The Best Edgebander For Small Shop: An Ultimate Guide 

The Best Edgebander For Small Shop

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If you are a worker of a small shop you know how important it is to find an edge banding machine which fits your needs.

Our Best Selection For You…

It doesn’t matter what kind of project you are working on, the edges are something that require special attention. 

if you want to find a good edgebander machine for your business, we find the better choice for your shop

Edgebander For Small Shop

YUCHENGTECH Woodworking Edge Bander Banding Machine

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If you are deciding to go with Grizzly or würth used edge banding machines that could be an expensive deal for you by the having of YUCHENGTECH Edge Bander.

This bender is able to do multiple jobs such as It can seal straight edge, curve, outer arc, inner arc and circumference (arc radius 20mm or more).

The YuchengTech portable edge banding machine is an ideal tool for woodworkers. This machine has the ability to create a variety of decorative edges on your furniture pieces, including PVC abs, thin wood chips, etc. 

YUCHENGTECH Woodworking Edge Bander Banding Machine

This small edgebander is widely used in the making of various types of edges, including curved and straight edges.

The use of this product is very easy and comes with a built-in display screen which shows all the commands and information that you need.

This can be bandaged if the edge banding width should be 8-60 mm, and thickness should be 0.2-3mm to be fit on this machine and provide you better results.

After having all the features on a single machine which weighs 28 pound all these things make it the best automatic edge banding machine for your small shop.


  • Value for money.
  • Suitable for all kinds of plates


  • lacking of info

Festool 574609 KA 65 CONTURO Portable Edge Bander

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Festool offers a portable edge banding machine which is compact and versatile that makes it easy for you to make a variety of decorative designs on solid wood, MDF, plywood, and particleboard.

This machine comes with a banding reel for laying large strips of material and edge banding trimmer which helps for cutting the excess of the edges.

For maximum adhesion in this machine is  Electronically controlled precision glue distribution system

This can Easily process large pieces of wood which runs straight and provide convex and concave edges as well as outside and inside corner perfectly Run with one machine that show the mobile and flexibility of this machine 

edgebander festool

The versatility and accuracy of this machine is much more successful because it can band a wide range of size easily and type precise glue application without use of other efforts or freehand due to Featuring a self-contained glue cartridge system which can easily eliminates glue-pot.

It is Suitable for machining almost every type of wood, plastic or melamine edging with a height of 18–65 mm (23/32″ to 2-9/16″) and thickness of 0.5–3.0 mm (1/32″–1/8″).


  • Versatile and accurate
  • Process large pieces, & straight runs


  • Expensive

Buying Guide

Don’t go straight into buying the best edgebander for a small shop; always consider some of the necessary factors mentioned below. Read them carefully and make a wise decision. 

  • Types of Edge Banding Machine

There are various kinds of small edge banding machines for sale. The manual type costs less, but it takes more time to work than an electric edgebander. You can go for either stationary edge bander, hand-operated or benchtop edge bander for small shops. 

Stationary Edgebander: It doesn’t move when you work on the project. It also doesn’t come with rollers and feed belts. Manual machines are affordable and best for those who need to work on small scale projects. 

Hand-Operated Edge bander: Hand operated machine comes with various necessary features for example  trimming knives, feed belts and a clamping system. This can be used for finishing numerous woodworking projects and it is also affordable. 

Automatic Edgebander: This automatic machine comes with rollers and feeders. Just like the stationary edgebander, it also automatically does everything for users without needing manual intervention. 

Benchtop Bander: The last one is the benchtop bander which is loved by beginners and professional woodworkers owning a small shop. This is so easy to operate; even reviews get the best results when working on any small project. 

  • Is it Easy to Use? 

Whether you are searching for a DIY edge banding machine or other machines for your small shop, always check whether it is easy to operate or not.

If you just started your small shop, pick one that needs less effort and skills and is easy to learn, making fewer mistakes.

For example, some edgebanders are built with an automatic band feeder making them comfortable for newbies.

Hence, you can focus on other parts of your project as there is no need to focus on getting the ideal band feeder every time.


If you are an experienced professional, it is also important that you own an easy to use edgebander so that you will finish your jobs as quickly as possible.  

  • Does the Shape Fit in Your Small Shop?

First, check the shape of your small shop as the chosen edgebander must be compact and lightweight, so it takes less space on the storage or work table.

But if you are an owner of a large working area, then a machine having larger dimensions is an ideal option to buy. 

  • What Are The Necessary Parts of a Good Edgebander?

Some models of edgebanders have all the necessary parts, such as a handle, cutter, band feeder, sander, trimmer, and more.

Choose the edgebander that is ready to fulfil all your requirements and is within your budget. 

  • Durability Should be the First Priority

An important question is about what kind of durability you need from your preferable edgebander. It is necessary to pick a durable and well-engineered edge banding machine is a total waste of money.

Check the warranty provided by the manufacturer. Always check whether the spare parts available in the market. 

  • How Much Will It Cost?

You have to consider that a good edge banding machine does not have to be costly. But if you plan to use it in your small shops, avoid buying a cheap option, as they are mostly not durable.

In this case, lighten your pocket and pick a little more expensive machine to avoid problems. Generally, a portable machine costs around $2000 to $4000. 

  • Is it Portable? 

Always check yoru small shop area and see whether the chosen machine is portable or not? People love the portable machine as it takes less space and is easy to operate.

Pick a lightweight and compact option if you carry it with you frequently. Some of the models weigh a few pounds, and are considered as the best portable edge banding machine. 

  • What Type of Edge Bandage are you Going to Use?

One of the important factors that need your attention is the type of edge banding you plan to use. You need a different edgebander for each type, so it would be better to pick one that can be used with any standard size and thickness of the material. 

Some of them are best for pre-glued edge banding, others are best for laser edge banding. Experts suggested spending money on a versatile machine so it will be easy to work with any type of material. 

Frequently Asked Question

How Thick is EdgeBanding?

1 mm thick edge banding is recommended for high-use areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. It will keep the cabinets safe from frequent use.

Contrary to this, a 3mm edge banding is suggested for commercial jobs where users want longevity and strength. Tucker edge banding is always robust and allows the product to remain in place for a longer period.

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