Analyzing the Makita Ls1219l problems based on consensus

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Makita is a Japanese company that has been leading the market with its power tools since the beginning. Makita was established in 19 and had operations around the Globe, including countries; China, Japan, Brazil, the UK, US, Germany, Mexico, Romania, Thailand and UAE.

Perhaps, every country has to follow the rules and regulations regarding quality assurance set by Makita as the company is very strict towards the quality of the products and makes sure to provide consistent and best quality products in the market.

However, Makita Is1219I Problems remained the talk of the town recently, as the product has reported some severe issues.

Although it contains numerous features, Makita Is1219I Problems overweighs all these features of 60T Cut blades, durability, quick use and their characteristics.

Makita’s products have ruled the market for decades, but it has discontinued the production of Makita Is1219l due to several issues.

This article will illustrate the Makita Is1219I made, quality, problems and reviews by the customers along with other substitute options that users who previously liked Makita Is1219I can buy instead.

Customers mainly got disappointed with the square fence of the Makita, and the arc in the cut was no less a reason for people to fail the product from the market. People interested in buying this product will find this article worth their reading time.

Makita ls1219l Problems

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Makita Is1219I Problems are one of the main reasons behind the discontinuation of the product from the market. Makita was a fully featured product with ease to use as handles were covered with rubbers so that users may not find it difficult to hold the matter for the longer term.

Along with the 60T sharp cutting blade, which remains the favourite of woodworkers, it is one of the most durable products in terms of longevity.

However, over that time, issues such as; the RC in the cut and square fence not working aligned due to blade issues became so big that customers started to consider the Makita Is1219I a failure.

Perhaps, customers preferred other market leaders over this product of Makita, which led to a severe fall in sales, which ultimately led to the decision to discontinue Makita Is1219l from the market.

Specifications Of Makita Is129I 

First, it is essential to know what the product Is1219I is, so let me tell you. Makita Is1219I is a cutter, a powerful cutter with the capacity to cut down anything that requires deep and accurate cutting. Below are the features that were mainly available in the Makita Is1219I;

60T Cutting Blade 

Makita Is1219I has an inbuilt 60T cutting blade, which is best for chopping and cutting wood and any other material that needs to be cut down. However, this feature comes as it is; no changes to the cutting blade are required, while for more variation, small or hard cuttings, some changes would be required to the edge for better results.

cutting makita miter saw

Direct Drive Motor And Blade Guard System 

Makita Is1219I is a miter which has the feature of a blade guard system along with the direct drive motor. This feature enables the miter to cut down at the vertical capacity, vertical cutting is not an easy task to be done, and cutters which are capable of such cuttings are considered to be one of the best products.

Makita’s this miter is cut down vertically with a capability of 6-¾” when cutting is down through the baseboard. Moreover, the vertical capacity of 8″ is nested when the cutting is down at the moulding shape and very interesting is the cutting capacity of the crosscut which is 15″ from 90 degrees.

Easy To Use

The design of Makita Is1219l is convenient and easy to use. Blades can be changed quickly with just one step, not a long process of changing blades.

It has many built-in features, such as; a laser, an oversized trigger and a convenient handle design, which has a rubber on it that does not allow hands to get tired quickly. So this meter’s impressive and easy-to-use design makes it more appealing.

Miter saw it is pretty easy to adjust as 0° to 48° adjustments are available for bevel lock along with positive stops that have stoppage range at 0°, 15°, 2.5°, 31.6°, 45° and 60°, All from left to right.


The direct drive design of 15 AMP, along with soft and intelligent technology, makes the Makita Is1219I more durable and long-lasting.

In contrast, this product does not have any belt installed, which means a significant problem is not there to incur, as most of the mitres get their frequent issues with the unwinding and losing of belts. Moreover, this mitre is mighty and recommended for woodworkers as the Makita Is1219I is a solid and robust mitre.

Reviews By The Existing Customers 

Multiple reviews are there when it comes to the ordering, packaging, receiving and using Makita Is1219I. 

Customers state that at first, they find it challenging to get Makita from the official website at times, or even amazon does not hold the stock of this product, which leads to ordering from local or other retailers. This causes a high to customers as they need to search for other retailers who can provide them with the product.

Moreover, once an order is placed, the main Makita Is1219I problem that customers face is the packaging of the product.

Many customers complained that they got the product which was a complete packaging mess. The box could not hold the outcome for this long, and from the condition of the package, it seems that the product has been out for delivery for a week.

In contrast, customers also complained about the detent plate of the Makita Is1219I, claiming that it was not appropriately placed, due to which square fence needed a replacement for correct working.

Along with this issue, the same customer reported another matter, and that was the non-aligned or flat fence; although this could be managed by the woodworker easily, others may find it a problem.

Bent wires for extensions used in Makita Is1219I do not work correctly and cause customer problems. Customers state that they prefer IMHO and XSL08 over Makita Is1219I regarding bent cables.

At times, Makita Is1219I shows up with the arc in the cuts made with the Makita Is1219I. This bothers many users as they believe that their product is costly to bear an angle in cuts led by the Makita Is1219I, and this worries them about using Makita in future.

So, the reviews gathered from different platforms that general customers made show that Makita Is1219I Problems constitute a significant issue and reason for the product’s discontinuation.

To be precise, most customers got bothered by the arc in the cut issue even when they changed to the best blades and got the same issue, which disappointed them.

Moreover, the problem with square fences was one of the big troubles that led to non-parallel cuts. Despite all the good features of Makita Is1219I, these issues lead to the failure of the product in the market.


In light of the above article, a conclusion can be drawn that Makita Is1219I’s problems outweigh its unique and numerous features as the leading blade causes issue with the square fence, which is unbearable for the user who has spent a significant amount of money and is supposed to cut down other expensive items, the Makita Is1219I.

The arc that Makita causes in the cut is also terrible, as this can damage the costly thing which needs to be cut properly.

These issues were big enough for customers to review the Makita Is1219I negatively and to prefer other alternative products from the market.

Well, manufacturers have now discontinued the production of Makita Is1219I, intending to assist customers with the best quality products only.

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