Gerber vs Kohler Toilet: Which One Better For You!

Gerber vs Kohler Toilet

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Toilet, we cannot even imagine living without a well-maintained toilet. Right? It is an important fixture in the plumbing stuff without which we can’t imagine our lives.

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Without the appropriate tools and components, no one can build a place where you can spend your mornings coming out fresh and satisfied.

A wrong product can ruin the whole of your day when you realise that your toilet is not working properly. 

Most of the time, simple can ease the problem, but sometimes we are left with only one option: a replacement.

You are still on this post, reading our introduction, which means you are looking for a new toilet. Right? Gerber and Kohler are two leading names in providing their customer with the best toilets.

When it comes to choosing the best product for you, it becomes challenging as you see various options available, everyone competing. 

Gerber vs Kohler Toilet

The confusion worsens when the decision is held between the two best brands. Right? So, to ease off your confusion, we’ve come up with a solution to review some of the top products by both brands.

At the end of this post, you will have enough information regarding the Gerber Vs. Kohler toilet to decide which one is the best for you.

Let’s explore the best one together. 

Gerber Vs. Kohler: Product Wise Explanation 

Following are some of the top product reviews from each brand to let you make a clear and instant decision. After their analysis, you will choose one of them for your toilet. 

Top Recommendation of Gerber 

According to reviews and surveys, the following are the top 2 products recommended by experts and proven the best. 

Gerber Viper 21-528 Elongated Toilet Bowl 

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This kit is intended for professional use and is dependable for larger families. As a HOT (high-efficiency toilet), this kit has large siphon nozzles with double-feed that forcefully push waste out of the bowl and down the drain.

The 2-inch super-glazed trap also improves this performance. The bowl is wide enough to ensure that each section is cleaned with each flush.

This toilet is ADA compliant and stands 17 inches tall (you can access other ADA complaint toilets of similar height here).

So, if you have a disabled member of your family, they can easily get on and off. It comes in three different colours for aesthetic reasons so that you can match it to your bathroom decor.

Unfortunately, the Gerber Viper 21-528 elongated toilet bowl does not include a seat or tank. But don’t let that deter you because other ideas go well with it. 


  • Durable construction 
  • Compatible with disabled individual’s usage 
  • Cheaper as compared to others 
  • Water sense compliant 


  • Doesn’t come with a tank 

Gerber Plumbing 21-372 Ultra-Flush Elongated Toilet 

Your bathroom, as the place where you begin and end your day, deserves the best renovation. The Gerber Plumbing 21-372 Ultra-Flush Length Toilet is the best toilet that can make a big difference.

This product is a well-built kit that performs at a professional level. The toilet has a distinct edge that is thoroughly cleaned with each flush and operates at a flushing rate of 1.6 GPF. 

Gerber Toilet

It doesn’t appear to use much water, which means a less frightening water bill at the end of the month.

The Gerber Plumbing 21-372 Ultra Flush Extended Toilet, which measures about 12 inches in length, protrudes slightly from the wall and allows for rear access.


  • Able to flush at 1.6 GPF
  • Clog less toilet 
  • 12 inches of height 
  • Made with vitreous China 


  • Doesn’t have a dual flush mode 

Top Recommendations of Kohler 

After extensive research, we’ve mentioned 2 of the best products from Kohler’s leading name. 

Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet

No products found.

The Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa toilet is reasonably powerful and priced. It is an elongated toilet with a larger opening and more bowl space than a round toilet.

The toilet has the same footprint as a round bowl despite the extra space, making it appropriate for small spaces.

Although the Kohler Santa Rosa lacks a dual flush button, pressing the flush button halfway results in a half-flush. 

A full flush consumes 1.28 litres of water, while a partial flush replaces 0.5 GPF. The Environmental Protection Agency has certified the Kohler 3810-0 as Water Sense.

This toilet comes with almost everything you need, from the toilet seat to the lid, but no wax ring is included, so you must purchase one separately.

Although this is a comfortable and water-efficient toilet that uses reservoirs to reduce clogging and cleaning, the full flush is quite noisy, and the partial flush has no effect.


  • Compactly designed 
  • Comes with a lid and seat 
  • Comfortable enough for all ages 
  • Efficient flushing at 0.5 GPF


  • Disappointed partial flush 

Kohler Wellworth Dual-Flash Toilet

No products found.

The Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth double flush toilet is the standard model. This system has a dual flush that delivers 1.6 GPM at full power and 1.1 GPM at partial flush.

Round bowls are better suited to small bathrooms and laundry rooms.

The set does not include a seat, but you do have the option of a soft-closing or automatically closing the lid. The Class 5 flush system and the ability to purchase your seat contribute to the low price of this toilet.

Overall, we believe the Kohler K-3987-0 Wellworth Dual Flush Toilet is the best value for money among Kohler toilets.

On the other hand, the flushing system is less effective at removing stains and solids from the bowl. Excluding a toilet seat is only advantageous if you already have one; otherwise, purchasing one separately is inconvenient.


  • Dual flash mechanism 
  • Flashes at 1.1 and 1.6 GPM 
  • Best value for money product of its series 
  • Compactly designed with a round bowl 


  • Comes without seat 

Buying Guide 

Pressure-assisted toilets are typically smaller than gravity-fed toilets, which we are probably familiar with. Because of their smaller size, they are ideal for small spaces without a bathtub.

Pressure-assisted toilets were developed for commercial use and are known for their dependability and resistance to clogging due to their powerful flushing.

The toilets’ design allows for heavy use per day with minimal maintenance.

Mechanism of work 

There is usually a sealed compartment in the tank of a pressure-assisted toilet. When the tank is filled with water, pressure builds up in the sealed space, storing energy until the toilet flushes.

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The sealed compartment relieves pressure and quickly forces water and waste down the drain when you flush the toilet.

quality toilet

The plot is similar to a toy rocket or a BB pistol. The air that flows out of the room and pushes garbage and water down the drain creates the characteristic loud hiss of pressure-assisted toilets.

Tank sweat-free

In humid environments and summer, less water means less tank sweat. Many people are uninformed about the dangers of armour sweat.

This factor allows bacteria to grow in the humid environment around the tank and, in some cases, causes the wood behind the toilet to swell and warp, resulting in permanent wall damage.


Another factor contributing to pressure-assisted toilets’ smaller size is that they are typically much lighter than gravity-driven models.

This factor makes them easier to transport, set up, and install. Most models are divided into two parts, allowing you to install the bowl first and then secure the tank on top.


The bowl’s height from the floor is important for all toilets. If you’ve never considered it, now is a good time to consider how simple it is to get up and down the toilet.

If you are small, you may prefer a toilet closer to the floor, but we believe that most people would prefer a slightly larger toilet. 

Fortunately, this is a feature built into many modern toilets, and finding one that says “great” is not difficult.

Tall toilets raise the seat a few inches, making it much easier to get up when you’re finished. These toilets also have a larger bowl, which is a nice feature.

Easy installation 

Installing a pressure-assisted toilet is similar to installing a regular gravity-fed toilet. The toilet bowl is screwed to the floor and sits on a wax ring.

You connect your water supply and attach the tank to the tank. The pressure build-up mechanism is located in the tank and operates automatically, increasing pressure with each toilet flush.


We hope that we’ve succeeded in explaining to you the most asked debate on ‘Gerber Vs Kohler toilet .’

Choose wisely and invest carefully in the products you choose for your restroom as it is one of the important components of our house.

Discomfort here can disturb the mechanism of your whole house, leaving you in dissatisfaction the whole day.

Share this comparative guide with your friends looking for the best toilet.

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