The Best Flashlight For Plumbing- Detail Guide

The Best Flashlight For Plumbing

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Like the other tools in your toolbox, having a flashlight is also of prime importance for plumbing. There might be areas where you require light to get the job done with ease and efficiency.

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Various kinds of flashlights are available, but which one to select? For making the selection process easy, we are here with a handy inclusive buying guide that provides all the basic features and factors the best flashlight should own.

By knowing these factors, you will be able to select the best flashlight for plumbing and as per your desired purpose.

Let’s check it out!

Buying Guide

  1. Light Output/ Intensity 

Before purchasing the flashlight, check the intensity and light output. How are you going to check it?

It’s simple! Check the value of lumens for your flashlight. Lumen is the measurement of intensity a flashlight owns at its maximum power. The more lumen value, the brighter the flashlight.

flashlight for plumber

Lumens can range from 20 to 3500 and above, depending upon the purpose you are opting for the flashlight. You may find 180 lumens, 300 lumens, and 3000 lumens LED flashlights for plumbing.

Select the one with your required brightness. A tactical flashlight is one of the high lumen providers, throwing up to 18000 lumens. Mini pocket-sized lights are also better for routine tasks, having 100 lumens.

  1. Total Beam Distance

After checking lumens, check the total beam distance of the flashlight you want to purchase. A flashlight must cover all the area while plumbing is in a dad site. A best lumen and beam value will allow you to get the job done.


The value of beam distance will be in meters in the product description. You can also check it physically by observing the endpoint of the flashlight beam. 

  1. Run Time

Once you find the best flashlight, you need to check the runtime to know its durability and efficiency over time. The product may provide you with a runtime graph.

  1. Water Resistance

Don’t forget to purchase a water-resistant plumber light. As a plumber, you have to work with water connections setups as well. Your flashlight needs to be water-resistant to avoid getting damaged by water flashes.

Check the flashlight for the water-resistant rating. You might observe it by the initials IPX.

IPX Ratings 

If the IPX4 rating is on the flashlight, it will be splash resistant from all angles. 

  1. Types of Beam 

Various beam types are opted in flashlights based on the required purpose.

  1. Fixed Beam/ Flood Beam

This type opts for general tasks while camping or walking, having a single beamwidth. 

  1. Spot Beam/ Focused Beam

This type has a high beam distance, covering long distances. They are best at finding routes.

  1. Adjustable Beam 

This type best suits a climber and map reader.

  1. Battery Type

The type and availability of battery replacement are essential in selecting the best flashlight for plumbing.


  • AAA 
  • AA
  • CR123A (expensive) 
  • D cell batteries 


  • Lithium-ion batteries 


  • Battery energized by a solar panel  


Select the battery type as per your desired criteria.

  1. Cost 

Flashlights are available in various cost ranges based on lumens, beam distance, beam type, durability, quality, brand, and features. A standard cost may range from under $20 to over $200.

Best Flashlight For Plumbing

The cost increases as the new features add up to the flashlight. 

  1. Impact Resistance

Besides features, the best flashlight must be strong enough to tackle accidental drops while plumbing. For checking the flashlight strength, we do an impact resistance test. 


  • The flashlight is taken and dropped 06 times on a concrete floor at a specified distance.
  • After 06 drops, if the flashlight remains intact, it’s the best one to use. 
  • This test ensures the flashlight will still be able to work after an accidental drop during work.

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