The Best Metal Detector For Woodworking of 2024

The Best Metal Detector For Woodworking

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Due to the availability of so many brands and models of metal detectors on the markets, it can be difficult for consumers to know which metal detector is perfect according to its need.

Our Great Selection for you…

Unravelling for you the best metal detectors for woodworking that are not only smart and super-efficient but also give you the ultimate satisfaction of a flawless job while dealing with used or recycled wood with accuracy and precision.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Metal Detectors for woodworking

These top brands offering the best metal detectors for woodworking are marketing their utmost qualities to their customers with the best economical prices you can get.

So if you choose your next metal detector, before moving ahead with your decision, also go through this concise yet explicit buying guide that will let you look into the intricacies of the product. Some extremely important attributes are to be checked before making your choice.

The objective of the Detector

The type of work will analyze your selection of the kind of metal detector. While selecting a metal detector, you should be clear about the purposes you will use it for; that’s your basic objective for use.

If you understand hunting gold, looking for lost jewelry, finding relics, or if you will utilize it for working with some old wood or used timber.

Some multipurpose sensors are also available in the market, but the most powerful are those designed for a specific purpose.

Detection Depth

Best Metal Detector For Woodworking

Any metal detector’s strength strongly resides in the power of depth it can probe for finding buried or hidden metal like gold, jewelry, nails, studs, and staple pins.

So while selecting a pick, you should be aware of the amount of depth you will require for probing, depending on your task, finding different metals either underneath a ground or within a used wood. One thing is for sure the more the depth detection, the higher the efficiency along with more price. 


The coil is the term used for the area that is sensitive to the metal or will assess the presence. This coil is different in different metal detectors depending on the practical purposes of the Detector.

In-ground metal detectors, the ring is usually a bigger one in a round shape; however, in the case of woodworking devices, the area is sleek and elongated in form for better detection of metals. This attribute is also a must consider-thing that will pay off highly in terms of efficiency. 


The elliptical is a term that will come across while selecting the coil; it’s the shape of the ring, which is rather oval. The elliptical shape is quite useful for the detectors that are meant for underground metal detection. Some brands, including Bounty Hunter, offer this elliptical-shaped coil, assuring a better coverage point for detecting metals. 


The quality of waterproof is another add-on to these devices. The detectors meant for underground metal detection offer their coil to be waterproof, so it is possible to go through moisture grass or even detect in shallow water.

However, some woodworking metal detectors are also water-resistant to avoid the moisture present in woods damaging the Detector’s working.


Pin-Pointer is another added sensor for detecting metals at the end of a coil. Pinpointer takes the level of searching metals further by making it more focused and precise. This attribute can be added to some devices on-demand and will charge you more, but better results are promising.


The weight of any metal detector is important as these machines usually demand long work hours. So the lighter the metal detector, the easier it will be for its user to hold it for longer hours.

The Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro is considerably low weight compared to other land detectors. The woodworking metal detectors usually possess lesser importance; however, the Little Wizard II is a remarkably lightweight metal detector.

Our Top Picks

Now you learned a lot of metal Detector. so, make the selection better according to you learned there pick help you to select better one.

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector

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Bounty Hunter is a well-renowned name in the field of metal detectors, and one of its great products with an even more astounding price is Land Ranger Pro Metal Detector.

Bounty Hunter LRP (Land Ranger Pro) is one of the smart machines that allows you to see beyond the vision of your eyes under the ground and unravel the hidden precious metals around you. 

Bounty Hunter Land Ranger Pro is bestowed with exceptional qualities of penetrating deep under the ground and in shallow water, with a range up to 8 to 10 inches deep.

This unprecedented penetrating power is achieved by 99 points of TARGET-ID resolution along with 4 Tone TARGET-ID, making it like a high-power x-ray machine looking for metals underneath the soil. 

LRP is remarkably lightweight, around two and a half pounds, and easy to handle and hold due to its ergonomically designed padded handle and elbow rest to make you enjoy your metal treasure hunting comfortable and fatigue-free for hours on end. It’s a perfect device to look out for any jewelry, gold, silver, and gold nuggets buried under the ground or even in low water.

The sophisticated, sleek metal detector comes with a digital panel consisting of menus for setting all the functions for metal search depending on the type like gold, silver, jewelry, or artifacts search. Seven modes of searches are available on the panel with the facility to increase and decrease the values on the board. 

