Milwaukee Rotary Tool vs Dremel: Pick The Better One!

Milwaukee Rotary Tool vs Dremel

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There is no doubt that the market for rotary tools is increasing and going up day by day, equipped with a huge variety of options.

So, to approach a worthwhile product, extensive research and analysis is the only option left for us. As to the date, our market is overloaded with various brands offering various tools with many features; we need to analyses which one is the righteous option for us. 

If you do a market survey, you’ll end up getting even more confused among various options, all claiming to provide their best.

Puzzled between the options, many of us are scammed, which ends up giving us a bad product. When you have your hands on a decent option among many rotary tools,

we can’t ignore the two big names, ‘Milwaukee’ and ‘Dremel‘. Both these names, since their launch, have gained huge success in this field. 

Milwaukee Rotary Tool vs Dremel

We would consider choosing rotary tools from these two name brands, as our keen concern because of the reputation they’ve created by providing the customers with the best.

So, it might be difficult for all users to choose between these two based on the specifications both the names offer. We are left with the only option to compare both of them based on their accessories, attachments, power, speed and battery system. 

For the analysis of the Milwaukee rotary tool vs Dremel, we’ve taken two devices, one from each brand. This comparison will help you to make an easier decision among these renowned names.

Choosing the righteous option for your next project will be an important factor to achieve success in that project.

Today in this post, we’ve considered comparing two famous devices, one from Milwaukee and Dremel. We will take Milwaukee m12 and Dremel 8220. 

Milwaukee Rotary Tool Vs Dremel: a big debate 

Milwaukee M12 

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If you’re looking for a new rotary tool, the Milwaukee 2460-21 M12 cordless lithium-ion rotary toolset is a great choice. If you’re already a fan of the M12 series, this is the obvious pick.

We were really pleased with the performance, as well as the ease of use and affordability. This tool, created by Milwaukee Electric Tool, showcases the company’s skill in straight and matte grinding.

Rotary Tool

This Milwaukee 12V rotary tool has been improved with a better product package, making it a great value for individuals searching for a cordless tool.

Now let’s discuss some of the worth considering features that make this device the one to look out for. 

Features To Consider 

Powerful motor 

The surprise of the powerful engine is one of the frequent themes in many Milwaukee M12 reviews. It should not be as good as it is when only 12 volts are used.

On the other hand, this engine has a maximum speed of 32,000 rpm and a lower speed of 5,000 rpm. When it comes to processing projects, this affords him a lot of flexibility.

This implies that it can handle a wide range of tasks. You can instantly tune it to varied settings by using the variable speed knob.

Cordless tool 

Milwaukee’s cordless rotary tool allows you to work from anywhere. A full charge is enough to get the job done with a reliable lithium-ion battery.

Although 12 volts might not appear to be sufficient, it is sufficient to run this tool’s powerful motor. You can use it to cut, grind, polish, and do many other things. 

Incredible design 

Milwaukee Electric Tool is an 85-year-old company. This indicates that they have some experience using power tools. Everything from Milwaukee M12 accessories to design reflects this.

Owners may expect this unit to outlast its competitors in the field and have a 10% efficiency advantage thanks to slider-like exhaust valves and a compact design.


Another interesting feature is the Milwaukee Safety Shutdown, which protects the tool from being overloaded. Milwaukee wants this tool to last long, so they included a 5-year warranty and a sealing bearing to protect it from drywall dust and other debris.

Milwaukee rotary tool

The exit valves in the grinding technique effectively cool the instrument during extended operation. It features one of the softer soft starts we’ve ever seen on a rotating tool.

Like all others in the M12 series, this tool has a battery level indicator so you can know how much power you have left.


  • Can use a wide range of accessories 
  • Compactly designed body 
  • Incredible Milwaukee cut tool 
  • 12-volt motor 
  • Fast charging battery 


  • Disappointed durability 
  • Difficult to find in stores 

Dremel 8220 

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The Dremel 8200 was the company’s initial foray into cordless rotary tools, and the 8220 improves on it in various ways.

The most prominent feature is a more powerful battery that provides the same amount of power as the wired version of this equipment.

It’s lightweight, one-handed, and small enough to fit into any pocket or container. Dremel is not only convenient due to its size, but it is also suited for everyday usage due to its cordless design and low weight.

Dremel is a good choice whether you are a mechanic searching for a convenient way to close a door lock, a designer looking for a powerful grinding and cutting tool, or a do-it-yourself enthusiast looking for a powerful turning tool that is not as expensive as a commercial one.

The Dremel 8220 is a well-known rotary tool, and many people consider it the greatest cordless rotary tool available. Let’s have a look at some useful features.

The kit comes with a tool, a charger, two batteries, and a few extra accessories out of the box. The tool’s accessories are more akin to a sample kit of bits and accessories than anything else.

Features To Consider 

12V battery 

A wireless driver is only as good as its battery, and while the original 8200 battery was a little on the weak side, Dremel has beefed it up for the new iteration.

A 12V Max battery is included with the Dremel 8220. It is a 10.8 V battery in strict terms; however, it can give 12 V in syringes and when needed.

Dremel 8220

It lasts 33% longer than the original 8200 battery and is recommended for this wireless device. Because you can fully charge the battery in about an hour, you won’t have to wait long to get back to work.

The 12 V Max battery delivers nearly the same amount of power as a wired version. However, this is only true at full power; at maximum power, the three mAh battery will not last long, especially if you use it at rapid speeds.

Versatile tool 

The Dremel 8220 is a versatile rotating tool that you can use for various jobs, including engraving, drilling, carving, polishing, carving, polishing, and more with the right accessories.

In the field of power tools, Dremel is well-known. The brand is known for producing effective and dependable products that can ease even the most difficult tasks.

Easy to use 

The Dremel 8220 is a straightforward instrument to use for a variety of reasons.

The fact that it is a wireless gadget is first and foremost. Although wired is considered more powerful, essential tools your movement and does not take as long as 8220.

There are no cables to stand in the way of you having fun with the gadget.

Fortunately, the Dremel 8220 comes with the Practical Dremel EZ TwistTM nose guard, which allows you to change pieces while using the provided wrench, allowing you to give grandchildren and other problems.

Warranty and weight 

From the date of purchase, the Dremel 8220 is covered by a two-year limited guarantee.

According to the manufacturer, the defective goods should be submitted to the address in the United States or Canada, along with a copy of the dated sales receipt and a written statement outlining the nature of the problem.

It’s worth noting that, although having a lower total weight than a wired model, the tool is still heavier because of the additional battery, which adds to the device’s overall weight. The Dremel 8220 is light and portable, weighing only 1.6 pounds.


  • Ideally fits with all Dremel attachments 
  • Variable speed 
  • Powerful motor; charges in just 1 hour 
  • Ergonomically developed 
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty 


  • It is not compatible with heavy-duty tasks 
  • Some attachments require an additional collet 


We will wrap up our comparison by saying that both the devices surprisingly have a decent amount of power for being capable of a cordless tool.

They both come along with many different accessories to support the added convenience. A few of the features that differ can help you quickly decide depending on what project you are working on.

We hope we’ve succeeded in concluding the most debated topic, ‘Milwaukee rotary tool vs Dremel‘. After this complete guide based on the comparison of both the renowned devices, it will be easier for you to select among them.

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