How to Hang Things on Trailer Walls (Step By Step)

How to Hang Things on Trailer Walls

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If you are searching for handy methods to hang stuff on trailer walls, you are at the right spot.

You might be needing to place frames and different items on the trailer wall. That’s why we are here to provide ease and discuss useful gadgets to ensure your hangings are secured.  

Let’s mount things on the trailer walls using the gadgets discussed below.

Museum Putty

Another gadget called putty is opted to hang stuff on the trailer walls.


  • Blended Rubber 


  • Quakehold 

The name indicates its secure nature even in the case of earthquakes.


  • Removable
  • Reusable
  • Non-toxic. 
  • Simple 


  1. Take the putty by peeling on its piece.
  2. Take that piece and roll it. 
  3. Roll it between the fingers until it gets softer.
  4. After that, apply it to the item to be mounted.
  5. Then, place it on the trailer wall. Press it gently.

Things to Be Hanged Using a Putty

  • Lightweight objects
  • Unframed photos
  • Lightweight art
  • Toothbrush holder
  • Dish soap container

Screws and Nails

If you need secure hanging on the trailer walls, opt for small screws and nails. Remember to avoid any damage to the wirings and plumbings

trailer Walls


  1. Take screws and nails of small size. Long nails may cause damage to the wall.
  2. They must be of size enough to hold the hanging.
  3. Take a drill and make pre-holes to avoid cracking.
  4. Once you drill the holes, attach the hanging and secure it with screws or nails.
  5. Check the back of the wall to ensure no damage.

Sticky-Back Hooks

The back hooks are opted to hang items like towels, hats, keys, or small decorations.

Nature of Hooks


  1. Take the proper size back hooks with easy removing hooks. 
  2. Place it on the wall. 
  3. Secure it.
  4. After that, you can hang the desired items according to weight.

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Monkey / Gorilla Hooks

These hooks fit best for heavy objects with minimal damage to the trailer wall.

Just place the hooks by making small holes.

Attach the hanging and make it secure.

Adhesive Velcro 

If you want to drill the wall, you can use adhesive Velcro to secure the hanging to the walls.


  1. Take the Velcro and place it at the point of hanging placement.
  2. Once placed, attach the hanging to the wall.
  3. The Velcro ensures a secure position.
  4. The Velcro leaves a sticky mass after removal.

Command Strips

Composition of command strips

  • Two interlocking pieces 
  • The adhesive material on the strips back

Sizes Of command strips

  • Small 
  • Medium 
  • Large  

For a hanging (3-lb), medium-size Command Strips will opt. The command strips ensure the hanging to be secured.


The command strips don’t leave a sticky resin once removed.

Double-Sided Tape

  1. Foam mounting tape 


  • Strong 
  • Difficult to remove
  1. Acrylic double-sided mounting tape 


  • Strong 
  • Ease of removal from trailer walls wallpaper with minimal damaging effects.


If you want to hang stuff on the trailer walls, go through the above gadgets and select the best that fits the hanging. Remember to avoid any damage to the trailer wall.

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