The LRP has a computerized ground balancing option with an 11 inches wide waterproof search coil, making it a better pick than the rest in the market. The sensitivity level is quite high and needs to be adjusted as it starts vibrating on very minute detection of plastic and woods.

The Detector operates well on a 9V alkaline battery and has a handle whose length is variable according to your requirement. 


  • Detect Gold/coin/metal
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable length
  • Ergonomic padded handgrip & armrest


  • Low precision level in coins
  • PP-Button Issue

Lumber Wizard 5 Nail Finder Woodworking Metal Detector

Lumber Wizard 5 is surfaced on the market after 20 years of Wizard in the market; it flaunts the best attributes that a wood-metal detector can. Its techno-smart with higher laser efficiency encapsulates even more options than ever before. 

Lumber Wizard 5 Nail Finder, Woodworking Metal Detector, can adapt to its surrounding with its new automatically adjusting attribute. Remember that while starting the detector, you shouldn’t be standing by any big metallic object or metal installation so that it tunes in to its surroundings efficiently, and then it’s all set for the work.

Lumber Wizard works on a 9V battery but keeps in mind that the battery is the finest companion of the product. If you want to get higher efficiencies, you are required to operate it with a new battery. Then you will feel the unexceptional experience of detecting metals as minute as a paper clip or a stapler pin with the ease of a breeze move of Lumber Wizard.

Whenever the Lumber Wizard 5 comes across even a small clip of metal within a wood or elsewhere, its laser light comes on with a beep. The smaller the hidden metal, the closer the Detector should be; as in the case of staple pins, the metal detector should be within a range of 2-1 inches at least for a good detection. The distance can be as far as 6 to 10 inches for larger metals, and the detection can be done easily.  

Lumber Wizard 5 is considered the best nail and screw detector on the market. Lumber Wizard gives you the high-work satisfaction of the product with a guarantee of one year.  The other Lumber Wizard 5 reviews greatly applaud this labor-saving and cost-effective nail finder for metal detection.


  • Laser light detection
  • Minute metal detection
  • Wood-moisture resistant


  • The plastic handle becomes sweaty in long use
  • Not ergonomically designed 

Little Wizard II Nail Finder Woodworking Metal Detector

Wizard brought to the market the unsurpassed small package of handheld metal detectors for nails in woods, Little Wizard II, which you can have at an extraordinarily nominal price. This small size endows it with incredible powers of detecting metals even on reclined surfaces and woods on walls without creating much ado. 

Little Wizard II Nail Finder is a handy, small, and efficient woodworking metal detector that indicates the presence of any nails, screws, or studs within the wood with a high-pitched beep and an assortment of LED lights also go on for the indication. It is very sensitive in its detection and proves to be a high power detector avoiding the nuisance of big sizes and prices.

The Little Wizard II woodworking metal detector can detect the presence of any nail or studs from a distance range of 4 inches to 0.5 inches. The smart Wizard II is a life saver for your hefty-prices saws and sanding machines by efficiently and accurately detecting the unnecessary and old metals inside the used wood. 

Above all, the Wizard II is easy to use with a single button and auto-tuning, but you should always use the Wizard II with new 9V batteries to make the best out of it. Fully charged batteries will let the machine function properly; otherwise, its functioning will be affected, and the machine will be devoid of its efficiency and aim. 

Wizard II is one of the best nail finders with this much size and efficiency. However, detecting any metal under a depth of more than four inches will be hard. It will be hard. Will is hard. The Little Wizard II works perfectly while finding the rusted nails or screws and saves your precious wood cutting tools. 


  • Laser indication
  • High–strength metal detection
  • Fairly economical


  • Not meant for heavy-load
  • Cannot detect from more than 4 inches

Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Does a metal wood detector detect all kinds of metals?

A metal detector specifically for woodworking can detect nails, screws, and staple pins made up of iron and copper but it can hardly detect any stainless steel which is a very low conductor of electricity. However the Lumber Wizard 5 Nail Finder can detect even stainless steel, magnesium, alluminum, and zinc also.

How deep a metal detector can detect? 

There are some metal detectors that can detect as deep as 8 – 10 inches in the ground like the Bounty Hunter Land Ranger pro. The Limber Wizard 5 Nail finder can go as deep as 5-10” in the wood depending upon the size of the metal object present inside the wood. The bigger the metal present inside, the detection can be done from more distance and the smaller the metal the closer the detector should be while detecting.

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