Duromax XP4850EH Dual Fuel Generator Review for 2024

duromax xp4850eh reviews

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Duromax is fast becoming one of the most respected and highly rated companies in the portable generator game, and their XP4850EH is one of their most popular models – the perfect size for so many uses, and apparently a very nice generator for a very good price.

Spoiler Alert! We here at The Final Kit can clearly see why this is such a popular and highly rated generator, and after considerable time using it in various places and ways we can strongly and enthusiastically recommend the Duromax XP4850EH, which is pretty amazing for its price and, again, just the right size for so many people and so many uses.

But if you want more than this brief but ringing endorsement, please read on, because we will talk a lot more about the XP4850EH dual-fuel, and hopefully help you decide if this wonderful Duromax generator is right for you and your needs.

Duromax XP4850EH Generator: Overview

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We can call the Duromax XP4850EH a medium sized generator, with its 3,850 watts of starting power and 4,850 watts peak, but in fact this is a powerful generator, with enough power for home backup and emergencies, most RVs (it’s RV ready, with a 30 amp plug), air conditioners, high-draw power tools and lots of other demanding scenarios.

One of the most striking things about the DuroMax 4850 is its price. It is a surprisingly affordable unit, especially considering how beautifully it is built – and by beautifully, I mean that the 4850 has very nice fit and finish and is about as attractive as an open-frame generator can get, but also that it is exceptionally well made – solid and stable, and much more reliable than we might expect at this price level.

Of course we see that a lot with DuroMax generators and DuroMax engines, but with this model, which is under 600 dollars retail and often available at a great discount, it is particularly striking – a really great value!

Being a dual-fuel model, the 4850EH runs on either unleaded gasoline or on propane, though as with any dual fuel generator the electrical output, in wattage, will be different depending on the type of fuel you are using – with propane the power output goes down to a still powerful 3,658 running watts / 4,608 peak watts.

The 4850 is fully RV ready, with a locking 30 amp RV plug, and has enough power for any recreational vehicle with 30 amp electrics, even if the RV has one or more AC units. Similarly, there is plenty of power for home backup – though on a somewhat scaled-back level – and this makes an excellent and inexpensive choice for emergencies and extreme weather. 

It’s notable, even a bit surprising, that this inexpensive generator has both 120 volt and 240 volt options through the 30 amp outlet. There are also 2 20 amp plugs of the standard wall outlet variety, and one twin lead 12 volt DC outlet. The very basic but sufficient and useful control panel also includes a simple voltmeter, a ground terminal, two circuit breakers, a low oil indicator LED and a rocker switch for electric start.

The XP4850EH dual-fuel generator is not an inverter generator, so the AC power will have higher THD than with a generator with a true inverter stage (which will be considerably more expensive for the same power level), and it also does not have a CO protection circuitry for monitoring carbon monoxide, though like with the inverter stage you wouldn’t expect CO monitoring at this price level.

Fully CARB compliant (California Air Resources Board), and of course EPA certified as well, the XP4850EH generator is legal to purchase and use in all 50 states.

The Duromax XP4850EH is engineered and designed in the United States – in their headquarters in Ontario, California – and the actual manufacturing of the generator and the heavy duty Duromax 210cc engine is done in Chinese factories. That said, clearly Duromax has a much tighter and closer control over the manufacturing process than other companies, and their generators are always truly top-notch in terms of material and construction quality, fit and finish.

Here are some of the key specifications of the Duromax XP4850EH dual fuel electric generator:

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Given its ideal level of power output for most people, the excellent layout and design, the strong, smooth and quiet running engine and the overall material and build quality – and especially considering the surprisingly affordable price – the Duromax XP4850EH seems like an easy choice in this competitive high-power portable generator category, but how is the 4850 in actual use?

Duromax XP4850EH Generator: Review and Usage Report

After spending a considerable amount of time with this medium sized Duromax XP4850EH dual fuel generator, I am very impressed by a number of things – how easy it is to start every single time – even in cold weather, how easy it is to use, how quietly and smoothly it operates, how I always had plenty of power for anything I did with the DuroMax, and how perfectly dependable it always was.

This question of power level is pretty important, because so many people spend quite a bit more for a large generator – something with close to, or more than, 10,000 watts – and really don’t need to. For one thing, a 30 amp RV (which includes the vast majority of them) can’t possibly use more than 3,600 watts, and while a larger generator won’t damage the recreational vehicle’s circuitry, the extra power won’t be used at all. 

I used the XP4850EH with a standard, but good sized, RV with two separate AC units and a normal complement of appliances and lighting, and always had plenty of power for normal activities. Similarly, I also used the 4850 with power tools, fans and lighting at a job site I’m currently working, and I and a couple of other guys had no issues whatsoever, even working at the same time with pretty power-hungry tools.

