The Best Light For Painting Walls: What to Know Before Buying!

Light For Painting Walls

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Electricians and mechanics need the proper light, especially working at night. Not only them, but painters also need the for interior painting, the for indoor painting, and light for various other tasks. Let’s check the important considerations before buying the wall art

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Buying Guide

  • Types Of Work Lights For Painting 

The work light for painting drywalls, white walls and others has to be positioned in the best place to make sure the wall is illuminated properly. The best lighting for white walls and coloured walls are many. Let’s discuss some of them!

  • Corded Work Lights

The corded painter’s light comes with a power cord which you can plug into the wall, and it also carries an adjustable arm so you can position the light as per your needs.

That work light sets to suit the best painters as they don’t need batteries, and you can easily plug them everywhere and work for longer hours. 

  • Rechargeable Work Lights

Rechargeable work lights are best for those with limited outlets or no outlet at all.

Although it is difficult to position these lights, the great news is that you don’t have to plug them into the power socket as they run using a rechargeable battery, and it is easy to move around them by holding them in hand. 

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They are mostly LED as they give more sharp illumination than fluorescent bulbs. You can also say they are the best light for painting at night as they are easy to move. You have to plug them in the socket when the battery recharges.

Some of the rechargeable work lights allow you to replace the battery and leave all the worries aside from battery shortage.

  • How Many Lumens Needed For Painting Walls

At least 7000-8000 lumens is plenty for a medium-size room. With a Compact fluorescent lamp CFL that is mostly 110 to 125 watts, it might be a great idea to grab at least 2 to 3 bulbs that make 7000 lumens and spread them in the room. All the walls get equal light, and your painting job becomes a lot easier. 

  • Mobility

When you spend money on the best lamp for painting, always pick one that is mobile. It will save time as you do not have to fix it in one place. Choose the best efficient and practical method to fix the light at your convenience, and here you go. 

  • What Should Be The Width of Light

A floodlight is the widest and considered the best for wall painting as it covers a large area and provides 360-degree illumination to your surrounding walls. These lights make it easy for you to see what is before you. 

  • Is Height Adjustable Light Good? 

When planning to get the best light for painting walls, always choose one that offers height adjustability. The light which gives height adjustable settings is the first choice of painters involved in wall painting.

This is best as there are no spots or shadows where the light does not reach. If you want to change the direction of the work light, it will be easier to see the surroundings without any hurdles.

For painting the upper part of the wall, adjust the height to its fuller and for areas near the floor, adjust the height accordingly. 

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  • Directional Adjustability

If you’re painting a wall in a single workstation, then a light that can tilt sideways and upwards is the way. But if you are not alone in the room and other painters are also sharing the room with you on a single workstation, go for an omnidirectional light as it is considered best for spreading light evenly in all directions. 

  • Bulb of the Light

Always check its bulb first when you need a light for wall painting. Your light bulb should be powerful and sharp enough to illuminate the whole room.

Try to read the specifications and check the lumens and life of the bulb before handing over your precious money to the shopkeeper.

It is better to go for a light that offers you to change the brightness level; it sounds good as it allows you to make it brighter or dimmer according to the outside weather. Sometimes when painting walls in the morning, you need less light. 

  • A Light Must Be Power Efficient

Try to spend money on power-efficient light. Do you know what it means? A power-efficient light is your best partner as it saves more energy.

A light carrying more lumens is known as the energy hogs if you run the day and night for long hours. So, always try to spend money on power-efficient light. 

  • A Durable Work Light Is Always Best? 

Some of the work lights for wall painting are designed to be super tough, so you can easily take them to tough job sites.

On the other hand, others are not so robust and durable to work equally well in all working conditions. If the light comes with a tripod, don’t forget to check the base, touch it with your hand and ask for its material from the dealer. 

You don’t want a light that crashed down on you or your projects. A good tripod should be built with a strong and stable base, so it will be stuck to its place and stay upright. Not only base, but you also need to check the other parts of the light and make sure all collectively make the light durable.  

  • Check Your Budget First 

As with all types of lamps and lights for painting walls and other projects, one should check the budget first. Keep an eye on the price before making an actual purchase.

Various brands are making highly efficient, durable and eye-catching lights for painters, and they are available in different price ranges.

If you can afford an expensive option, then there are high chances that you will make a healthy and long term investment. 

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  • Universal Use

When searching for the best lighting fixtures, you have to check for items that can also be used for other purposes once you finish the wall painting. Of course, the best work light is the one that is equally great for other projects as well. 

This detailed buying guide covers almost all the necessary considerations a wall painter needs in the best light for painting. We suggest not to miss any of the specifications mentioned earlier and always pick the right option for the right job. Wish you all the best!

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