Ikea Suspension Rail Alternative- A Detailed Guide

Ikea Suspension Rail Alternative

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Ikea has a solution to fit your demands, aesthetic preferences, and budget, whether you’re searching for a fully customized kitchen system or a more basic but fully functional kitchen that can be easily installed in just a day.

If you’ve clicked this article, you’re probably missing a piece and are most likely looking for an Ikea suspension rail alternative.

It is easy to make a place for the things you love by using space-saving storage, which includes tools and albums, and finally, having the room to appreciate them if you make the most of your available space.

Ikea’s storage options for both large and small rooms will help in building the larger house you’ve always wanted.

However, either of the sets cannot be completed with a missing piece. Fortunately, there are a few possible options you might want to look into.

Ikea Suspension Rail Alternative

The suspension rail serves mainly as reinforcement to allow mounting the frame to the wall in a much simpler and safer way.

The rail features several holes that allow for direct stud mounting. The provided connector makes it simple to hang many frames and place them perfectly at the same height.


Even though the rail system is optional, it greatly simplifies installation. Your cabinets will be level as long as you ensure the suspension rail is also level.

Since Ikea has discontinued some kitchen sets, and suspension rail alternatives are not always available, your options are limited.

Ikea Eket Suspension Rail Alternative

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EKET is a modular storage solution that comes with countless configuration options. The EKET system, which provides both closed storage and open storage, is simple to construct and has a lovely, contemporary look.

You can design your unique solution for your requirement, style, available space, and budget using a variety of shapes and colors.

It is extremely difficult to find a reliable Ikea suspension rail alternative. Luckily Ikea sells the EKET suspension rails separately.

They can be found on their website under the EKET storage system parts. However, they might not always be in stock depending on where you live. 

If they are not available on Ikea’s official website in the state or country you live in, a feasible option is to ask a family or friend living abroad to check the website for its availability. If it’s available, they can easily purchase it and ship it to you so the storage set can be completed.

If you weren’t fortunate enough to find a replacement, you could always try using french cleats as a last resort.

They fasten a cabinet, mirror, frame, or other objects to a wall. It is a 30-45 degree sloped molding used to suspend cabinets or other items.

This option requires practical experience and won’t be as effective as Ikea’s authentic rails, so we suggest only using this method as a last resort.

Ikea Metod

You have countless options when creating your kitchen with the METOD system. You’ll undoubtedly find something that suits you, whether your tastes run to the classic, the minimalism of modern design, or something in between.

Ikea Metod

Similar to the EKET storage system, you can find suspension rails sold separately for the METOD kitchen series on Ikea’s official website, under the kitchen systems category. However, you cannot expect your Ikea store always to have these in stock.

Your best bet is to ask a friend or relative who lives abroad to purchase it or ship it to you. You can also try checking other nearby Ikea stores in your city, although Ikea stores aren’t as widespread as you would think.

You might think of using a suspension rail from another kitchen set to complete your METOD set. If you try this, you will only waste your time and money. It is strongly advised to use only the kitchen set’s parts for the specific set they’re meant for. 

As a last resort, your best option is to mount your cabinets to the wall directly. You may use some steel “L” shaped brackets on top of the cabinet to anchor it to drywall. 

Since it is a storage system, mounting it directly to your wall should not be that big of a challenge. qaiFortunately, Ikea continues to manufacture parts for the METOD range, unlike the AKURUM range, which was discontinued and replaced by the SEKTION RANGE. You can also use the same method as the akurum set, which is mentioned further below.

Ikea Aurdal 

The AURDAL system is the solution to your storage needs with stylish and contemporary design elements, including long legs that produce a sleek aesthetic while making cleaning easy. It was designed to fit into those awkward little nooks, and it can be easily assembled and installed in your home.

Similar to previous sets, it would be foolish to try and use another suspension rail from Ikea to mount this set.

Ikea Aurdal 

Again, your best bet is to look for it on their website or ask for it shipped to you by a friend or relative willing to. You could also check sites like eBay or Etsy for suspension rail, but they can be very expensive because of the unfixed prices and shipping costs.

Alternatively, to secure each side panel to the wall, you can consider installing an L Bracket (or something similar) on top and bottom.

Make sure it is perfectly level from all directions before working on one side. You’ll need additional help to hold everything together because you need to level everything out and attach the other brackets, so place a shelf on top and bottom before bringing in the other side panel.

Ikea Boaxel 

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The adaptable and reasonably priced BOAXEL storage system is built of sturdy, powder-coated carbon steel that is long-lasting, easy to clean, and ideal for humid environments.

