Pentair Intellitouch Vs Easytouch (What Should You Take)

Pentair Intellitouch Vs Easytouch

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Spa and pool equipment and associated poolscape accessories may now be scheduled and controlled wholly automated, easy, and cost-effective.

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According to one equipment expert, everything is close by and can be run off along with EasyTouch, a single pump employing valves.

IntelliTouch, with four pumps, was mentioned by another person. EasyTouch is cost-effective for any economy because it does not require costly wiring or installation.

Pentair Intellitouch Vs Easytouch


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Trips to your pool equipment pad, remembering working sequences, opening and shutting valves, and changing time clocks and thermostats are all eliminated with the EasyTouch Control System.

Your EasyTouch system incorporates all circuitry and highly configurable controls in a specific Loading Center near your pool or spa equipment, with push-button operation and clear, straightforward instructions and displays.

This eliminates the need for costly wiring and installation, making an EasyTouch system cheap to anybody on a budget.

Characteristics of EasyTouch:

  • Systems with four or eight functions are available.
  • Control via mobile digital devices, desktops, and specific smart speaker devices via an attractive interface.
  • Diagnostics built-in for debugging and repairs
  • UL and cUL certifications have been granted to the tools and system.
  • Pentair dealers or retail outlets are the only places to get it.

Features and Pros of EasyTouch system:

The EasyTouch is the latest level of pool automation. You may use the EasyTouch 4 pool control system to automate all of your spa and pool’s everyday activities.

The EasyTouch outside control panel positioned at the pool equipment pad may manually regulate pool and spa service operations.


The system possesses the following features and pros:

  1. Automatic system:

EasyTouch pool and spa control mechanisms eliminate the need to remember operation sequences, open and close valves, and reset time clocks and thermostats, making them delightfully automatic.

Plus, with push-button operation and clear, simple instructions and displays, EasyTouch sets the bar for operational simplicity.

The computerized system’s diversity includes:

  • Time Out pauses programs for a short period before automatically restarting many hours later—no need to reprogramme.
  • Programs can be halted and automatically restarted using the Time Out mode, eliminating the need to reprogramme.
  • Automatic inspection of the display, processor, switches, signals, relay outputs, valve outputs, detector inputs, and networking devices, as well as a diagnostic screen that indicates errors for troubleshooting and maintenance reasons, are all included in the built-in diagnostics.
  1. Lights and illustrators:

Support for Intellibrite pool and spa lights. The Pumps with variable speed or flow, pool lighting, landscape bright lights, waterfalls, waterfalls, heaters, and more are all supported.

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  1. Programmable LCD:

Programming is simple, and there is an LCD screen with instructions. Every step of the way, the LCD educates and instructs you.

  1. Troubleshooting in the system:

Use service mode from the Load Center for testing and troubleshooting—no need for service people to enter your house.

Self-test diagnostics are built-in, allowing you to check that individual functions are working correctly, and a diagnostic panel displays failures for diagnostic and repair.

Resettable circuit breakers are included within the Load Center, which you or the service professional may access from outside your house. Further, the system provides the facility for the lockdown of the control panel.

  1. The interface of application and tool:

There’s no need to learn operating routines, open/close valves, or reset time clocks and thermostats because everything is managed with a single button from the self-contained load center.

With the ScreenLogic2 interface kit, you can manage anything from pool and spa temperatures to jets, lighting, water features, and more—all from your favorite mobile digital device.

You can use EasyTouch systems in a spa, a pool, or a pool/spa combo with shared equipment.

You may also select from various options between attempts to control four or eight auxiliary functions.

Pool and spa cycles are simple to set and operate using EasyTouch, and alternative controllers are available for further convenience.

Pentair IntelliTouch:

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IntelliTouch Pool and spa automation deliver outstanding control systems, including water features and fantastic pool lighting effects, from the simplest to one of the most ambitious pools and spa designs.

IntelliTouch solutions provide cutting-edge technology and a wide choice of wireless and wired control panels with simple menus to set up.

Characteristics of Pentair IntelliTouch:

  • The scheduling and operation of pool and spa heating, filtration, and cleaning cycles are simplified with an IntelliTouch control system.
  • It also allows you to control extra functionalities with a single touch.
  • When combined with IntelliBrite color lights, users may enjoy a world of lighting animation.
  • In addition, an IntelliTouch system ensures that all of your equipment is operating at top efficiency, resulting in lower energy consumption and costs.

Features and Pros of Pentair IntelliTouch:

Money is saved by having precise control over equipment operation schedules. Plus, when available, you may take advantage of off-peak electricity costs.

Pentair IntelliTouch

You may also make your technology last longer by only running it when necessary to keep your pool or spa in good shape.

  1. Indoor Control Panel:

IntelliTouch customers may utilize the IntelliTouch Indoor Control Panel or MobileTouch wireless control panel to control and monitor popular Salt Chlorine Generators like IntelliChlor, Goldline, and AutoPilot. The salt chlorine generator does not need to be adjusted at the equipment pad.

