The Best Husqvarna Chainsaw For Firewood -2024

The Best Husqvarna Chainsaw For Firewood

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People have started to use firewood rather than heating systems, and it has proven rather valuable.

A decent chainsaw itself is an instrument that makes getting that firewood much easier—precisely the Husqvarna kind.

Our Great Selection For you.

Currently, we’ve chosen 2 of these possibilities from this spectacular brand, which boasts an incredible range of characteristics.

So take the time to read to the end to find out which one it is! We always have the finest Husqvarna chainsaw cutting firewood among them, which we think warrants a mention.e

Best Husqvarna Chainsaw

Considering that, we’ve compiled a selection of what we think to be the greatest chainsaws for cutting firewood, complete with reviews.

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Husqvarna 20 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw


Husqvarna is a brand that you can’t overlook while looking for a good jigsaw for chopping firewood. Husqvarna is a well-known company that is known for dependably elevated products.

Through this 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw, Husqvarna establishes a mark and executes its superb technology and customer service claims. 

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher is one of the finest amazing machines you’ve ever seen.

It is approximately half the weight of most other chainsaws in this class, weighing only 11 pounds.

The reality that this chainsaw is the cheapest gas-powered instrument for cutting firewood makes it a strong contender. 

The X-Torq Engine cuts pollution by 60% while reducing fuel efficiency by 20%. You will save money on gas due to this and enable you to cut for extended on each tank.

Chain Brake Activated by Inertia. This is the best version for controlling the chain in the event of a kickback—oiler with an adjustable flow rate. 

Air Cleaning System with Centrifugal Force. This automatically lubricates your bar and chain, with the flexibility to alter the flow for more strenuous work.

This keeps huge sawdust out of the air filter, resulting in fewer deep cleaning and a chainsaw that lasts longer. It is elegant and straightforward, but working is so fantastic.

Intake Air device that allows you to clear debris from your pipes. It is also functional and convenient in that it prevents excessive fuel consumption and fumes.

In contrast, this chainsaw is ideal for chopping small and large logs with really no burn damages. Altogether, it is challenging, robust, adaptable, and convenient to use for complex tasks.

Type: Gas | Bar Length: 20 inch | Power: 55.5 cc | Weight: 12.8 pounds  | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes


  • Strong engine efficiency
  • Incredible shredding power.
  • It’s simple to get started.
  • There are no vibrations.
  • Versatile and practical.


  • If precautions are not obeyed, it can cause a harmful accident.

Husqvarna 24 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

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This Husqvarna model is our great suggestion for the ideal chainsaw for cutting firewood. A 24-inch chainsaw is a piece of equipment to use if you have large logs to split into firewood.

What’s fantastic about this version is that it has most of the same impressive features. 

This chainsaw not only performs well in the woodland, but it also saves you money on gasoline and oil. It is among the cheapest levels of fuel usage, as well as decreased emission standards.

The 60.3-cylinder engine, 24-inch cutting bar, and accompanying air cleaning system with pull-starter and chain brake are all-welded into three corresponding parts for long-lasting durability and minimal disturbance during cutting.

The layout incorporates unique Smart Start technology, allowing the machine to start quickly and begin screening air and expelling oxygen from the carburetor. The engine produces 3.62 hp and therefore can cut at 9000 RPMs.

 The chain is side attached anywhere along the cutting bar for easy cleaning, expulsion, and substitute, as well as diminished blade suspense while cutting.

However, because professionals designed it, this chainsaw can resist harsh weather circumstances, giving its user a worry-free working pleasure.

This saw includes a built-in stop feature that engages the chain brake against every unexpected inertia and considerably decreases the danger of harm in the case of kickback.

Browse no farther than this gadget if you need a beast of a machine to cut up large stacks of firewood. This gas chainsaw is the right size and horsepower for the job.

Type: Gas | Bar Length: 24 inch | Power: 60. 3cc | Weight: 22.6 pounds  | Automatic Chain Oiler: Yes


  • Diverse applications
  • Quickstart Technology makes it easy to get started.
  • Die-cast frame for long-term use
  • Efficient lubrication using an automatic oiler


  • Chain oil leaks from periodically.

Why Choose Husqvarna Over Other Brands?

The first reason why you select the husqvarna professional chainsaw for cutting firewood is the proven quality of products and record of innovation in its full history.

The Husqvarna chainsaw brand fills your needs for quality, durability, and good craftsmanship.

As well as being a great choice for firewood cutting, Husqvarna chainsaws also accommodate a wide range of use and applications in addition to firewood cutting, including milling, farm, home use, loging, carving and limbing due to their versatility, which also leads them to be comparable to stihl chainsaws designed for firewood cutting.

Most of the Husqvarna satisfied users are proud to support a brand that takes fully active participation in defending the worker and areas that makes their business more possible.

They are associated with multiple organisations such as American Green Zone Alliance, Tree Care Industry Association, and National Association of Landscape Professionals to deliver the safety guide and training.


What size chainsaw for firewood?

Most of the homeowners find that 14 inch to 16 inch between size chainsaw and they consider that size length good for them to use on fire wood.

As well, 18 inch also a better size for cutting big bushes, otherwise 16 inch long enough to limb up trees, make firewood of different sizes, and cut down small trees. And the great thing is that control on chainsaws is very easy and strong.

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