Fjords Chairs Vs. Ekornes- Find the Difference!

Fjords Chairs Vs. Ekornes

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Those users who desire to opt for a comfortable chair that reduces the daily added stress and relaxes the body always get confused when they observe 02 top models.

Because of the same quality and looks, the Fjords chairs and Ekornes stressless model cause anyone to get confused.

That is why most users require a competitive differentiation between Fjords chairs vs. Ekornes. Our handy guide had been the only best on-site to provide relevant UpToDate Information.

Whether you want a comfortable sitting for a TV setup or your living room comfort, for book reading or a small nap, all you need is the support of comfortable sitting like the Fjords and Ekornes, but which one is best?

Get through the handy differentiation guide to find the most out of it with the top choice that adds value to your comfort and home.

Fjords Chairs Vs Ekornes

Fjords Chairs Vs. Ekornes- Quick Differentiation!

To quickly find the main difference between the top chair models, consider the prime factors discussed below. Users require luxurious seating with neck and lumber comfort, versatile positioning, multiple color variants, numerous sized chairs, a warranty of 10 years and almost 20 years longevity with dual technologies, the plus system, and glide system then the best on the list awards to stressless by Ekornes.

While if you require high quality, solid color, small and large limited seating variation with cost-effective price and same warranty, leather and finishing look, then the Fjords seems a competition model and fight well for the top position. 

A detailed section provides respective features, so consider the one best fits your criteria of comfort and budget!

Fjords Chairs- Briefly explained! 

Regarding affordable and high-quality healthy furniture models, Fjords are considered one of the highest tier options in the chair’s lists. 

Hjellegjerde, the prime company, produces such comfortable and ready-to-sit chairs with versatile comfort levels, enhancing the user’s overall comfort level and providing high support to their body. 

Fjords Chairs

As most individuals are undergoing stressful jobs, the need for such comfort is the need of the modern day. So, keeping that in mind, Hjellegjerde introduced Fjords chairs to accomplish its mission in the best possible with the Incorporation of excellent Technologies at the least likely cost. 

Ekornes Chairs- Briefly explained!

Ekornes is not the name given to the chair, but it’s the company that manufactures the stressless chairs, and in that perspective, both terms are interchangeable and used most of the time. Ekornes produces comfortable chairs known as Stressless, and these stressless models are another top but the expensive brand of chairs. 

They were first introduced in 1971, providing users with movement and high comfort while watching any of their favorite TV series or movies. Stressless by Ekornes seems considered one of the top-class manufacturing chairs in history, providing multiple supports to your body. Ultimate Recliner is given based on the ultimate solution for easy movement and unique and better comfort. 

Stressless has an extended end story that started in 1971 and is still selling millions of chairs and providing versatile modifications, color versatility, designs, and model variations over time. 

Ekornes chair

Differentiate Between Fjords Vs. Ekornes Chairs- Detailed Insight!

Fjords VS Ekornes
Company And Country
Hjellegjerde in NorwayEkornes in Norway
Chair Brand name
Active Release SystemThe Plus system and the Glide system
High-quality finished leatherHigh-quality finished leather
Size and color variation
Limited size and color variationA versatile size and color variation
30-50% Less costlyHigh prices up to 9000$ and above
Offer a total of 10 years warrantyOffer a total of 10 years warranty
Above ten yearsUpon maintenance last for 20 years

Manufacturing country 

Fjords– Fjord is a chair brand by the Hjellegjerde and one of the best brands in Norway. So, Norway is its origin for manufacturing the chair, and they get supplied worldwide based on their customer’s destinations. 

Ekornes– Stressless by Ekornes is the first ever comfort providing chairs brand that is also Norway based company and became the actual Tv Chair for the first time in history. Stressless is also considered the best tv recliner and caused a revolutionary change in providing comfort at a high-quality level. 

Incorporated technologies 

Fjords– Keeping your sitting and declining needs on the top priority, using amazing high-technologies known as “Active Release System” not only adjusts the user support but also makes them the best reclining chair. 

Such technologies are used best without causing difficulty while reclining or modifying chair sitting position requirements. It is straightforward and tension-free, a simple adjustment, and you get done with having a comfortable chair that wonderfully works and adapts well to your body poster.  

For those users who do require neck support in every possible position, Fjords cost-effectively and effortlessly satisfy their needs.

Ekornes– Unlike Fjord, stressless, Ekornes offers multiple high-tech technology patented systems. No other companies are allowed to manufacture or incorporate search Technologies, including the top one, The Plus System; with multiple supportive and continuous variations in the sitting positions, you can seamlessly move in any direction without any effort while you remain on your seat. 

The plus system works along the glide wheels, enabling the user to adjust it upright, decline, or even in a sleeping position. It ultimately lays down our flat-out waking at the most volatile positioning pared to Fjords.  

stressless ekornes chair

So, this year’s work based on high technology incorporated the Glide Technology and the plus system technology to the Ekornes that supports the neck and lower body along with body movement, allowed to end users in versatile seating positions. 


Fjords– In terms of material, Fjords come with a top-quality leather material that has excellent finishing, provides superior comfort, and prevents stress with comfortable sitting. 

Ekornes– Compared to Stressless by Ekornes, they also seem a comfortable seating with high leather finishing that the user demands and is a more considerable choice. Still, overall, both are the same in terms of looks and leather quality, finishing, and lovely appearance. So, rest assured of the comfort and quality of the leather. 

Design and Variety 

Fjords– for Fjords, you would find a limited size variation limited to only small and large sizes. Alongside that, when it comes to color variation, the choices seem limited, only including the basic color variants and no such unique ones like that in the case of Stressless by Ekornes. So, if design, color, and size matter to you, choose the stressless. 

Ekornes– Those users who require multiple variations in sizes and colors should always go for the Ekornes or stressless chair. The chair comes in one-seater, two-seater, three-seaters, and many variable colors that can make the user select the one incompatible with their home interior design and his own color choice and chair seating patterns. 

Cost/ budget 

Fjords– in terms of affordability, the Fjords would win your heart because they don’t compromise on quality but still provide affordable models to satisfy modern-day needs. They seem to be less costly, like 30-50% less than stressless chairs, and on a lower limit, they cost around 1,612.00 and may reach up to 4000$ or 6000$ based on various other factors but still much cheaper than stressless chairs. 

Ekornes– if luxury, comforts, and versatility is your choice, then the costly branded Ekornes chairs suit you best. The average cost for stressless chairs ranges from $2,295 to $9,390. You are making them expensive branded chairs. 

Warranty and longevity

Fjords– Fjords provide a lifetime working of above ten years with a standard warranty of 10 years.

Ekornes– the same applies to the stressless by Ekornes, compromising a standard warranty of 10 years but, if kept maintained, may last up to 20 years. 


It’s pretty clear that you got the primary differentiation between the Fjords chairs vs. Ekornes and, hopefully, find the one compatible with your conditions and budget.

But remember, both are excellent choices, and none would upset you with the quality and functionality. Do spend wisely because the Ekornes are considered costly models based on variations it provides.

You can gift or buy any of the above for your parents and let them have a relaxing time having a good coffee and quality time most comfortably.

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