Milwaukee Caulking Gun M12 vs M18 : Which is the Better Choice?

Milwaukee Caulking Gun M12 vs M18

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For the highest viscosity materials, Milwaukee-built gears deliver almost 950 pounds of thrust. A variable speed trigger controls maximum output rate and particle width adjustment.

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At all viscosity levels, constant flow technology produces a consistent material flow rate and uniform beads. When the trigger is released, the anti-drip mechanism immediately stops the substance from ejecting.

M12 vs M18

The rotating quick-change collar accepts all Milwaukee quick-change configurations.

Milwaukee caulking gun M12:

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The M12TM Caulk and Adhesive Gun is the world’s lightest and smallest cordless powered caulk gun. The M12TM Caulk Gun conveniently administers everyday construction sealants and adhesives with up to 400 lbs pushing power.

Total application speed control is possible with the combination of the Variable Speed Trigger and the Max-Speed dial

caulking gun

The 360-degree Rotating Collar gives you the most control when you’re turning. The tool incorporates an auto-reversing anti-drip, a seal pierce tool, and a sturdy hanging hook for increased versatility.

The M12 Caulk Gun, powered by the groundbreaking M12 lithium battery, can dispense up to 150 10oz. Tubes of construction sealant on a single charge.

What’s good about Milwaukee caulking gun M12?

  • This caulk/adhesive gun is fantastic; it will keep your forearms in good shape
  • It’s elementary to use, so there’s no need to be concerned about loading it properly. When it comes to working clean, the way it pulls back when you stop makes a tremendous impact. Above all, it’s so lovely that you’re proud of it. 
  • The most admirable feature is that it pulls back when you release the trigger, preventing excess caulk from exiting the tube. 
  • You can control the amount of material released with the pressure dial. It has everything. The anti-drip feature is convenient since it ensures minimal hand strain.

Milwaukee caulking gun M18:

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You’ll have the most excellent control over the sheeting with the most powerful cordless caulk and epoxy gun in the industry.

Achieve caulk or adhesives seamlessly and progressively with the M18’s incredible pushing force, even with the highest viscosity composites.

CFTTM Constant Flow Technology minimizes motor oscillation for consistent distribution and even beads at all viscosity levels. 

Milwaukee caulking gun M12

The gears provide the 950 pounds of force. The tool’s 0-21 inches per minute (IPM) flow rate is optimized via a variable-speed trigger and a six-setting maximum speed dial.

When the trigger is released, the proprietary Milwaukee® anti-drip mechanism prevents extra material from leaking out.

What’s good about Milwaukee caulking gun M18?

  • It’s a valuable and quiet tool. The rechargeable batteries rifle, of course, is far more convenient to use, especially during the winter. 
  • Having the flexibility to use bulk caulk, on the other hand, would save time, dollars and reduce waste. 
  • The bearing structure allows you to switch between oz of 10-quart ampules, while the rotating collar provides you complete bead control around turns. 
  • The M18 red lithium battery can dispense more than 200 ducts of erection paste on a single charge. 
  • A compact battery with a maximum of 30-minute recharge, 10-oz plunger rod and carriage, and piston assembly are included in the kit.

M12 vs. M18:

You’ll have to make the only other decision is whether you want the M18 cordless caulk gun or the smaller, more maneuverable M12 cordless caulk gun.

The M12 type is ideal for jobs that don’t require much work, such as delivering Liquid Nails or caulking siding in general construction.

When you’re not working in chilly weather, the M12 model is also a superior choice. We observed right away that the M18’s power delivery was adequate;

in fact, it was initially dialed into a higher level than was required, but you can easily dial it back to achieve that perfect flow.

Even with a tiny M18 battery, the Milwaukee M18 platform eliminates the need to charge the battery during the day.

You can even use the tool the whole day and still have plenty of battery life when it’s time to put it away. Earlier this year, the M18 & M12 Multi-Voltage Charger was unveiled at Milwaukee’s New Tools press event and this type of similar thing also on other tools like on this Dewalt Fan vs Milwaukee Fan we described. 

Shortly, we may now publicly discuss it that the embargo has been lifted. This is fantastic news for everyone who uses both platforms.

The new Energy Star-rated machine will charge all M18 and M12 lithium-ion batteries in order, help the consumer set either pack simultaneously, and leave confident that they will be ready for their subsequent work.

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