That said, if you have a really big class A RV with a 50 amp circuit, or a much larger worksite, or if you want to use your new generator for backing up a larger home and you have a pretty big and busy family and lots of AC units and other appliances, a larger generator – again, in the ~10,000 watt range – may be a better choice, and you could consider something like the excellent DuroMax XP12000EH.

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But for everything I did, the 4850 was fantastic, with never a single doubt that there may not be enough juice.

I also loved the extremely easy and dependable electric start, which works great at any temperature and, speaking of security, the smooth and stable DuroMax engine always worked perfectly, and even the sound of it inspires confidence – there are quieter generators at this power level, especially the more expensive inverter generators, but the DuroMax was quiet enough that the noise never once bothered me, and most of the time kind of faded into the background anyway.

In fact, I never had any problems of any sort during the time I used this generator, and was also highly impressed by the solidity and quality of the switches and outlets, as well as the overall material and build quality.

The control panel is very simple, and the single voltmeter is particularly spartan compared to the fancy electronic monitoring displays on many other generators, but I have to say that I actually really like this – in truth, many complex digital displays are a bit confusing, and I often have to work a bit to find information I don’t really even need or use. With the DuroMax XP4850, on the other hand, everything is as simple and intuitive as possible, and operation and monitoring are a breeze.

Overall I found using the DuroMax XP4850 a real joy – plenty of power for every usage and every scenario I threw at it, a smooth and quiet engine, a very solid frame that is stable but small and light enough to be easy to move and position, an amazingly fast and dependable electric start, a simple and highly usable control and outlet panel with a perfect complement of outlets – including a 30 amp RV plug – and apparently exceptionally high levels of quality on every front.

I can’t really comment on long-term reliability, since I only used the 4850 for a few days, but I know DuroMax pretty well, and know that each and every one of their products is as good as it gets in this regard, and designed and built for decades of reliable service. Customer reviews and usage reports always back this up, and I’m confident that this generator will prove to be as reliable and dependable – both over the years and day to day – as any other DuroMax product.

All told, the Duromax XP4850EH is a fantastic generator and a fantastic choice, and I can recommend it with utmost confidence and real enthusiasm. For the price it is an exceptional value, and in fact I can’t think of any other company’s generator in this range I would clearly rather own.

Duromax XP4850EH Generator: Possible Downsides?

It’s easy noticing and pointing out the positive qualities of the XP4850EH, but finding negatives is a bit tougher…

For one thing, I guess, the XP4850EH may not be quite big enough for some people, and as we discussed earlier folks with a 50 amp class-A RV, or those who want to use their new generator for big worksites or larger home backup may be better served by something like the DuroMax XP12000EH – but please don’t just get a 12000 assuming bigger is better, and you can rest assured that this smaller 4850 has more than enough power for most anybody.

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Another important point, at least for some, is that the XP4850EH is not an inverter generator. You aren’t going to find a decent inverter at this price level anyway but many people do worry that a standard generator, without a true inverter stage, may not have power that is stable or clean enough for sensitive electronics like computers or flat screens, and so they are willing to pay more for something like the wonderful Westinghouse iGen4500DF, which would also be my first choice for a dual-fuel inverter generator at this power level..

I’ve never had any trouble with a standard, non-inverter generator (though I am careful to unplug sensitive gadgets when starting or stopping the generator, or if the fuel gets low) but the lack of an inverter stage is at least worth mentioning.

The other possible downside to the XP4850EH is that it doesn’t have a CO monitor, though again at this very affordable price level you would not expect it to. I mention this as a possible downside, but in my mind this is not an enormous issue – you will be, or should be, using your new DuroMax generator in a wide-open outdoors environment, and should never be so close to the generator that this is an issue – and even if you are, modern electric generators are so clean running that there should never be a problem. But again, for some people this is at least a consideration.

Duromax XP4850EH Electrical Generator: Should You Get One?

duromax xp4850eh hybrid reviews

So, let’s bottom line this: in terms of usage, power output, reliability, noise levels and stability, fit, finish and overall quality, the Duromax XP4850EH is, in my mind, pretty much the perfect generator at this most popular power level.

A beautifully made portable generator for a relatively low price, the XP4850EH has a perfect array of outlets, a simple control panel and an intelligent layout. It starts quickly and easily every time, runs quietly and stably, and works flawlessly.

And even though I haven’t used one for years and years, I can confidently say that maybe the very best thing about the DuroMax XP4850EH dual-fuel generator is its extreme reliability and dependability – both in daily usage and over time. This is definitely a DuroMax family trait, and it’s clear from the quality of the 4850 that it should prove to be an exceptionally good performer for many, many years to come.

There are lots of different generators in this highly popular and highly competitive mid-range power level, but I’m not sure I would clearly prefer any of them to the DuroMax, which meets and exceeds all expectations, works beautifully and is a real pleasure to use. It is also surprisingly affordable, and must surely be one of the best values on the market today.

Highly recommended!