LG vs Mitsubishi Mini Splits (A Detailed Insight)

LG vs Mitsubishi Mini Splits

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LG is a Korean-based company that embarked on its journey in the late 1950s and has evolved in innovation and technological advancement to match the market demands.

The Best LG Mini Splits List for you…

The Best Mitsubishi Mini Splits List for you…

LG provides a range of mini split air conditioners to its vast market worldwide over a range of prices and features that are simply lucrative.

Mitsubishi is a Japanese-origin company that has a journey of more than a century to flaunt its part with excellence in the provision of electronics all over the world, maintaining a reputable name. The Mitsubishi series of mini splits have occupied the higher ranks in the market with its unbeatable features that all the consumers desire.  

Both LG and Mitsubishi are among the high competitors in the market, fulfilling the demands of their customers and exceeding each other in some particular features and prices.

LG vs Mitsubishi Mini Splits

Today, the dwellers of metropolitan cities are eager for energy conservation along with curtailing the billing amount attached to their electrical appliances, which have become an inevitable need.

Mini-splits are also one of these electrical devices preferred in the centrally air-conditioned system that require more maintenance charges and a hefty bill.

These mini split air conditioners are a smart source of maintaining the temperatures with low maintenance charges and also cut down on the bills.

lg vs Mitsubishi

The market is thronged with various brands offering their hi-fi devices for air conditioning. However, some companies have made a good mark in people’s minds through their relentless technological innovation and unending efforts to satisfy their customers’ needs.

LG and Mitsubishi are amongst those companies whose products are present in almost every household because of their efficient performance, wide range of products, and esthetical designs.


Mitsubishi is the market leader in providing solutions for cooling and heating your house and offices according to your space.

Mitsubishi’s catalog offers a wide variety of products in HVAC systems that are proven excellent in maintaining the temperatures and ambiance of your houses.

The product range offerings of Mitsubishi are overwhelming and match the wide variety of demands of its customers.

The Types of Units

 Mitsubishi offers many types of units depending on their installation;

  •       Wall Mounted
  •       Ceiling Cassette
  •       Floor Mounted
  •       Ducted Air Handler/Horizontal Ducted

The most frequently used type is the wall-mounted units that are easy to install, affordable in price, and works quite well for houses and offices. These wall-mounted mini splits can be divided into three categories.

  •       Multi-Zone
  •       Single Zone 220V
  •       Single Zone 115V

Each system is mainly made to fit different situations and demands and offer specific unique applications. The multi-zone system has one outer unit with two or more inner units for cooling and heating the house and office.

There are two options in a single unit, one that works at 220V and the other that works at 115V, catering to all different kinds of customers worldwide.

The Mitsubishi products offer an extensive range of options, and these added features also add to the prices of the mini splits.

However, some traits are common in all types of mini splits, which we will cover up in cursory to give you a complete idea of the features that are basic to all the Mitsubishi mini splits, for these distinguished attributes sustained the brand name for over a century now.

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BTU (British thermal unit)

Mitsubishi has an expansive range of BTU, the British thermal unit, ranging from 6000 to 36000 BTU in their multiple products so that you can choose the best for your requirements.

mitsubishi mini splits

These BTU ranges determine the unit’s efficiency and quality and affect the price. The higher the BTU, the higher the cost and coverage of more areas.

Here is a list of different series offering these BTU ranges

  •       MSZ-FS (6000 – 18000 BTU)
  •       MSZ – GL (6000 – 24000 BTU)
  •       MSZ HM ( 6000 – 24000 BTU)
  •       MSZ – WR ( 9000 – 24000 BTU)
  •       MSZ – GZ ( 30,000-36,000 BTU)
  •       PKA ( 12,000 – 36,000 BTU)

The first four applications are suitable for residential and small office applications; however, the last two are more appropriate for large-scale offices covering broad areas and commercial purposes.

HSPF (Heating seasonal performance factor)

The heated seasonal performance factor is accounted for the heating and cooling performance in a mini split concerning the energy used while maintaining the temperature. Hence HSPF is directly proportional to the efficiency of the mini break.

The Mitsubishi Multi zone mini splits offer an HSPF ranging from as high as 12.8 to a lower value of 10.0. The Mitsubishi MSZ series proffer many models over a range of 8.2 to 12.8 HSPF, which caters to customers with varied needs.

SEER Range

Mitsubishi mini splits offer a comprehensive and high range of seer for excellent performance. The mini splits offer a SEER between 24.60 – 20.5 to provide the best cooling for your space.

The seasonal energy efficiency ratio is the amount of thermal or heat energy removed from the room in comparison to the electricity utilized by the mini split.

3D I See Sensor

Mitsubishi has launched some mini splits with the futuristic characteristic of sensing the heat of the occupants in the room and emitting cooling in such a way as to target those spots.

This feature is due to the IC Sensor installed in the inner unit and offers an unimaginably efficient functionality.

