3 Best Level 2 Chargers for BMW X5 45e (Helpful Guide)

3 Best Level 2 Chargers for BMW X5 45e

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A 25-amp outlet can recharge the BMW X5 45e’s 40kWh battery in less than 5 hours, thanks to its fast charging technology.

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BMW has been manufacturing electric vehicles and charging them with Level 2 chargers for more than a decade. Technological advancements have been at the forefront of BMW’s business.

Having a BMW electric car and want it to be charged at level 2 without a problem? You have come to the right place.To ensure your BMW’s fast and convenient charging, the best option is to opt for the Best Level 2 Charger for BMW X5 45e to achieve fast charging in less time.

The things you need to consider before buying one

Powering a standard car is easier than electric vehicles because you may find thousands of gas stations but very few electric charge stations.

When searching for the best level 2 charger for BMW X5 45e, you need to go through a handy guide that will help you select the best by comparing various features, functionalities, types, and compatibilities to know which one is best for your vehicle. 

So let’s get on board to check multiple features and factors necessary before purchasing the best charger for the BMW X5 45e.

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Purpose of Purchase 

It is clear that you require a level 2 charger for your BMW X5 but do you know why BMW requires a level 2 charge? It is because these chargers are compatible with 240 v and are fast, easy to use, and convenient for your vehicle’s long-term performance, unlike level 1, which is made for small charging capacities. 


  • Smart chargers 
  • Standard chargers 

Smart Charger 

If you want a smart charger for your BMW that makes it connect with an app and helps you get notified regarding various charging properties, MPH, starting and off of a charging period, various alarms, reminders, and functionalities. To have these features, you require ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger

Standard Charger

Suppose you don’t want a smart featured charger because of the hassle of connecting and using it. In this case, you require a standard/dumb charger that only charges your EV and automatically stops charging upon being fully charged. In this category, we suggest Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger be the best level 2 charger for your BMW. You may get a portable charger with your electric vehicle, but that depends upon the cost you added for purchasing your car. 

  • Level 1 
  • Level 2 

Depending on your situation, you can choose any charger per your desired vehicle criteria. There are two types of charges, level 1 and level 2, and it’s clear that your BMW requires level 2 because it is compatible with 240 volts, unlike level one, which is consistent with 120 volts. Check the compatibility by searching for the word level 2 in the product description. We suggest going for ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger to be the best level 2 charger for BMW X5 45e. 


Check your product offering versatile amperage and select the one with high amps. Most commonly, a 32 amp is enough to power your vehicle, but you need to opt for 40 or above amps because the car is compatible with 32. However, your next one may be compatible with 40 or above, so you need to upgrade the electric charging unit to satisfy future needs. With ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger, you get 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, and 50 amp choices. 

Charging Fold

You may go through various chargers for your BMW, each specifying its charging capacity, but you need to select the one that provides more times charging than a normal wall mount. For that, we suggest ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger be the best level 2 charger for BMW X5 45e, providing 09 times faster charging than the standard wall outlet. 

Output Cable 

While searching for the best product, you may come through various products with a definite cable length as an output cable for your charger. The chord’s function is to attach the plug to the charging port and the other end to the car so you can easily charge it.  

Its length may vary for users as some of you might favor standard size, while others may go for a bit longer. So depending upon your criteria, various brands have cable lengths ranging from 12 to 25 feet. If you want a standard one, you can go for ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger with 23 feet cable length, and if you want a bit longer, then you can go for JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle Charger with 2 feet cable length. Mostly smaller ones are not that favored by individuals. 

Safe and Easy To Use 

One of the prime requirements is to select the best charger that is easy to use and quick charges your vehicle without any issues. Besides its use, safety is also an important feature a charger must offer and must be certified. In our list, all of them are UL certified, so that you can opt for anyone. The one with UL and ETL certification will be the best one for your vehicle. 


Why warranty is checked before purchasing the unit because there might be a manufacturing defect in that case warranty will help you to get exchange or refund for your product, on the other hand, proof indicates how durable your product is because high warranty period means that their product is stable for longer terms usage. Most of the top brands provide 03 years warranty period to ensure durability and resolve any defect in case of a damaged product.

