How Far Can an Angle Grinder Throw Sparks or Can Start Fire

How Far Can an Angle Grinder Throw Sparks or Can Start Fire

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These power hardware tools cut through metallic surfaces and objects to make them into something we desire.

We use angle grinders, a powerful machine that helps in various tasks, like cutting through rigid materials and polishing and grinding/sharpening different materials.

The angle grinder has a cutting disc that tries to cut through this metal, and as a result of the high friction, sparks are produced. 

Although thinking about sparks can set us into panic mode, we must first consider how far an angle grinder can throw sparks or start a fire?

If we know the answers to these questions, we can take preventive actions and keep ourselves safe from any accident that is most likely to occur. 

How Far Can an Angle Grinder Throw Sparks or Can Start Fire

The disc of an angle grinder rotates at a very fast speed to cut through metals. The direction of rotation of an angle grinder’s disc determines whether the sparks will fly towards you or away from you in the opposite direction.

Although the handler of an angle grinder cannot control the sparks flowing out during the process, one can ensure that the working environment is safe and will not cause disruption of fire. 

How Far Can an Angle Grinder Throw Sparks or Can Start Fire

Whether the user is cutting through metals or grinding with this handheld machine, an angle grinder can prove to be dangerous power-activated hardware if not used with proper precautions.

The angle grinder can throw sparks at an average distance of over 35 feet. Hence, becoming a fire hazard and starting a fire if not taken care of.


An angle grinder emits very high-speeded sparks anfliesly farther away. These sparks can harm the operator of the power tool as well.

So before turning on the angle grinder, the operator must wear proper protective gear to protect them from accidents.

Fire-resistant clothes, safety goggles, gloves, a face shield, and a piece of respiratory equipment must be provided to the angle grinder handler. 

Look Around

If the angle grinder is operable in an area with severe fire and safety hazards, the operation must be ceased immediately.

Flammable materials and objects like old rags, paper, sawdust, steel wool, dry grass, duff, wood chips, and petroleum-based fumes are most likely to cause a fire. Before switching on the angle grinder, double-check the area around the place of operation to a safe extent.

can spark cause fire

No flammable objects or materials must be present in the vicinity. 

Avoid using an angle grinder close to combustible locations like fueling stations, gas tanks, or other readily explosive materials.

The operator must be vigilant and keep an eye open for potential threats that can cause the sparks emitting from the angle grinder to cause a fire. 

The sparks that an angle grinder spits out are a byproduct of cutting or grinding and do not pose a serious threat as they lose their heat when they come in contact with the air around them.

We must keep anything that catches fire quickly at a safe distance from the machine.

It is also advisable that the angle grinder handler designate a lone room stripped bare of combustible material or substance to complete such tasks. Hence, we keep ourselves safe from any tragedy.

Tape It Up

Experts recommend another way to tone down these sparks to a minimum level.

The operator of the angle grinder can prepare the metal they intend to cut by putting a couple of layers of heavy-duty duct tape on top of it that will provide padding or cushioning to the metal surface or object.

Markings can be made on duct tape, and you can cut the metallic exterior without any problem. 

The duct tape will prevent the metallic cutting disc of the machine from coming in direct contact with the other metallic surface, as the video will provide a buffer in between.

Angle Grinder For Sharpening Blade

The addition of duct tape will result in lesser sparks flying away than usual, hence decreasing the chance of igniting the fire to a great extent.


We hope that by now, you must have understood how far an angle grinder can throw sparks or start a fire.

Angle grinders are a powerful tool that operates at a very high speed; the friction caused by rubbing two metallic surfaces together creates an abundance of sparks that can reach a vast enough distance.

However, an accident is bound to happen if these sparks accidentally fall on something combustible or come in contact with flammable material.

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