Inverter Driven Compressors

The Mitsubishi mini splits are driven mainly by inverter compressors that assure that when a set temperature is attained, the compressor lowers its load automatically to match the surrounding; later, when the temperature fluctuates, it returns to work. In this way, the air conditioners conserve a great deal of energy.

Nano Platinum Filter & Anti-Allergen

The Mitsubishi filters in some series have the ceramics platinum particles that act as a sieve to bacteria and provide a deodorizing attribute to the air.

Some Mitsubishi mini split air conditioners come with a filter that has an anti-allergen technique that not only keeps the dirt away but also makes the air clean and purifies it for a fresh breathing experience.

Quiet Compressor

Mitsubishi proudly claims that their internal units are quieter than a human whisper and let you enjoy your life chores and sleep hours without commotion from their products.

mitsubishi ductless mini splits

Energy Star Certified

All the mini splits from Mitsubishi proudly claim to be Energy Star certified, meaning they don’t emit any greenhouse gases and conserve energy.


The Mitsubishi brand delivers its products with handsome years of warranty that cover most parts of the mini splits.

Some mini-splits, such as the MUZ-GL12NA-U1, have a deposit of up to 12 years without any defect in any details.


Maintaining its hard-earned name in the industry of mini splits is one of the company’s top priorities. LG has completed a half-century of excellence by providing its consumers with innovative cooling and heating solutions.

LG has a lot to offer its customers, and its catalog of air solutions flaunts an incredible variety of products to facilitate you in your homes and offices.

The Types of Units

Like Mitsubishi, LG also has to offer different types of units depending on their mounting; however, the range of Mitsubishi is far more comprehensive than the LG. LG has two main and primarily used fixation types as under

  •       Wall Mounted
  •       Ceiling Mounted

The most in-demand are the wall-mounted mini splits as they are more functional, easily installed, and efficient in their work.

BTU (British thermal unit)

LG has to offer an extensive range of BTU, the thermal energy consumed against the electrical power; LG starts from a lowest of 9000 BTU in the mini splits and leads up to 30,000 BTU mini splits that are super-efficient for commercial purposes.

LG minispilt btu


  •       LG Gloss White HXV Series (9000 – 33,000 BTU)
  •       LG Art Cool Prestige HYV  Series (9,000 – 22,000 BTU)
  •       LG Art Cool Mirror HSV Series (9,000 – 18,000 BTU)
  •       LG Ceiling Cassette HV Series (9,000 – 42,000 BTU)


 The LG Art Cool Prestige HYV Series offers a wide range of SEER from 22 to 27.5, and the LG Art Cool Mirror HSV Series has a SEER from 20 to 21.5 in its three different mini splits.

This variety of ranges gives you ample options to decide from according to your requirements and space. The LG Gloss White HXV Series has to offer a SEER of 17 and is a lucrative option for small spaces.

HSPF (Heating seasonal performance factor)

The LG Art Cool Prestige HYV series offers a high heated seasonal performance factor, i.e., HSPF ranging from 11.5 to 12 against the energy consumption by the mini split.

The LG Art Cool Mirror HSV series proffer an HSFP range from 9.5 to 11 for an efficient output in small spaces. LG Gloss White Series has an HSPF of 8.5 to 9 in its different models of mini splits.

Anti-Corrosive Gold Fin Technology

LG has introduced an advanced Gold Fin technology that is the latest innovative way to avoid any corrosion or rust in the coils of the air conditioners.

The Gold Fin technology utilizes the process of defrosting so that the energy production capability is increased, keeping the waves of the compressor rust-free and giving them a longer life.

Quiet Operation

Most of the mini splits from LG work at a low noise level; some are pretty quiet in operation.

LG has kept its compressor’s vibration low, and the brushless direct current BLDC drastically reduces the sound produced by the unit.

Inverter Technology

The LG mini splits offer the inverter technology that gives the compressor the autonomy to match the required capacity of the space and gear up or down according to the needs so that the energy can be saved along with cutting down the billing amount.

Energy Star Technology

Energy Star Technology gives LG the lead to think conscientiously for a better planet by saving it from greenhouse gases and conserving energy. Most of the LG Mini Splits come with the Energy Start technology.

LG minispilt installation

The Art Cool Prestige HYV series is all Energy Star rated to provide its consumers with the best energy-saving devices for cooling and heating your spaces. All three mini splits of the LG Art Cool Mirror HSV series are also Energy Star technology equipped to keep your environment safe from greenhouse gases.


There isn’t any doubt about Mitsubishi and LG being the leading champions in the industry of air solutions worldwide.

However, some products of Mitsubishi lead LG models in terms of features that are just unbeatable. The single zone, Mitsubishi mini split, starts from 6000 and goes as far as 36000, which is simply remarkable.

Although, LG has become most desirable in terms of prices and features which are almost compatible with that of Mitsubishi. However, the best choice would depend on your particular requirements and budget.

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