Understanding: Your garage door opens 6 inches and stops

garage door open and stop

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Nothing is more triggering than when you rush to your garage in an emergency to grab something instantly, and the garage door does not open.

Or let’s say you woke up in the morning already late for your way out of the house, just to find out that your garage door is opening only 6 inches. Sadly, there is no possible method for you to get your vehicle out of such limited space!

The least of the troubles one would want to have is with their garage doors. Undoubtedly, it is out of one of the essential doors around your house.

However, not only does it safeguards all that you keep in the garage, preventing it from getting stolen, but it also provides the convenience that accompanies it with being an outcome of high-tech.

This article aims to aid you in understanding what is causing your garage door to open 6 inches and stop. Additionally, will also be recommending solutions for you to overcome this problem effortlessly. 

Trust us. We understand how problematic and nerve-wracking a malfunctioning garage door can be.

garage door open and stop

Garage door opens 6 inches and stops. 

Even though it is not your headache to understand the technicalities of the garage door, what harm could it do? Nevertheless, it would only enhance your limited knowledge about the functioning of such entries. Also, on the bright side will save you some dollars that you definitely would have invested in hiring a professional. 

When you encounter a situation where your garage door opens 6 inches and stops, before calling your local mechanic,  try to identify the following causes. If you fail, then go ahead and dial that phone number! 

Something is hindering the way.

These modernly designed garage doors have been manufactured distinctly and precisely, keeping in mind the needs and wants of the consumers. Often they function through their mechanism for reversing. 

The reversing apparatus installed in the garage door ensures the door does not crash into anything that comes its way. This means that even if a small toy or tin can comes in the course of the garage door’s opening, the apparatus will work towards stopping the door from opening. 

Look closely, and observe whether there is something near the garage door, or if it has opened 6 inches and has suddenly come to a stop, look under the door and near the sidelines guarding it. 

However, if nothing has been found on inspection, scan the lesnes. Is there dirt, dust, or spider web covering the lens, causing it to be dysfunctional? Anyhow, gently cleanse the lens with a damp cloth and try operating the garage door again. 

Inoperative or flawed springs

The most straightforward method to identify if the springs of the garage door are flawed is to check for them manually. Do this by detaching the connecting cord out of the opener that it is inserted into and then free handedly lifting the door. 

While you lift the door, observe how heavy it weighs. If the door during lifting is heavy and is difficult to lift, then the problem causing the garage door to open 6 inches and stop is because of the mechanism that aids opening. Supposedly, if the case appears otherwise, you have nothing to worry about.

In the case where the lifting of the door is heavy, we recommend that you call a technician to have a look at the garage door. Inoperative springs in the door are hazardous and can result in getting severely injured. 

Readjust the force and travel limit 

When the garage door opens 6 inches and stops, it might also indicate some readjustment in the force and travel limit. These adjustments might have been varied, resulting in the garage door needing to be fully open. 

Out of all the reasons, this one is the most typical to occur. Travel limit determines the extent to which the garage door can open and close. In comparison, the force limit regulates the amount of pull necessary for the garage door to be wide open. 

To readjust these settings, you should consult the service manual that came along with the garage door. It has specific guidelines concerning where, how, and when to make these adjustments. 

Although each garage door model requires a different method, it could only be either of the two: fastening the screws using a screwdriver or setting the adjustments through the buttons. 

Every time you readjust the force and travel limit every time you readjust it. The most suitable way to go about the situation is to adjust to small increments and test. Then, repeat until you have attained your required level of adjustment.

Broken logic board 

Simply defining the function of a logic board to say that it is the heart of the garage door. The entire operation of the garage door is dependent on this component. Logic board works by catching signals from the remote, resulting in the garage door opening or closing. 

When the garage door opens 6 inches and stops, it signifies that the logic board is broken, due to which it is not comprehending the signals. 

Start by replacing your remote batteries before concluding that the logic board is faulty. Even after that, if the garage door only opens halfway, get a consultant to fix your logic board.

Get it replaced or reset! 

Weather conditions 

Only sometimes does your garage door open 6 inches and stop, which signals an internal problem. However, the problem could be external too.

It is entirely normal for your garage door to act up because of weather conditions. In extreme environmental conditions, be it extremely warm or cold, the components of garage doors do not work. 

But you must not fret because you can counter these issues conveniently. For example, sometimes you might have to lubricate, while others do a few renewals.

Insufficiency of lubrication

During a shallow temperature, your garage door might open to an extent or not at all. This happens because of insufficiency of lubrication.

A lack of lubricant in the garage door can prevent it from operating smoothly, causing the hinges holding it fastened to be rigid. When there is a high insufficiency of grease in the door, it can also result in a collapse. 

Therefore, check the level of lubricating fluid in your door. If it is low, cleanse the old and the remaining grease using a solvent for oil and refill it with a new lubricant. Use a lubricant that will last to combat the weather. 

With a grease replenishment, the door will not only operate smoothly, but it will also open further than the 6 inches. Thus, eradicating your problem! 

Metal shrinks and contract

Again, because of the weather, metal pieces adjoining the garage door can shrink. When they contract, the screws, hinges, springs, or any other metal component cause problems with the door’s functioning. 

The occurring space between the molecules minimises, and the shrinking of the metal happens. If this is the reason for your garage door to open 6 inches and stop, we say lubricate!

Use a grease solvent first to remove the previous one, and then refill using a high-quality lubricant. 

Ruptured springs

Springs, like the logic board discussed above, are also an integral part of the working of your garage door. Broken or ruptured springs can be a reason why the garage door has poor working. 

Garage door springs are fragile yet rigid, often in cold weather causes them to break. If you identify any broken springs on the garage door, do not try and replace them yourself. This replacement is not a job you can undertake, hoping to succeed. 

how you can easily fix if the Garage door opens bit and stops

Professional help should be sought, or else you would just worsen the situation for yourself, adding further to your worries and cost. 


In this article, we have tried summing up every cause for your query- garage door opens 6 inches and stops. So now, if and when you face this problem, you must know how to solve it.

Even if you didn’t solve the problem, we encourage you to figure out why it occurs. However, beware of fixing the garage door yourself, as it can be a severely tricky process to undertake on your own.

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