Identifying Garage Door Logic Board Symptoms in Details

Identifying Garage Door Logic Board Symptoms in Details

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The installed automated garage door is the most upgraded outcome of technological advancement. Not only does it safeguards all your items, but it is also convenient in its use. This convenience primarily lies in the fact that it has a keyless entry, eradicating the requirement for carrying the keys to the garage every time you demand a gateway. 

It is usual to face problems with high-tech devices. For example, sometimes they might run out of battery, while you might experience difficulties in their internal operation at others. Similar is the case with your garage door too.

While on the exterior, it can rust, on the interior, there can be troubles with the operation of the logic board. To define a logic board is to say it is the main supplementing component of the garage door as it catches the signals from the remote, causing the door to open.

However, if you are having any problems with the garage door, then it is likely because of the logic board so read the garage door logic board symptoms to confirm your suspicion. 

Garage door logic board symptoms

Although we would not recommend that you try and fix the problems in the logic door once you have successfully identified them. This is because fixing it is a technical procedure and requires a high level of mechanical expertise.

garage door logic board

Nevertheless, identifying the garage door logic board symptoms is still a good idea. Then you can save a few bucks that would have been spent initially acquiring the mechanic’s competency. 

Trouble using the remote

Since the logic board is responsible for catching signals from the remote directing its operation. It can be quite confidently reasoned that when you use the remote to open the door, and it does not open, the garage door’s logic board is faulty. 

Before reasoning an issue in the logic board, make sure that the batteries of your remote are new and are not about to die and that you are pointing the remote at the location where the garage door receives the signals.

If, after these verification, the garage door is still opening slowly or not opening at all, then the logic board has a problem. 

Electric sockets in the garage are not working.

As the garage door requires a consistent supply of electricity to power its functioning, sometimes a low current voltage can also prevent the garage door from working. 

To confirm that it is the voltage and not the logic board of your garage door, start by checking the sockets with which the door shares a power connection. You might notice that these sockets, too, are not working.

The sockets are working. If discovered, proceed with restarting the GFCI or breaker. You can replace the fuse. Often repeated and unidentified tripping of the breakers may result in a problem. 

Supposedly, you have tried resetting and restarting. Then it can be assumed that your garage door does not operate because of the logic board. 

Weather conditions 

Most of the garages are on a house’s outskirts or boundaries. Hence, subsequently, being exposed to the weather all the time.

Harsh and extremist weather conditions can profoundly and adversely impact the garage door. For example, excessive heat, rain, or wind can malfunction the logic board of your garage door.

Can you recall a heavy storm in your area just recently? If the answer is yes, it has led to the logic board not working.

Door is acting out 

Another way to know about the garage door logic board symptoms is to check whether the door is acting out.

Have you lately noticed your garage door’s actions to be classed as abnormal? For instance, it does not open at all. Or stops halfway during it is opening? 

These are just a few instances, and we are confident that there might be others too. Hence, any unusual activity you may encounter while working the garage door indicates an out-of-order logic board. 

Photo eye sensor problems 

Sensors in the garage door and photo eye sensors are installed for the system to grasp incoming signals quickly. However, when experiencing problems with the door, it can also be because of the photo-eye sensors and them not working even when connecting with a power source. 

Check if the lights of the photo eye sensors are lit, flashing, or blinking. If you spot any ongoing activity in the photo eye sensor, then conclude the logic door is faulty. 

Worn out

As simple as it could be before you identify the alternative garage door logic board symptoms. Sit to ponder how long it has been for you to have owned the garage door.

If the time limit exceeds ten years, then its time that instead of looking for other reasons, you just simply get the garage door replacement. The logic board has definitely exceeded its functioning time and has worn out! 


In this article, we have summarized all the garage door logic board symptoms that could be why your door does not deliver optimal functioning. With these tips, you can conveniently identify whether the problem is occurring in the logic door or somewhere else. 

So, we say good luck identifying the symptoms. We hope you succeed!

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