Liftmaster 8500 vs. Chamberlain RJO20 : Who makes the best all-in-one?

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Liftmaster 8500 vs. Chamberlain RJO20 is one of the most frequently asked questions. A garage is now an essential element of any home, and for convenience and speed, a wall-mounted garage door opener is required.

Our Best Garage Opener For You…

We all know Chamberlain and Liftmaster make the best garage door openers, but how do you know which one is best for you? Many people are contemplating whether they should acquire the Chamberlain RJO20 or the Liftmaster 8500

Liftmaster 8500, Chamberlain RJO20

That’s why we’ve outlined all you need to know about garage door openers that are placed on the wall so you can make an informed decision.

Whether you need a speedy parking spot or merely want simple access, this guide will help you make an informed decision by offering the most up-to-date information available, such as: 

  • Best wall-mounted garage door opener
  • Pros and cons of Liftmaster 8500
  • Pros and cons of Chamberlain rjo20
  • Comparison of Chamberlain rjo20 and Liftmaster 8500

For our Chamberlain rjo20 vs. Liftmaster comparison, we looked at both versions’ features, installation, and manufacturing warranty and pricing.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Chamberlain rjo20 vs. Liftmaster 8500.

Chamberlain rjo20 vs. Liftmaster 8500: Overview

Overall, this RJO20 door opener appears to be in good working order. Although it is a little costly, the principle is sound.

Applying rotating energy to the torsion bar rather than yanking the door up with a belt chain drive makes far more sense.

It was relatively simple to set up. It’s probably less complicated than using a standard garage door opener

Coming towards the 8500 LIFTMASTER, The garage ceiling space is freed up by the wall mount design, lowering noise and vibration.

Liftmaster 8500

A DC motor ensures whisper-quiet operation when you close your garage door. The automatic garage door lock deadbolts it. 

The 8500 is LiftMaster’s base model for residential Jackshaft/Wall-Mount garage doors. The 8500 employs a silent DC motor capable of lifting a door weighing up to 650 pounds and measuring up to 14 feet tall by 18 feet wide.

The 8500 supports MyQ, but it requires an internet gateway, which is available separately. Battery backup, a remote light, and an automatic garage door lock are all available accessories sold separately.

The 8500 comes with a lifetime motor warranty, five-year components, and one-year accessory.

Main Characteristic of Chamberlain Group RJO20

Some of the most quality things found on this product make it good as compared with both liftmaster 8500 vs chamberlain rjo20, our work not to degrade the liftmaster direct drive 8500 below we also discuss this one to show liftmaster direct drive 8500 qualities.

Reasonable price

The price of this tool is higher as compared with the 8500 Liftmaster Elite Series but the thing which makes it more better it also comes with lower price as compared with other garage door opener, those not providing good quality and this type of features on this price bracket.

All of these features are in single opener at the right reasonable price.the present quality you might not be able to find an automatic garage door opener at this price range as compare with other local brands also.

Manual user installation

Most of the advanced garage openers devices are too complicated that a beginner or newbie homeowner cannot install easily therefore they require an expert to perfectly install on the door, this is just due to not provided customer installation step by step process.

This device makes the customer ease chamberlain rjo20 manual installation. Everyone can easily follow the command in the printer manual or the video instruction makes the install easy.

Remote control door motion

chamberlain rjo20 remote garage door opener that becomes suitable for every person to open the door of the garage by using remote and it automatically opens, chamberlain rjo20 offers both remote and manual option. By using a remote the operator closes and opens the garage door.

As well a user also shuts off the remote option for closing and opening the door and uses manual lock for more safety instead of remote control.

Its remote is associated with TriBand technology, its main work to boost remote range up to 1,500 feet for a quicker entrance and exit. 

Chamberlain control by remote not only as well it comes with Smartphone option that enables users to user install applications on smartphones and then use it and open and close garage doors on simply android or apple phones.

The application of this product is the myQ app that includes core features that allow consumers to control the garage door, take the status notifications on mobile phones and  as well set schedules from anywhere.

Powerful motor and smooth functioning

Chamberlain rjo20 is not only suitable for small garage doors as well this comes with a powerful motor which allows you to use every type of garage door which provides smooth performance one of the uses also claiming this perfectly works on 16’x10′ door.

If you underestimate the difference between chamberlain rjo20 and rjo70 you will get only one thing difference meaning one option more on rjo70 and the efficiency of that motor and this model motor same can lift and closing power same.