  1. Intelliflo assistance:

The IntelliFlo intelligent swimming pool pump is rewriting the rules. You tune Intelliflo’s speed to fit the task. It can handle up to 160 gallons per minute.

IntelliFlo then adjusts the power factor to perfection. IntelliFlo continuously monitors water flow and electrical current to ensure that the filtration system runs at its best.

And that implies never-before-seen energy savings of up to 90% compared to traditional pumps.

  1. Power and cost saver:

You may also use IntelliTouch to control energy-saving variable-speed pumps and solar heating systems. For maximum freedom and flexibility, IntelliTouch systems provide a variety of individual and multiple wired and wireless control devices.

  1. Remote access:

You may also access your pool remotely using a wireless Controller or an optional ScreenLogic Interface utilizing various popular mobile digital devices.

IntelliTouch systems detect problems that might obstruct operation and notify you or take immediate remedial action. The system will notify when it is time for service.

Advanced functionality such as remote administration through the internet and email notifications for specific occurrences are now available on ScreenLogic systems.

Other wired interface options exist for controlling pool and spa amenities from a desktop or laptop PC at home or on the go.

  1. Public persona Kit:

Whether you want to run a single pool or a spa depends on your goals, a pool or spa combination with shared equipment, or a pool/spa combination with separate equipment.

You choose one of IntelliTouch’s Personality Kits. Your Personality Kit determines the type and amount of equipment and accessories you may operate.

  • The first is the Power Center, which houses all of your pool’s electrical wiring and is situated at your pool’s equipment.
  • The second is one of the Personality Kits, which you choose depending on whether you want to operate a separate pool or spa, a pool/spa combo with shared equipment, or a spa combo with the particular equipment.
  • The third component is the System Controller. Choose between an interior wall-mounted unit and a digital and mobile gadget interface, as well as a bright band or smartwatch.
  1. Automatic system precision:

From modest to large pool and spa designs with water features and significant lighting effects, IntelliTouch Solutions automation delivers exceptional control systems.

IntelliTouch automated systems feature cutting-edge technology and a diverse choice of wireless and wired control panels that are simple to program and adjust, allowing pool owners to design and modify programs with ease. You may use the iPhone to complete a pool and spa automation system.

What to choose between Pentair intellitouch vs. easytouch:

Purchasing or embedding a whole system needs an intelligent vision and choice.

Although we covered all aspects and features of both Pentair IntelliTouch and EasyTouch. But the choice always depends on your requirements.

  1. Know your requirements:

IntelliTouch Automation systems may handle anywhere from 5 to 40 circuits, which can be utilized to manage a variety of pumps, lighting, water features, and other devices.

In addition, user-configurable circuits may be used to control these and other feature combinations. Feature Circuits even provide Macro capabilities, allowing you to combine any number of courses on a single button.

This allows the pool owner to create bespoke themes with custom names with a single button push.

In the case of EasyTouch, there are some considerations worth mentioning before you buy. If you have a pool with an overflowing spa, heater, Pentair salt chlorinator, and three Pentair Intellibrite color lights, the pool automation idea is straightforward:

  • Turn lights on and off.
  • Turn the heater on and off.
  • Switch spa mode with two valves.

These are straightforward relays. Unless you want to invest your days hacking the communication protocols, you’re pretty much stuck with whatever firm makes your equipment because the interfaces are all proprietary. The instruction is written clumsily.

  1. Compare the two technologies:

The main difference is that the IntelliTouch can be expanded to control more devices than the EasyTouch, and the EasyTouch is far less expensive!

If you contracted for the IntelliTouch, ensure you get the ten-function spa side controller, not the four-function, as most customers do.

Unless he’s ready to pay the difference and you don’t think you’ll ever want to grow, don’t do it. Shortly, it all boils down to acquiring exactly what you want and planning to do with the system.

The IntelliTouch is a fantastic device that may be expanded if desired. The EasyTouch technology is also excellent, but it is not extendable.

  1. Review other buyers and ask the shopkeepers:

You’ll want to buy this tool when you get the IntelliTouch and Screen Logic. Many individuals are selling the EasyTouch these days since it is straightforward to price and they don’t have to total up the parts.

The EasyTouch is a pre-packaged system, whereas the IntellTouch is a component system.

Consider going to a stereo shop and choosing the components you want to make your system vs. buying a box system stereo from Walmart and getting what comes in the box EasyTouch.


We discussed the differences between Pentair’s EasyTouch and IntelliTouch products. Pentair designed an IntelliCenter Upgrade Kit that can convert either the EasyTouch or IntelliTouch to an IntelliCenter, a popular device feature.

Also, if you want wifi, there is a significant price difference. 

You can very much do your cost research. IntelliTouch is only valid if you have a high-end computer and use the IntelliBrite lighting capabilities.

EasyTouch or any other automatic control is ideal if you have a primary pool or spa. Avoid the Pentair if you prefer a two-speed pump.

They’re a lot less challenging to deal with. Finally, the EasyTouch pricing is accurate.

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