Honda Vs Predator Generators: Which Is Better For You?

Honda vs Predator Generators

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If you’re trying to decide between a Honda and a Predator generator, congratulations! You’ve narrowed your choice down to two of the finest products on the market today.

Of course that doesn’t make the next question any easier – which is better, Honda or Predator generators? Which one should you get?

To make it easier let’s look into this subject in a bit more detail, in this direct comparison of Honda and Predator generators in 2024.

If you’re in a hurry, and like your bottom lines at the top of articles, here you go:

The Harbor Freight Predator 59135 is a brilliant generator, and a fantastic value, and if you are on a budget it is possibly the best affordable choice you can make.

That said, the Honda EU2200I is the best portable inverter generator you can get at this power level (it is actually a bit more powerful than the Predator), and if you want the security and the peace of mind that come from knowing you’ve gotten the best of the best, the Honda is the easy choice.

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In my mind, and for my money, this conclusion applies not just to these two specific models, but to all Predator and Honda generators. Often dramatically less expensive, the Predators are among the best values on the market today, and highly recommendable, but Honda generators are better built, will last longer, and offer better long term reliability and peace of mind – for emergency use and for all applications.

Predator Generators Vs Honda Generators: How To Choose?

Predator Generators Vs Honda Generators

In the first section of this article I will take a look at Honda generators and Harbor Freight Predator generators overall, comparing the companies and their product lines in general terms.

Then, in the second section, I will look more closely at what might be the most popular portable inverter generator for each company – the Predator 59135 versus the Honda EU2200I – in a direct comparison.

Even if you are looking for a different model, the direct comparison between these two models should prove interesting and helpful, as the points made there do apply up and down both product lines, and by the end of the article you should have a good picture of which is best for you and your needs.

Predator Vs Honda – The Big Picture

Predator Vs Honda

Honda has been making high quality portable generators for almost sixty years, so they are definitely one of the oldest major manufacturers in the world today. Honda is also known – maybe above all else – for making incredibly well-made and reliable products, and in particular their engines are legendary in this regard.

Predator is a brand of Harbor Freight, which has been around for nearly as long as Honda has been in the consumer generator game – since 1970, or well over 50 years now. They do not directly make their own generators, but use overseas manufacturing plants, but seem to have strict and close control over those processes, as evidenced by the very high quality and consistency of their generators.

When you look at similar models, with exactly or approximately the same wattage, Honda and Predator generators often look very similar in terms of specifications and features, but for one huge difference – the price. Because, as you probably already know, Harbor Freight products are known for their affordability as much as for their quality, and Predator generators are often around half the price of a comparable Honda generator.

If the price is so much lower for a Predator, and the features and performance between the two are pretty much identical, why would anybody buy a Honda? 

This is a great question, and a valid one too, especially considering Honda is far more popular – while Predator generators are quite popular, their sales cannot match those of the Japanese giant, who is quite possibly the number one generator brand in the world.

And the answer? Well, I can’t speak for others, but I myself suspect it comes down to security.

That is, while Predators are clearly well made and reliable, and customers are happy with them after many years of use, Honda is, again, legendary in this respect, and with a Honda you can be pretty much certain it will always work, day after day, year after year – maybe the most important consideration for anybody, and absolutely crucial if you ever want to use your new generator for emergencies.

Bottom Line: Honda Or Predator Generator

In the general comparison we can definitely say that if you are on a budget, and want a great generator for your money, the Predator generators are a fantastic choice – all the features you’d want and really great specs – running time, noise level, fuel efficiency etc. For half the price of a Honda, it’s frankly amazing how great Predator generators really are, and long term reliability seems to be one of their strong points.

But if it were my money I would still opt for a Honda generator, if I could possibly spring for the difference. I consider build quality and reliability as the most important factors in choosing and owning a generator – for emergency use, of course, but for all other usages as well – and Honda makes the most reliable, longest lasting generators out there.

Of course I can’t guarantee Hondas will last longer or be more dependable than a Predator, or any other cheaper generator, but I feel they will, and customer testimonials and long-term usage bear this out – and that sense of security is in itself priceless with gear like this.

So, based on that sense of security, and on user reports and their proven track record, I do think Hondas are the best portable generators on the market, and a Honda would always be my first choice. But if money is a main consideration, and stretching to the Honda price level is not really possible, Predator is a brilliant affordable choice.

Honda EU2200I Vs Predator 59135: Head To Head Comparison

The Harbor Freight Predator 59135, a 1600 watt portable inverter generator with 2000 watt surge rating, is probably their most popular model overall, and a very well designed and well made product.

Similarly, the Honda EU2200I is an enormously popular generator, and is truly as good as it gets in terms of engineering, design, material and build quality. It is a more powerful 1800 watt inverter generator, with starting power of 2200 watts.

Honda EU2200I Vs Predator 59135

When you look at the features and specifications of the two, there are very few real differences, but it is important to note that the Honda has recently been improved, with lower noise and more power, and many comparison articles and charts you might see are somewhat out of date – and, in fact, the Honda does have a slight edge.

Honda EU2200IPredator 59135
Peak Wattage2,2002,000
Noise Level57 DBa58 DBa
Run Time – Quarter Load8 Hours12 Hours
Weight47 Pounds48 Pounds
Low Level Alert?YesYes
Parallel Capable?YesYes
Power Saving Mode?YesYes
Overload Protection?YesYes
Carbon Monoxide Monitor?YesYes
Bluetooth WirelessYesNo

So there aren’t any huge differences between the two, especially in noise level, size and weight and most features.

Honda 2200 Vs Predator 2000: Key Differences

  • Both are true inverters, meaning they are safe for even sensitive electronics, and both have excellent safety and automatic shutdown circuitries.
  • The Honda’s Bluetooth capability is definitely worth mentioning, since their app is well designed and the performance monitoring will be important to some users. The remote shutdown it allows can be especially useful.
  • The big difference for California users is that the Predator generator is fully CARB compliant, and legal for sale and use in California, while the Honda is not – so if you live in the golden state, the choice is made for you. Both generators are fully EPA compliant, however.
  • The Honda 2200 does have more power, and while it is only about a 12.5 percent increase over the Predator, this can be important for many people, and does allow a bit more room and ease with even normal use.

Based on features, specifications and performance, the Honda 2200 does have a slight edge, but it’s important to realize that it is about twice as expensive as the Predator, and the question which must be answered is – is it worth it?

Predator 59135 Vs Honda EU2200I: Bottom Line

Yes, to me the extra money one spends on a Honda EU2200I is totally justified, and it is, in fact, one of the best values on the market today.

How can I say a relatively expensive product is such a great value? Simply because I honestly believe – and, again, time has borne this conclusion out – that Honda generators are the most reliable, dependable and trustworthy you can get. They are the best made, and can be counted on for many, many years without a single concern.

All that said, let me state again with real emphasis that the Predator 59135 generator is a brilliant product, and for the money it is a wonderful choice. If budget is a big concern, you can choose the Predator with real confidence, and are sure to be delighted with your choice. And, of course, if you are in California, it is your only choice between the two.

But if you can afford the extra money, and want those intangible factors like the feeling of security and the peace of mind you get from knowing you’ve purchased the best of the best, the Honda EU2200I should be at the top of your list – and I believe this to be true of any Honda generator compared to a similar Harbor Freight Predator, or to any other company’s comparable products.