Moen 2590 vs 2510 (What the Difference & Which One Better)

Moen 2590 vs 2510

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You enter your home after a hectic day, all done and dusted; what would you be looking for immediately? You will head towards the washroom to enjoy a good shower for a refreshing feel.

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Moen 2510

Moen 2590

Right? But what if you enter your washroom, tap on the shower valve, and get to know it is worn out.

Isn’t it enough to boost your exhausted mood after surviving the hectic situations’ whole day? The next step you will take is to look for a good shower valve.

Right? Before we dive into the debate on which shower valve is the best for us, let’s have a look at the value of shower valves.

A shower valve is considered the main component of a shower faucet system. It is used in a single-handle shower mixer in the bathroom.

Because you may need to control water flow and temperature with a single lever, a shower faucet is required to elevate your bathroom experience.

You’ll also need a cartridge that works properly and doesn’t obstruct the flow. That is why we created three different types of Moen shower fittings for you to choose from.

Today, as we are wrapped around, many manufacturers throw hundreds of products in the market. Due to too many options, it is becoming harder for us to land on one of the best options.

To grab the best product, one must go through extensive research and detailed reviews to not invest their money in a scam.

But can you manage time in your busy schedule to go through every product and its details? 

To ease your search period, we have put insight into two major and best products in the market available today from the best brand.

Moen 2590

After going through this comparison, ‘Moen 2590 Vs 2510’, you’ll definitely reach a worthwhile decision.

We’ve mentioned in detail both products so that you can identify which one best suits your demand and needs. 

Moen 2590 Vs 2510: Explained

After a detailed survey and reviews from the customers, we’ve ended up comparing both the products by explaining each of them separately. 

About Moen 2510

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In this Moen 2510 review, you’ll learn why it’s one of the most popular on the market. The design is simple to install because of Moen’s M-PACT valve system.

It can be modified to accommodate almost any change without requiring future plumbing replacement.

Who wouldn’t have a bad day if they had a problem with cold showers or suddenly hot water burns their skin? The Model 2510 is packed with wonderful features to keep water flowing smoothly, whether it’s for you or an older adult.

This model is outfitted with PosiTemp technology, which maintains water flow and temperature reasonably.

Moen 2510

It has four connections for adjusting the maximum temperature before installation. And the brass construction ensures that it will last a long time wherever you place it; it will not even interfere with the current sanitary situation.

The unit performs admirably underwater and temperature pressures by balancing both based on the setting.

As a result, most people prefer the Moen 2510 as a functional shower mixer for their bathroom. It has a 1222 cartridge that works flawlessly even when installed back-to-back.

Furthermore, the innovative design accepts inches of IPS connection types to accommodate most standard installations.


  • Long-lasting companionship 
  • Compatible with older plumbing systems too
  • Extremely durable construction with brass
  • Heat resistant body 
  • Incredible water regulation 


  • Poor-fitting behind the wall

About Moen 2590

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A cramped shower with low water pressure is a thing of the past.

The Moen 2590 shower faucet is an ideal cartridge mixer for updating an older, tired bathroom with newer, improved faucets without the expense and hassle of installing new plumbing.

This PosiTemp shower system includes an adjustable temperature limiter to regulate the maximum hot water temperature, as well as quarter-turn stops that allow you to upgrade the faucet style or change the finish of your existing faucets without having to replace the valves. 

It is a long-lasting, heat-resistant valve. As a result, you will be able to enjoy carefree living for many years. This built-in shower mixer is free of lead.

It also met the ASSE performance standards. Additionally, it is considered the most durable valve due to its brass construction which helps keep rust. 


This valve is compatible with the Moen M-PACT Common Valve System, a simple system that allows you to change the look of your faucet without having to touch the pipes.

You can use the valve to change the trim kit at any time after installation. You can make changes in front of the wall; simply unscrew your current panel and screw in your new panel.


  • Easier to install and setup 
  • Simpler to use and replace
  • It is compatible with PEX adaptors 
  • It goes well with tub also 
  • Incredibly built brass body 


  • According to some reviews, it is not much comfortable to use 

About Moen 

Alfred M. Moen founded the Moen product line of mixers and other fittings, now part of Fortune Brands Home & Security.

Without any doubt, the substantial of Moen is based in North Olmsted, Ohio. Ravenna Metal Products in Seattle, Washington, was the original owner of Moen.

From the 1960s to 2010, almost all Moen kitchen, sink, and bath/shower faucets were single-handle designs that used the same basic water control pattern. 

The Moen 1225 is a plastic cylinder that measures about 10 inches long and 3/4 inch in diameter. Since its inception, it has undergone at least two redesigns as the “engine” of the most Moen single-lever mixers, though newer versions still go well with the older cranes.

Pulling up the cartridge shaft opens the water supply; turning to the left opens the hot water passages, and turning to the suitable opens from where the cold-water passages. 

The Duralast cartridge 1255, which contains ceramic disc technology, has been used in most Moen fittings manufactured since 2010. 

How do I identify my Moen Posi-Temp valve?

Examine the handle knobs that were attached to the shower faucet. “Moen” in the middle of the buttons is usually “Hot” or “Cold.” If you don’t see this, it’s because the lever buttons have been replaced or the “Hot / Cold” button is a lever.

Do all Moen faucets have the same cartridge?

There is no difference between the Moen 1222 and 1222B replacement cartridges. They are both Posi Temp Moen shower mixer replacement parts. They are made of the same components; the only difference is the packaging and model number.

Is Delta compatible with Moen?

Delta and some companies can trade sometimes, but Moen has nothing to do with any other company I know. Do you have access through the back of the valve? You only have two options, either Moen or a “universal trim kit” from Pfister that adapts to the Moen valve.

Are all shower valves universal?

Shower valves are not universal, and decorations and built-in mixers should not mislead manufacturers. Furthermore, each manufacturer has different valve sizes and types that are not universal or interchangeable. Shower sets, fortunately, are always sold as a complete set.


We hope you are now clear about both of the shower valves as we’ve mentioned them in detail above in our guide focusing on ‘Moen 2590 Vs 2510’.

Share this guide with your fellows looking for the best shower valves available in the market today.

Make sure you select the best and most worth while accessories for your bathroom as it is one of our basic needs and right. 

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