptionally high prices, longevity and issues regarding delivery and getting replacements.

One thing about pottery barn that has always attracted a high number of customers is that they continue to expand their product line, so you have the solutions for the entire house from bedroom set to living room mirror and serve ware for BBQ.

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With that extensive range, they offer you to style your whole house with a theme of your liking.

You basically walk into a pottery barn store to get one particular thing, but you walk out with quite a few items.

Thus, being a one-stop solution, pottery barn is highly preferred by its faithful customers even when they set their prices high. 

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Pottery barn has also made decoration easy. If you are someone who struggles with the styling of your home, a pottery barn has a solution for you.

pottery Barn

They give you a survey of their product line, and you immediately know what to go for.

They also have coordinating accessories to blend those items with different rooms in your home. If you have just started decorating and your home is a tabula rasa, you usually have no idea what to go for; the pottery barn’s catalog might help you at this point. 

So, you don’t need an interior designer for your home. You just need to give yourself some time with the pottery barn, and this counts as another reason why they are so expensive.

They omit the need of getting an interior designer, and instead, their prices make up for it. Service of pottery barn often gets negatively reviewed.

One of the reasons is that they do not offer a warranty on most of their products which is very inconvenient. One must reach out to their customer service for that purpose because no other option is available online. 

The feedback on customer service is varied too. More complaints are registered about shipping and negative customer service rather than about quality.

Complaints regarding quality mostly involve cracks in certain items, peeling paint, warping, and untangling area rugs.

They also do not feature ratings and reviews on their website, so you will do your research or in-person examination before investing your money.

Do their products justify the prices?

Despite having skyrocketing prices, being a highly successful company is proof that their products justify the prices they are being sold for.

This factor is because the products they design are long-lasting and withstand for years to be used by your generations.

So with products that are to last for a lifetime, you don’t have to worry about the price. Their booming prices represent the material sources and highly qualified labor hired for building these higher quality products. 

So, you might be paying a few more dollars, but the quality is definitely better than the furniture you got from other stores, and of course, your style for the next few years will speak of the wise investment you made.

Pottery barn aims to reduce environmental impact and support the craftspeople. The people working there are interior designers who perfectly know what people want in their homes. 

Most of the time, companies hire cheaper and less-skilled workers to cut short the expenses that come with skilled artisans.

Still, with a pottery barn, you don’t have to worry about that because besides hand producing all its upholstered furniture outside of hickory,

N.C, which is well known for producing furnishings, also claims to have partnered with international artisans. Thus, one of the main reasons they are so pricey is the skilled labor they have to pay for

Top Products of Pottery Barn

Every brand has some of its products that are the reasons for its fame. The same goes for the case of Pottery barn; the following are some of the worth considering products.  

Pottery Barn Bedroom set/ furniture

Pottery Barn sells high-quality furniture in opulent and modern designs. Pottery Barn has a tiny range of beds with drawers in the bed mattress for beds with storage space.

Most customers think these beds are great for saving space, but some have encountered issues with assembly and delivery. The Chesterfield upholstered storage beds are famous for their collection of bedroom sets. 

These beds are offered in two configurations: a pull-out storage compartment and a drawer at the foot end or two side drawers.

Customers can personalize the color of the upholstery and fabric on their bed in both circumstances, with some choices available at an additional fee. Most consumers liked this offer, but some had issues with long shipping periods and assembly issues.

Pottery Barn Sofas

The Pottery Barn York Slope Arm Sofa was popular because of its deep seat and clean design, and the choice of a sofa cushion. It’s simple with clear lines.

The York couch design is also appropriate for temporary decorating. So, if you consider your style neither fully classic nor completely modern, this sofa has a beautiful shape that complements both. The angled arm design adds a little feminine touch.

While we had 105 sofa fabric options to pick from, many of us desired a high-quality fabric that could endure splashes and dirt from our children and pets.

As a result, the Sunbrella Performance Chenille fabric in the color Salt is a good choice because it is durable and long-lasting. After extensive examination, the only conclusion was that their banks are not cheap.

However, the craftsmanship is clear, and each one is custom-made to your specifications.

We feel that Pottery Barn offers enough sales (ranging from 15-30% off) that you will never have to pay full price for this sofa. If it is not on sale when you wish to buy it, it will most likely be sold within a few weeks.

Pottery Barn Rugs

Rugs are one of the most popular goods that Pottery Barn consumers look for. A Pottery Barn rug is a terrific method to connect all the rooms and spaces with its range of rugs, hall rugs, round rugs, performance carpets indoors and outdoors, bespoke rugs, floor rugs, kitchen and kitchen entrance rugs, and bath rugs.

Pottery Barn rugs range in price from roughly $ 30 for a bathmat-sized rug to $ 9,000 for larger, hand-knotted rugs, with over 1,000 different types to select from. 

In terms of style, Pottery Barn has patterned thick rugs, neutral colors and printed rugs, traditional rugs, shag rugs, hand-knotted rugs, rugs with worn looks, and even a modest variety of eco-friendly carpets produced from durable materials. Most consumers like the look of Pottery Children’s rugs, while some think the pricing is a little expensive.

Pottery Barn Rugs

The most beautiful part about the rugs they offer is the style they provide their customers with. If you are fond of decorating your house with beautiful rugs, you will be overwhelmed by their collection of rugs.

Moreover, you will be surprised by various eco-friendly options from the pottery barn. The disadvantage of this brand is that the products’ prices can be a bit high, due to which many of the users backstepped. 


Is pottery barn good quality? Yes. Their high quality is why they are the best-selling furniture company despite being exceptionally pricey.

The fabric, fillings, wood, and metals used in the construction of these high-end products are sourced and are higher quality materials; thus, the prices at which these products are being sold are justified.

While some might still think they are a bit too pricey, with wood being so trendy in recent times, it is also causing an impact on certain products by pottery barn. 

But in the end, it’s the quality that you are paying for.

Hence, if you decide to invest in a pottery barn, it’s a win-win situation, for you will be, in turn, getting a stylish, trendy, and long-lasting product that will save your money from getting spent on yearly replacements and reconditioning.

And you no longer have to worry about getting out of style too.  

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