Harley Heated Grips Not Working (And What to Do Next)

Heated Grips Not Working

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With the commencement of winter, getting out on your flamboyant bikes does not become a nuisance at all with the amazing Harley heated grips.

Life doesn’t need to be stopped with the temperature changes, nor should your bike-riding errands come to a halt.

But if your Harley heated grips are not working, the problem can be brushed aside with a few checks and remedies.

These heated grips will give you all you need while driving out in the winter mornings, evenings, and even at night.

These Harley heated grips provide a fantastic performance keeping your drive smooth and comfortable despite the severity of the weather.

Guide Harley Heated Grips Not Working

Harley is a name of trust and reliability that never disappoints its customers regarding the quality and performance of its products.

But at times, if the Harley Heated Grips are not working, you won’t be able to sustain your routine chores comfortably in snowy and freezing weather. 

Heated gloves, wind deflectors, and other solutions won’t last long to sustain an extended period of drive out on your bike in the cold and windy weather that will continuously affect your hands and grip on the handles. Driving in such extreme weather will eventually numb your fingers, and your driving control will be exceedingly affected.

Heated Grips Not Working

To circumambulate these genuine problems, one simple and most significant solution is to install the Harley heated grips that offer an intricate maintenance system. But if the Harley heated grips go bad, check for these issues.

What to Check if Harley Heated Grips Not Heating & to Troubleshoot

The Harley heated grips are intricately aligned with the electrical circuits of the whole body of the bike to work properly and at full efficiency.

If any problem arises, it will affect the working of the heated grips. It’s noticed that the heated grips sometimes stop working.

Plug Connector Inside the Right Hand Harley Heated Grip

If the heated grips are not working, then one of the possibilities would be a problem with the connection. To check that, first, you must remove the plug from the side of the right-handed grip.

After removing it, you will see a round connector that is supposed to be connected to complete the circuit.

Cautiously take it out, clean the connector’s pins for any dust or muck, and then rejoin the connector firmly back in the socket. It will put the heated grips back in normal action.

Power Connector beneath the Fairing to be tested

If the Harley heated grips are not working properly, another important spot must be checked for further assurance of the availability of a complete circuit.

A power connector rated grips together; it should be joined firmly together so that both grips work properly.

To Check an Open Circuit in Ground or Power Circuit

To check an open circuit both in the ground and in the power circuit, we have to check if the current and power is properly applied to the Harley heated grips.   

Current Draw Test

First, you must remove the P&A fuse after turning the ignition off; when it has been carefully removed, turn it back on.

Now keeping the Harley heated hand grips off, you have to use Harness Connector Test Kit to check the current passing through the socket terminals 11 and 12.

To get a full idea of the current passing, take the setting of the heated grip to the fullest position 6; if the current rises to 3.5 Amps, the grips are functioning normally. Otherwise, it’s malfunctioning.

Power Supply Test

The P&A fuse should be installed by turning the ignition off; after that, turn the ignition on after disconnecting the heated grips.

Now you have to test the voltage between the terminals. If there is voltage proof, the next step would be to check the grips for a resistance test.

If the resistance between 1 and 2 terminals comes out to be between 7-12 Ohms after disconnecting the right heated grip, then the left heated grip is to be substituted. And if the resistance value is otherwise, then the right heated grip is to be changed.

Harley Heated Grips Separated from Body

One issue that occurs mostly when the Harley Heated Grips go bad is that they get loose and start sliding outwards.

The Harley Heated Grips have plastic inside the outer covering, and at times, it is noticed that a gap starts appearing between the bike’s body and the heated grip; as it slides outwards, you have to put your hand more out-wards to hold on to the throttle.

Heated Grips

In this case, no amount of hammering the heated grips can get the hand grip back in its original position and eliminate the problem; you have to get a set of new Harley heated grips. One of the two will be installed, and another can be kept for future use.

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Hand Positioning on the Harley Heated Grip

The Harley heated grip does provide a respectable amount of heat support required by the hand.

Still, the thumb is usually positioned so that it remains a little out of touch from the heated grip and starts getting cold or even numb in some situations.

To avoid this issue, the hand’s positioning should be adopted so that the thumb receives the required heat for its comfort.

If you are into fast riding and opt for speed, it’s better to get an air deflector for your hands, and the air cutting through the needle from the front will significantly affect your comfort. So extended rides cannot only depend on the heat grips; a little extra support would be appreciated.


A situation where the Harley heated grips are not working might be due to many causes and should be immediately checked for a good circuit in terms of current and voltage.

The electric barriers might hamper the performance of the heated grips and can be solved by checking properly on the connectors, open circuits, and other technical faults so that you can enjoy the warmth of these Harley heated grips throughout the freezing weather with comfort.

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