French Door Locking Mechanism Broken- A Detailed Guide

French Door Locking Mechanism Broken

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French doors don’t just add an appealing addition to your house, but they are also quite simple to maintain.

That’s not to suggest you won’t encounter issues from time to time. Sometimes, the latch may get stuck, or the door won’t shut properly, but you don’t have to worry if you’ve got a French door locking mechanism broken.

Fortunately, we’re here to walk you by some of the most frequent errors you could encounter. We’ve put up a simple French door guide to provide you with all the knowledge you need to assess and repair your French doors.

Besides that, we’ll also take you over some common issues and hacks that keep the door in tiptop condition.

French Door Locking Mechanism Broken

When you encounter a problem with your French doors not working correctly, you might even sometimes face a situation where the French door locking mechanism is broken. In a scenario like this, there are some methods and things you can do to get rid of it.

French Door Lock

You can try and fix the door yourself, provided you have the right tools and knowledge. If that is not the case, then you may contact an expert to get some assistance in this regard and get your door to work flawlessly again in no time.

But keep in mind that, depending on how bad the mechanism is broken, you might even need to get the door replaced entirely.

Why are my French doors not shutting properly?

What use are French doors which won’t shut? Regardless of how dependable they might be, when you’ve had the French doors placed for a long, they may have opening and closing issues. If this occurs with your French doors, it is most likely due to misalignment. Either due to hinge wear and tear or a faulty installation.

Matching your doors may not be too difficult. However, you’ll probably have to remove at least one of them. This might be an issue if they are incredibly hefty. If this is the scenario, don’t be scared to seek assistance! The following are some common remedies for a French door not closing correctly.

How do you fix doors that don’t shut properly?

Here are some ways that you may try to fix a French door that does not shut correctly:

How do you fix doors
  • Close the doors as much as possible to isolate the problem. It’s possible that the doors’ edges strike the upper jamb or that the doors don’t reach each other correctly. Make a mental note of the particular issue.
  • Adjust the hinges on the doors that appear to be drooping. If the screws spin but the hinge will not tighten, replace them with bigger ones. Plugging the gap with matchsticks should do the trick if that isn’t possible.
  • Screw it into the center of the upper frame to draw it farther higher if the doors do not clear each other. Sink the bolt and fill the hole after it’s perfectly positioned.
  • If none of the preceding methods work, try planning the corners of your doors using a hand plane. It’s a more severe remedy, and you’ll have to take some calculations, or you may wind up making the situation worse. Before you replace the doors, mark the locations that require planning.
  • Remove the doors and place them on a set of sawhorses. Then begin removing the extra wood from them with your hand plane. Plane in 1/16-inch increments, then hold them up to verify if they connect entirely. If they don’t, put them down again and take more of them off. This will require some time, yet it will ensure that the problem is resolved.
  • As the doors are in place, smooth the edges with sandpaper before applying a layer of lacquer or primer.

Why do my French doors leak?

Because of their nature, leakage may occur if the seal surrounding the French doors is insufficient, mainly if you reside in a region regularly afflicted by severe rain.

If left unchecked or unfixed, the leaks can cause rotting and dampness throughout your home, so it’s a remedy you’ll want to do immediately.

Why is my French door latch stuck?

The latching is a minor but essential part of every French door. If your latch becomes stuck, your entries may become unusable over time.

Therefore it’s critical to understand how to repair a French door that won’t shut. The key is determining if the issue is related to the latch or door.

Open the door and try to activate the latch to do this. You have a door problem if the latch functions while the door is open.

The latch may need to be repaired or replaced if it remains stuck. However, before you take further measures, you might lubricate the lock with some WD-40 since it could simply be excessive wear. If you lubricate it properly and it still gives you trouble, you may have to take the process to another level further.

What to do if my French doors don’t lock?

There is no fast remedy for French doors barely locking, but you must understand how to repair broken French door locks.

If the French door locking system breaks, the repair will depend on your picked locking system. If your French lock system is jammed or the key will not spin far enough to lock the doors, it is mostly always due to a blockage.

French door when the mechanism is broken

There’s also the possibility that the locking mechanism has failed due to excessive wear. However, this is rare if you’re using an old lock.

To remove an obstacle, detach the locking strip and disconnect the locking mechanism first from the doors.

Once the strip has been removed and all appropriate screws removed, the lock will slide out of its nook. Examine the safety for potential obstructions and remove the troublesome object before reattaching it. The lock should now function properly.

Are French doors secure?

While French doors may be considered secure, they are almost always safer than sliding ones. A poorly installed French door is far more likely to be broken than a suitably French one. So, the first line of defense is ensuring the installation runs well.

There are a few crucial things to consider whether we fix the French doors ourselves or employ a professional. Before considering more complicated and intrusive methods, you should open and shut your doors several times. Check that they are tight and sturdy, with a little gap here between the bottom of the doors and the entrance.

What to do with a French door when the mechanism is broken?

It may be frightening when your front or rear doors stop locking correctly. If you can’t get locksmiths to come out and fix your damaged door, you may be locked in your house while you wait to get an expert out to fix it. In this post, we’ll provide some home solutions to help you repair the broken mechanism on the French door.

Faulty Handle:

First, examine the door handle; does it feel abnormally loose? Perhaps the problem is simpler to resolve than you anticipated.

Door Locking Mechanism Broken

To correct this, locate the ‘barrel’ portion of your lock. This is located where your key indent is. So, you’d have to tighten the screw that keeps the locking barrels in place. If done correctly, this will secure the loose door handle.

Broken Gearbox:

A gearbox is an essential component of the door’s locking mechanism. This can be a complex problem to repair or replace because it depends on the kind of door and maker. To locate the manufacturer, you must first find the company’s emblem. This is often seen just on the lock or door.

So, look carefully to discover it. You may also ask the company that fitted the door to tell you who the maker is. Put the key into the lock and spin it as you typically would to see whether it is a damaged or malfunctioning gearbox.

Replacing the old doors:

Once you’ve determined that perhaps the gearbox is the problem, you must remove the old gearbox and replace it with the new one. A locksmith should have no trouble installing the new gearbox in the door. However, hiring an electrician and paying labor costs all add up to be rather pricey.

In such a case, you might consider replacing your present door with a fresh new front or rear door. New doors have the most advanced locking mechanism technologies and operate well. With the developments in locking, you’re unlikely to be trapped in or out of your property anytime soon.


As previously stated, it’s not a job to be attempted without the proper equipment and experience. Thus we would always recommend hiring a certified locksmith or repair specialist for operation.

While this article french door locking mechanism broken is far from thorough, we hope it has given you a good start in dealing with your troublesome French doors. If you’re having trouble and need more visual assistance, there are several excellent lessons on YouTube. But what you don’t have to do is to worry about getting your door fixed.

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