A detailed analysis of the Ford Vehicle Order Tracking Not Working issue

A detailed analysis of the Ford Vehicle Order Tracking Not Working issue

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Did you place a custom order but now you are facing trouble with the tracking? Well here’s what to do when the Ford vehicle order tracking is not working. 

First of all, relax. Second of all there is a way to fix it. It is natural to feel angry or frustrated but that is not going to help you. Let’s see how.

How to use the Ford order tracking?

You need your vehicle identification number (VIN) to track your order and your order number. Both details are given to you at the time of your order. The VIN is a 17 digit code.

Once you get these details you can then insert on the order tracking page on the official Ford website to see where your order is. Once you enter the details you can then click on the accept and track option within the same tracking form. 

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This should show the status of your order for you. If you can not see the order status then yes, the Ford vehicle order tracking is not working. However, it does not mean that you can not find out your order status. It just means that you will have to follow a slightly different process.

How do you know what is wrong?

You should know that Ford has hundreds of orders lined up every single day. If you are facing an issue that lies on the side of the company or their website then there are other people seeking help for the same thing too.

This means that there is going to be some sort of online hype regarding the issue across platforms like forums, quora, reddit and even Twitter. And if so, then the officials of the team will be working to resolve it.

So essentially, if you are not alone in this then chances are that someone has already reported the issue to the authorities and the company will be working to fix it and make the information available to you.

In most cases the issue can be of the website database server whereby the data is not being fetched from the server and hence not displaying on the website. 

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In this case either the load time has to be too much (more than you are usually accustomed to) or there has to be an error code. For example there is a 404 error code or a broken page error, then you know that there is an issue with the website. Sometimes you will get a different error such as a ‘no information found’ or something similar. 

In that case you will have to double check the details entered. Now how do you do so? 

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Checking your details

When placing your order always keep a screenshot of your order details such as an order id and the VIN. You can simply check your email or wherever you ordered a copy of your order slip to check both these numbers.

The number can also be found on any booking invoices that you may have. Once you find it, and if it is in a digital format you should tally it with the details you are entering on the website.

If you think that the website information matches then hurray! You have the correct information. However you may want to copy and paste the exact character sizes to ensure that you are not skipping a letter or that it is not an issue of capitalizing the font etc.

Once you copy and paste, the data should show up. However if it is still not showing up then it is safe to assume that the website is not working on your computer or in general on anyone’s computer. 

Checking your computer

In order to make sure that it is not a fault of your system you should check the website from at least two other devices. This could be a laptop or a mobile either.


You can also try to open the website in a new browser and check if it is your system’s caching system that is creating errors and difficulties for you. Once that too is out of the way you can then wait some time before getting back to it.

Server issues

Can it be a server issue? Yes, of course. How to know for sure? Check online. As we mentioned the order queues at Ford are long and there will be more than one account of problems with the website available online if there is an issue going on.


For this you can check recent updates on the keywords ‘Ford vehicle order tracking not working’ and you will see the search results. You can check this on Google or on Twitter and forums with active For communities. 

A server issue is normally fixed within a couple of minutes or hours depending on the type of issue and the size of the issue. You can check back after a little period of time if you are affirmative that the issue is with the website’s server. 

Other issues

Now onto other issues. Another possible issue can be an expired link. Sometimes links given to any customers in their order forms are only visible for a small period of time.

After this the page on the website is archived and can not be visited again. You need to make sure that you are actually trying to visit the ‘order tracking page’ and not the order confirmation page.

Sometimes any product website can redirect the user to an older link or a page visited before and this can create a lot of confusion as well.

So it is essential to know that you can delete your cookies and clear your cache, just check that the browser you are trying to use for this activity is taking you to the correct page – the link that you type yourself rather than a page or link that you have been to on the same website previously. 

Checking your emails for pending updates

You may have some details and order updates sent to your emails too. You can check those meanwhile to see where your order is at right now.


What if you have done everything?

If you feel like you have tried everything and the website is not working still then here’s what to do. First you make sure you have completed this checklist of things to do:

  • Check your details
  • Try in a different browser
  • Try on a different device
  • Use the correct link by clearing the cookies/cache
  • Waiting to check the order status to see if the website is back up online

Usually a Ford delivery takes anywhere from 12-14 weeks. This means that you will be able to get your delivery during this time.

If you want to know the exact status then you can contact the Ford support as an alternative to the online information database.

But, you should do so once you have exhausted these options you can then contact support. Contacting support before looking into these options can be a waste, as they will either tell you to wait or check a few things like your details again. 

Sometimes the support will have a lot of waiting time as well. Perhaps, you can put someone from your office, or family on the call until an agent answers and then you can find out the status by telling them your order details.

If their server is actually down they might not be able to help you at this moment. You will have to wait until the issue is resolved from their back end so give it some time. 

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