What happens if the smart lock battery dies?An Overview

What happens if the smart lock battery dies?

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Remember the time when you had traditional key locks? Well, you do not require them anymore. All credit goes to the rapid transformation in technology that has eliminated the need for you to suffer with your keys and has introduced the new and most innovative- smart lock

This device is nothing but a keyless lock. A smart lock requires no keys to be inserted to grant access to your house but only demands a saved passcode or registered fingerprint. 

The device has numerous advantages, among which the most prominent one is the enhanced level of security that it offers just by installing it on a door. Yes, you heard it right!

Smart lock is installed on a door quite effortlessly and then takes on the responsibility of governing your house on your behalf. 

Moreover, what distinguishes the smart lock and makes it an irresistible option is that you can track ongoing activity. If you connect your smart lock to your phone, any unauthorized entry through the door will instantly be reported via notifications.

However, what happens if the smart lock battery dies? Let’s explore!

What happens if the smart lock battery dies

As it is typical for any electric device requiring a power source, the derivation is straightforward. Once you disconnect your device from the power source, it will stop operating.

Similar is the case with your smart lock. Since the lock, too, requires a steady and consistent power connection to deliver its purpose, depriving it of one would mean it would stop operating. 

The answer is simple as to what happens if the smart lock battery dies– you will be locked out of your own house. Batteries used in smart locks to power them are reliable but not reliable enough to last for a lifetime. 

Installed batteries are bound to run out of power with time. It can either die within a few months of use or continue to supply energy and prolong for years. There is no guarantee. 

How to know whether the battery is low or not?

Most of the smart locks currently available in the market are updated versions. This means they have been equipped in various ways, one of which is the ability to indicate when the battery is running low. 

Due to the striking innovation, some smart lock manufacturers have also distinguished their design by manufacturing the device in such a way whereby it has been automated to notify the owners of their phone when the battery runs low

battery is low

Look for signals to help identify whether the battery is low. For example, is the response time faster than a week ago? Smart locks, when running low on battery, start to respond slowly.

Now, if you see that the fingerprint takes more than just a few seconds to register itself, or even after entering the passcode, the door opens a bit later and requires more than one attempt. You should know it all originates from the low levels of the battery. 

Access your door even when the smart lock battery dies

Your smart locks battery dying does not signify that the world is coming to an end. Rest assured, it is just a few minutes of a splendid day, so do not let this one bad experience with your smart lock define your entire day. 

If you are reading this article, there is a likely chance that the battery of your smart lock has died, and you are locked outside. Firstly, stop fretting. Secondly, we got you! 

beautiful smart lock

Following are the ways we have stated for you to access your door even when the battery of your smart lock refuses to power the device.

Key access 

Can you recall the instance when you first purchase the smart lock? At that time, with the package of your lock, you were also provided with a manual detailing how to use the system. 

At that time, if you had thoroughly read the manual, then we are sure that you must remember at least a solution or two to enter the door without the typical passcode or fingerprint mechanism. 

key of smart lock

Nevertheless, if you did not, never mind. Here we hope that by a miraculous accident, you are carrying the key to your traditional door lock. 

Also, a tip: try looking under the front door mat of your house! 

Mobile Back-up 

We also mentioned that some smart locks provide access through the door by linking the device to your phone. Then through your mobile, you can automatically unlock and lock the door, permitting and prohibiting who enters and who does not.

In such a situation where the smart lock is out of battery, and you need a gateway- turn off the smart lock system from your phone. When you turn off the security system of the smart lock for your phone, it eventually means that your smart lock will not be working anymore.

Thereby allowing you to enter your house regardless of whether the battery is functional or has died out. 

Overriding emergency 

Consider yourself fortunate because every smart lock has an overriding system specifically created to cater to the users in times of emergency. The system allows one to pass through the door, even when the smart lock’s battery has died, by permitting entrance via the code or utilizing a metal key. 

Subsequently, you do not have to worry about setting off the security alarms when resorting to the overriding emergency system. 

All you have to do to move forward with the system is consult the manual for owners and extract any information about the lock’s manual emergency override. When activated, the system completely deactivates the keypad and the lock from the inside. 

Replacing the dead batteries 

Although all smart locks have a different design, what remains common among them is the procedure to replace the dead batteries. All this process would demand is a screwdriver and some basic skills to use here. 

Using the screwdriver, open the compartment where the battery is stored and take the old batteries out. Add the new ones. Then tightly fasten the screws on the case, ensuring that the new battery does not fall out. 

key battery

When you are done with the replacement, install the smart lock back on the door and try it to see if the batteries have been accurately placed and are working. 

Everyone wants to avoid the technicalities that accompany any technical device. We advise you that when you purchase the intelligent lock, do not miss out on the details of it. With an eye out for intricate details, check the durability and longevity of the batteries for which they would source the smart lock. 


To conclude, we have successfully provided multiple alternatives to seek in times of dire need. With this, we hope that you no longer ponder the possibilities of what happens if the smart lock battery dies because even if it does not seem like much of a task, being locked out of your own house is not an ideal situation to be in! 

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