Our Top Picks for you

ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger

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To charge your BMW 09 times faster than a standard wall outlet, you require the Wi-Fi incorporated EVS Charge point home flex charger, suitable for charging any electric vehicle with convenience and flexibility. Charge your car during non-peak hours, like at night, so you can save your electricity while not compromising on charging your vehicle.


Charge point comes with innovative built-in technology that provides ease of use. The best part is the charger notifies its user when to charge the car along with that, it also informs the user about how many miles the vehicle will cover based on the time of charge they offer to the car. 

With a 23-foot cable, you can easily opt for charging from any distance. Connecting with Alexa provides a voice control feature to your charger. This device may be useful in versatile amperage, including 16, 24, 32, 40, 48, and 50 amps. To know which amp suits your home, you need to install the charge point app that keeps all the records and important notifications regarding your vehicle charging and amp compatibility. 


  • 03 years warranty 
  • East to install and safe device
  • The charge point app keeps all the records 
  • Efficient in charging the EV 
  • Waterproof 


  • Wi-Fi  may get disconnected

Grizzl-E Level 2 EV Charger

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Installing expensive charges for charging your EV may cost you a lot. For that purpose, you need to GRIZZL-E that can be set to work by just installing an outlet comprising of 14-50R within input cable of 1.25 feet and output cable is 24 feet with 14-50 and 06-50 plug type making a high-quality connection for easy and convenient charging of your BMW. 


The charger is certified and tested and ensures the user’s safe use. The capability to resist fire, reduce voltage issues, protect from excess temperature, and efficient power outage recovery makes it a worthy option. 

A single-phase GFCI built-in outlet charger allows 208-240VAC. It has predefined charge rates of miles/ hour at the desired amperage value. If you select the 40-ampere team for charging, the vehicle makes up to 28-30 miles/hour of charging. In the case of 32 amp, it’s 25 miles; 24 ensures 15 to 18miles/ hour, and for 16 amp, it becomes 10 to 12miles/ charging hour. 

These versatile amperages provide multiple configurations of maximum output for your vehicle to select the one that best fits. For south California, if the user isn’t satisfied with outdoor compatibility, it starts to give red beeps and alarms. Along with that, it does not support the app and Wi-Fi feature. 


  • Portable 
  • High-performance heavy-duty device 
  • Compact in nature 
  • Safe and easy to use our door and indoor 
  • Suitable for cold weather 


  • No outdoor compatibility in South California 
  • No Wi-Fi and app feature

JuiceBox 40 Smart Electric Vehicle Charger 

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For simple and convenient charging of your electric vehicle like BMW, you need to plug in your juice box ultimate high-quality fast charger to NEMA 14-50 volt outlet to charge seven times faster than a normal wall mount charger. The device is a level 2, energy star efficient unit with UL certification for ensuring safe and fast charging of your electric vehicle. 


Juice box is among the top-selling charger brands that satisfy many users with its smart charging capacity and high value for money. Besides charging fast, it also sophisticates the user by providing app functionality and Wi-Fi connectivity to monitor your charging time, miles/hour, and various alarms and notifications to keep you updated regarding your vehicle charging requirements and needs. 

You can easily install a juice box, indoor or outdoor, despite any weather issue or environmental conditions. With the device, you get a 25 feet output cable with better distance coverage than other chargers. What makes the juice box unique is it comes with a three-year warranty along with a cable rack and high-security lock so that only you can use it. 

Check the charging status without the app by looking at the LED light that is predefined with specific lights for confirming vehicle charging status. 


  • Compatible with amazon echo and Alexa 
  • Safes cost when charged in off-peak hours 
  • Versatile and convenient 


  • May cause beep error 
  • Temporary errors in the app


How fast does BMW X5 45e charge? 

When using the X5 xDrive45e charger, the BMW X5 45e is charged within 05 hours. Use a level 02 power station to achieve fast charging.

Is it worth it to install Level 2 charger?

Yes, installing a level 2 charger is worth it because it can offer more times charging folds than a standard wall outlet.

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