Additionally, it’s simple to put together, customize with different shelf sizes, finishes, materials, and colors, and add or remove features as desired. It is an open storage system.

Since it is also a storage system, you cannot use another set’s suspension rail to complete it. If it is unavailable in stores and websites and you cannot get it shipped to you, you can directly mount it to drywall.

Ikea Boaxel 

The rail primarily serves to level and space the support rods. You don’t necessarily need it if you are comfortable with your leveling and measurement abilities. You might risk losing a little weight tolerance because it also offers some support to the wall.

The good news is that you don’t need the suspension rail to get the job done. As an alternative, attach a shelf close to the top and bottom, level it, and then mark the holes after the level is even. Without having to take a million measurements, you can ensure they are evenly spaced and level.

If you’re not confident in your leveling skills, you can try using rails of a different measurement. For example, if you cannot find 2-3′ rails, try using 3-2′ rails. Make sure the rails are firmly attached to the wall. Every 6″ must have a fastener.

Another way is to mount the plywood strips securely to the studs, then mount the uprights to the plywood.

The secret is to secure each upright with one screw at the top and add shelves to the top row to lock the width. Then it performs essentially the same job as the suspension rail. Everything else naturally fits into place because of the shelves.

Ikea Besta

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A choice is presented with new furniture. Do you want the new set to complement an existing aesthetic, blend in, or take the lead right away?

BESTA Fronts enable you to customize your choice. Whichever route you choose, the interior will be ready to conceal, store, or show your belongings exactly how you choose.

Every house has a unique set of angles and measurements. We adore them for this reason, making furnishing them a problem. Fortunately, the BESTA system operates like building bricks and is flexible enough to fit any space. Perhaps one of their pre-made combos is already a suitable fit for you.

Try checking your Ikea store frequently and keep tabs on their website’s stock availability for these suspension rails. If you cannot get this piece shipped to you from someone willing to, here’s an alternative method you can try.

Ikea Besta

Cut some 1x2x8 framing lumber into strips that are the appropriate length. Fit these behind the cabinet so they eventually can rest on the wall. If it will help you later, dry fit the cabinets together and create a blueprint of their rear spacing. 

The wood pieces should be screwed to the wall at the proper spacing using the template, trying to strike studs as you go. Mark a level line. Because of the distances, employ a few sturdy anchors.

Before you screw the 1×2 to the wall, ensure the holes are drilled; otherwise, they could easily split. Install the cabinets onto the 1x2s in the wall, and then fasten the BESTA cabinet to the 1×2 by screwing it into the already-existing hole and using the provided washer.

Ikea Akurum Suspension Rail Alternative

After 20 years of manufacturing, Ikea’s whole AKURUM kitchen range was switched out for the SEKTION range on February 2, 2015.

They have always stood behind the excellence of their goods and will continue to uphold any AKURUM warranties for clients who have previously purchased AKURUM. Arrive prepared to any of our locations with your receipt and a description of your warranty policy, or use the contact form on their website.

Finding an Ikea suspension rail alternative for the AKURUM kitchen range will be extremely challenging. Buying a new one is not an option since this kitchen range was discontinued in 2015. By now, any vendor who had an alternative would have most likely sold them out.

The SEKTION range that replaced the AKURUM range is similar in design and quality, but unfortunately, it uses completely different parts.

Trying to substitute a suspension rail from the SEKTION range for your AKURUM set would be futile, and you would only waste your time and money.

As a last resort, your best bet is to mount your cabinets to the wall directly. You may use some steel “L” shaped brackets on top of the cabinet, fastened to the cabinet top, and into an adequate drywall anchor.

Paint it the same color as your cabinets, and screw a 1×2 ledger, so the cabinets have something to sit on.

Ikea Eket Suspension Rail Alternative

Once the ledgers are firmly in place, hang all of the cabinets freely from the wall without tightening the screws—you want them to be able to move around for the time being.

Utilizing machine screws and nuts, attach each cabinet to the others in the upper runs one at a time. Before tightening the machine screws, ensure they are properly vertically aligned and flush with one another.


That was all about how you can find an Ikea suspension rail alternative to complete your set in case one of the parts has been misplaced or never reached due to shipping errors.

In most cases, you will be lucky enough to find the specific suspension rail needed on Ikea’s website. If this fails, a different method will have to be used to mount the cabinets or other storage options.

Simple step-by-step procedures for doing so are included in our guide, and with a little experience and research, anyone will be able to do so.

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