Hermetic Vs Scroll Compressor – Ultimate Analysis

Hermetic Vs Scroll Compressor

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Multiple compressors are available in the market with primarily similar features. Hermetic and Scroll compressors are two distinct kinds and will be under discussion in this article.

Hermetic Vs Scroll Compressor needs a detailed analysis as people sometimes get confused with the alternative name of scroll compressor, semi-hermetic.

Other than the name, many features are similar in both compressors, and this article will explain all the similar and distinct features of these two compressors in comparison to each other. 

The main features of hermetic and scroll compressors that will remain under discussion in this article will be the; design and structure of the compressors, along with some analysis of the type of seal they both have, which is welded for hermetic and bottles for a scroll compressor.

Moreover, prices on which compressors are currently available in the market will be discussed in detail. Hermetic is designed in a way that all the components come under a single system, while the scroll compressor has a more easy body type which makes it preferable in terms of quick repair and maintenance.

Simultaneously, the ways of maintaining and options available to repair the products, along with the durability of both compressors, will be analyzed in more detail below.

Scroll Compressor Vs Hermetic 

Hermetic Vs Scroll Compressor

Hermetic Vs Scroll Compressor is an essential discussion as both compressors contain similar features but are available at different prices due to their slightly distinct features. Hermetic is more compact, durable, affordable, and well-structured in terms of portability.

At the same time, it does have a glitch of less margin for repair and maintenance as the body of hermetic is designed in such a way that all the main components lie under the same system, which makes hermetic very difficult to handle at the time of any leakage or repair.

Simultaneously, the scroll compressor is also well-designed, compact, soundless, and has a tight body which can be instantly treated for repairs. Still, it is an expensive compressor with less durability and less sealing safety.

Whereas Hermetic has a welded seal, but scroll compressor contains a bottled seal which makes hermetic safer for air-tight features comparatively.

Main Features Of Hermetic Vs Scroll Compressor 

Hermetic and scroll compressors are mostly confused with the second name of the scroll compressor, semi-hermetic. However, Hermetic Vs Scroll Compressors have distinct features, which are going to be discussed in detail below;  

Scroll Compressor
Scroll Compressor

Design And Structure 

The hermetic compressor has been designed precisely and compactly as all the main components, such as; the motor and the compressor, have been sealed in one place and locked in a very comprehensive manner which makes the hermetic compressor small and compact. 

Alongside, the scroll compressor is also one of the precisely designed and compactly sealed compressors available in the market. However, there is not much difference between the design and structure of both compressors, but the sealing of both products has been done differently and will be discussed later in the article.

Sealed Type 

A hermetic compressor has the motor and compressor assembled in one place, then welded to make it more precise and appropriately sealed. The hermetic compressor has been sealed very tightly to don’t allow any air to get in, which makes the product even more attractive to purchase. 

Although the scroll compressor is not welded but is bottled so that all the components of the compressor remain in just one place, the scroll compressor has been bottled so firmly that it does not allow any air to get in; not even a single contaminant can go inside the compressor. 

Price In The Market 

Many companies are available in the market, claiming to sell the best hermetic and scroll compressors. However, hermetic compressors are available in the market at an affordable price range which varies from company to company depending upon the popularity of the brand ( such as Dewalt, Makita, & Huskey etc) and features of the compressors.

Thus, scroll compressors are available on different marketplaces ranging from $500 to $1500, depending upon the distinct features provided by the companies.


Nowadays, people prefer to have an appliance or gadget with them which is easy to carry and even more easy to maintain. Very complex and complicated gadgets are not the ultimate preference of users in this busy world.

Regardless of their durability, Hermetic compressors are more often used in households for attaching to multiple appliances such as; ( HVAC ) refrigerators, heating systems, air conditioners and many other uses. Hermetic compressors can work for many years, even without going for repairs.

On the other hand, scroll compressors need frequent maintenance if one wants to continue using this compressor for many years. Without any repair and maintenance for longer durations, scroll compressors can get damaged to the extent that they may not be able to be repaired and reused again.

Repair And Maintenance 

The hermetic compressor is the best one to choose when it comes to repair and maintenance, as the product requires significant s to no maintenance for years. Needless to say that less maintenance means the less after-sale cost for both the buyer and seller. However, if a repair is required to any compressor component, then trouble will arise as the hermetic compressor is complicated to unwind for any necessary repairs such as air compressor keep tripping the breaker.

In contrast, the scroll compressor has gotten the edge over here. The scroll compressor also does not require frequent repairs, but when any issue occurs, it is easy to unwind the body of the scroll compressor. Thus, the body of the scroll compressor is less complicated and easy to open for any necessary repairs.

Hermetic compressor
Hermetic compressor

Pros Of Scroll Compressor Vs Hermetic 

  • A scroll compressor is one of the market leaders, and it has a soundproof system which restricts the noise of the system spread far too loudly
  • Lubrication is not required for the maintenance of the scroll compressor, which makes it less expensive in terms of maintenance 
  • Scroll compressor, when compared to other compressors in the market, seems to be more durable as most compressors of this range are open-headed while the scroll is sealed adequately as a bottle
  • One very prominent benefit of scroll compressors is the body of the scroll, which is very friendly for any repair, while the airtight design is a bit complex as that includes the motor and other components all in one place, which makes repair and maintenance very difficult
  • As the scroll compressor has an easy-to-open body, any leakage or damage can be sorted out quickly, while the airtight compressor design does not cure any such leakage instantly, which may damage the valves or other components of the occult

Cons Of Scroll Compressor Vs Hermetic

  • Scroll compressor has been designed as a compact system, but still, it is not as comprehensive or compact in design as the hermetic compressor is
  • A scroll compressor is sealed as a bottle while a hermetic is sealed through proper welding, which makes a hermetic compressor more durable and reliable for more prolonged use
  • Costly when compared to the hermetic compressor; however, the hermetic compressor seems to be more attractive and highly featured, but still, the scroll has a higher price in the market when compared to the price of a hermetic compressor 
  • To meet the level of hermetic compressor welded seal, the scroll compressor’s bottled seal requires additional cost, which is counted as the production cost to the user of the scroll compressor


A conclusion can be drawn based upon the above hermetic vs scroll compressor that the hermetic compressor is more favorite in terms of design, seal, price and durability.

However, a scroll compressor is also a good option when the features like a soundproof system, a friendly strategy to counter leakage or any other issue, and compact, portable, and sealed outweigh the hermetic compressor.

Based upon the discussion above, it can be seen that scroll compressors are highly priced in the market even when they are not offering any prominent unique feature compared to hermetic compressors.

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