The Best High-Temperature Exhaust Paint-Inclusive Buying Guide


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Consider this inclusive buying guide before opting for the best high-temperature exhaust headers paints.

Our Best Exhaust paint for your Auto Parts…

 It will help you with the best exhaust paint with top features.

Buying Guide:

Types of Paints 

Consider the type of paint before opting for painting exhaust headers or purchasing paint for exhaust manifolds. You can coat the desired modules based on the features of each paint type. 

VHT Flameproof Paint 

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It’s the most popular, best header paint in the UK and can abide heat ranging from 1300° F -2000° F. The VHT coating provides an aesthetic appeal to your exhausts and headers. Using VHT as a paint coat can be time-consuming, but it is worth using because of its other useful features.

Rust-Oleum Paint 

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If you are searching for motorcycle header paint or the best exhaust paint, rust oleum is considered the best choice. It is better than VHT and has a High-temperature paint 2000° F heat resistance capacity. 

Ceramic Paint Coat (best ceramic header coating)

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Ceramic coating costs you 10X more than any other coating and is considered costly. You can opt for this high-quality exhaust paint to coat the header and exhaust more professionally and last longer. It’s durable with 1200° Fahrenheit heat resisting capacity. 

Enamel Spray Paint 

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Rust-Oleum High Heat Enamel Spray Paint possesses prime features that can withstand high temperatures and rust.

They are rust-free with a tough satin finish. If you require the paint for a quick project, opt for enamel paint because it has the fastest drying capability. 

2. Prevent Corrosion  

The best paint to be considered for the exhaust will be the one preventing rust and corrosion due to high heat. Select exhaust paint to avoid rust formation.


Check the product description of each type to find the best anticorrosive paint for your exhaust and headers.

3. Abide High Temperature/ Heat Resistant

Before opting for the high heat paint for exhaust, consider the heat resistance capacity of the exhaust paint. You may find the temperature rating in the product description. Each type will offer its value for temperature.


best High-Temperature Exhaust Paint

Consider a high-temperature rating to protect the exhaust, header, and manifold from getting damaged due to high temperature.

4. Long Lasting Coating Paint

Once you select the type of exhaust paint, check for the durability feature. Long-lasting protection will keep your exhaust free from damage.

5. No Chipping, Peeling, and Cracking 

Consider the exhaust paint that possesses anti-chipping, peeling, and cracking features. If you opt for a low standard, it will peel off quickly and may require painting again. It will not only waste your time but money and energy as well.


Check product reviews, features, and descriptions to find the best engine paint with no peeling and cracking issues.

6. Oil Repellent 

The paint type you select must be oil resistant to avoid issues in the paint coating. There might be oil spillages or leakages in your exhaust, so consider oil-resistant paint to stay fixed. 

7. Acid and Alkali Resistant 

Another feature to consider is that your selected product must be acid and alkali resistant to make the paint coat stay fixed without getting damaged.

8. Quantity of the Paint 

Each type comes in a variety of cans with their desired quantities. Calculate the amount you acquire for painting exhaust, manifolds, and headers. Purchase the proper amount to avoid wasting money on the excess amount. You may find the availability in gallon, pint, quart, and oz.


Compare your desired need to the quantity of each type available in the specified units.

9. Paint Colors

A variety of Exhaust paint colors are available in the market. Select the one that best suits your module. You can find paint colors in black, flat black, gray, aluminum, pure white, stainless steel, cast iron gray, charcoal metallic, safety blue, flame blue, off-white, and rocket red. It depends upon the type and brand you select.

If you opt for the best coating on the catalytic converter, consider a high-temperature bright color paint.

10. Ease of Application

If you are a beginner, select spray paint that is easy for the applicant. It will help you in painting your exhaust with ease and perfection.

11. Durability

We all love durable stuff that stays long enough and is in a good state by the time we need them. The exhaust requires durable paint to keep it safe from corrosion, rust, and high temp. The higher the durability, the more protection capability of the best exhaust paint.


Check the product description to find which paint is highly durable and sits best for painting exhaust. 

12. Adherence Capability 

It’s of prime importance to select a paint with high adherence capability. If the product does not properly adhere, it won’t last long and will quickly peel off or crack. Select the right product with better adhering features to avoid money, time, and energy wastage.

13. Warranty 

Before opting for a final purchase, ask for the paint warranty period. Some paint brands will provide a better warranty period than others. 


Understand the warranty specification before considering the final purchase.

14. Cost 

Before purchasing the paint, compare the price tags with the desired features. If you require high-quality, durable, better adhering paint, you need to consider its high price. 

Low standard paint might cost you less but will quickly fade compared to high-quality that will stay longer and prevent corrosion and rust.

15. High Coverage 

If you require paint for the exhaust manifold, consider a high coverage paint to cover the parts with ease and perfection. 

16. Quick Drying 

If you require a product for a quick project, opt for the paint type with a quick-drying feature. 

Enamel paints are considered quick-drying paints for quickly getting your job done. They are rust-free with a tough satin finish for a quick project with the fastest drying capability.


Check the product description for drying time and compare it with other similar products to find and select the one that best suits your task.

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