Ultra Quiet Space Saving Direct Drive

Chamberlain comes with Unique wall-mounting system which can eliminate vibrations through the ceiling for nearly silent operation.

This product has a total dimension ‎6.85 x 6.01 x 16.25 inches and weighs only ‎31 pounds and smoothly installs its desired point and it takes less area as well as work.

Most of the garage door lockers come in a variety of sizes, but chamberlain offers only one size with ‎Wall mount capability.

Main Characteristic of LiftMaster 8500

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Timer for automatic closing

Liftmaster 8500 Elite Series comes with an excellent option that is timer so you can set the time in minitre or desire time to ensure the closing or opening.

This feature is a best option for those people who do not have time to come at time and as well forget doing things then that one plays a vital role.

Runs ultra-quiet

Like the chamberlain both model rjo70 and rjo20, 8500w also work silently and complete its duty silently by eliminating its machinery sound and vibrations through the ceiling.

Liftmaster 8500 problems do not create you in sound, this can quietly close and open the garage door and as well as compare this model to other means local made most of them do make sound that may irritate you.


The thing we consider that make liftmaster better than chamberlain is powerful security 2.0. This elite series model comes fully equipped with strong security.

This is the quietest and most secure opener, in 8500 installed Safeguard your household with security+ 2.0 in which every click, 

By locking a new code sent to the garage door opener, so the door opens only for the operator. That thing makes it more secure.

The app comes by this model that is totally free, no subscription required. As well bonus is the auto locking feature when the door is closed.

Chamberlain rjo20 vs. Liftmaster 8500: Features

Maintain a tidy garage space, particularly the ceiling, which can be used for a bike, light fixtures, ceiling fans, and more! You may free up ceiling space by putting Chamberlain RJO20.

This variant has a direct drive system and is mounted on the side. It can be used to store tools or any other type of hardware such as impact wrench, air compressor. The RJO20 wall mount makes no noise. 

They are virtually silent, produce no noise, and have no vibrations. The garage door opener that installs discreetly on the wall next to the garage door expands the garage’s valuable space.


Every time your garage door closes, the included automatic garage door lock secures it, ensuring that your home is always safe. 

Whereas now, let’s look at the features of LIFTMASTER 8500. Ceiling Space takes backspace overhead and frees up choices with the wall-mount design.

Virtually Silent guarantees every button sends cryptographic protocols to the garage door opener.

Secure Code ensures that every click sends a secure code to the garage door opener. if you want to use silent and Quietest Garage Door Opener both include on that list.

Safety Sensors protect walkers and cars by stopping the door from closing on impediments are among the features.

Chamberlain rjo20 and LIFTMASTER 8500: installation

The Rjo20 installation goes like 

  • The 3/8″ open-end wrench.
  • Unscrew the collar screws that have been pre-installed.
  • Drift the brace onto the door lock opener’s shaft until it comes to a stop.
  • Torsion bar and collar needs to be attach with the screws facing out and quickly accessible.
  • Hand-tighten the two square-headed set screws until they make contact with the torsion bar. Finish tightening the set screws with a socket wrench by twisting them 1/4 to 1/2 turn.
  • Using the screws provided, attach the slotted side of the support frame to a certain side of the garage door opener.
  • Close the garage door.
  • Attach the garage door opener to the torsion bar’s end. Make sure the collar does not come into contact with the bearing plate.
  • Now for the garage door opener while using a level, align the garage door perpendicular to the door.
  • Check that the wall where the mounting bracket will be installed has a firm surface, such as wood, concrete, or a door/flag bracket.
  • Mark the mounting bracket holes once the garage door opener is aligned correctly. To maintain the garage door opener in place while marking holes, tighten collar screws on the torsion bar if required.

Whereas now, let’s look at the installation of LIFTMASTER 8500.

  • Attach the collar to the garage door opener 
  • Attach the mounting bracket to the garage door opener 
  • Position and mount the garage door
  • Attach the emergency release rope and handle
  • Install power door lock
  • Attach the cable tension monitor
  • Install the door control
  • Install remote light and protector system

You can see that the installation and procedure is simple as compared to the RJO20

CHAMBERLAIN RJO20 vs. RJO70: final verdict

Liftmaster door openers are more suited to professionals or people with large garages, whereas Chamberlin openers are better suited to DIYers or tiny garages.

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