DuroMax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX: Which Should You Get?

DuroMax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX

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DuroMax 13,000 watt generators are fantastic machines, and at this high power level they are probably the ones we most frequently recommend here at The Final Kit. They are powerful, heavily overbuilt and reliable, and while not cheap offer exceptional value for the money.

So it’s easy, right? Get a DuroMax 13000!

But actually it’s not quite that simple, because there are different variations of the basic DuroMax XP13000 portable generator, the two most popular being the XP13000HX and the XP13000EH.

So in this article we will look at the differences between these two great generators, and hopefully help you decide which is best for you.

Duromax XP13000HX vs XP13000EH: Executive Summary:

Chief differences between the XP13000HX and XP13000EH:

  • The DuroMax XP13000HX is about 300 dollars more expensive than the DuroMax XP13000EH

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  • The XP13000HX has CO Alert technology, which shuts down the generator in the case of unsafe carbon monoxide levels – the XP13000EH does not have CO monitoring
  • The less expensive XP13000EH has slightly fewer power outlet connectors, with only 2 standard 20 amp 120 volt outlets compared to the 4 20 amp outlets on the HX – though it is interesting that the EH actually includes a 12 volt DC outlet, and the pricier HX does not increase.

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Other than that, they are very similar generators

  • They are about the same size and weight
  • They have the same power output (both running and peak)
  • Both are dual-fuel (unleaded gas and propane)
  • Both are fully EPA and CARB compliant
  • Both are fully RV ready (both 50 amp and 30 amp)
  • Their control panels look a bit different, but are the same in terms of functionality

DuroMax XP13000EH vs XP13000HX: What’s the Difference?

DuroMax XP13000EH features

As you can see from the above summary, there are actually more things that are similar, or exactly the same, than there are differences between the DuroMax XP13000EH and the XP13000HX.

The XP13000HX is around 300 dollars more expensive than the XP13000EH, and for that additional money maybe the most significant thing you get is the DuroMax CO Alert Technology – a safety system which monitors levels of carbon monoxide and automatically shuts down the engine if they get too high.

This is a significant difference, of course, and does make the HX a safer generator, but it is worth noting that they are both very clean running machines, and in wide-open outdoor spaces this feature alone may not be worth the price increase for many people.

Of course, ‘wide-open outdoor spaces’ are the only places you should be running a generator, or any gas powered engine, and it is not safe to run this or any generator indoors. That said, in certain environments, and in situations where you may have to work right next to the generator, the CO monitor included with the more expensive DuroMax XP13000HX can be of utmost importance.

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Other than that, the main difference between these two generators is the number of available power outlets. 

The DuroMax XP13000HX has 4 total standard 120 volt 20 amp outlets, while the less expensive XP13000EH has only 2. This would rarely be a deal-breaker, of course, and with normal limitations and precautions you can compensate for this by using a heavy duty multi-outlet extension cord.

Interestingly, the lower priced model – the Duromax XP13000EH – has a 12 volt DC automotive outlet, while the 13000HX does not.

Other than that the two control/outlet panels, while looking a bit different, are actually the same, both with an electric start button, digital multimeter, AC breaker switch, charging and low oil indicator lights, battery and idle control switches, and the same RV ready 30 amp and 50 amp outlets.

And not only do the two models have basically the same panels, they have the same very high quality connectors, controls and switches – essentially industrial grade and meant for a lifetime of use, just like everything else on these excellent DuroMax generators.

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I should mention that while other articles claim that these two generators have different engines, according to the company they in fact both use the same 500cc 4 stroke, an excellent iron-sleeved engine, manufactured by DuroMax, that is quiet running and very reliable.

But again, it’s not just the engine that is the same on the DuroMax XP13000HX and the DuroMax XP13000EH.

  • They have the exact same amount of output power – 13,000 watts peak and 10,500 running
  • They have the same fuel capacity – 8.3 gallons – and the same running time – 17 hours at quarter load
  • They have the same running noise level – a quiet 74 DBa at quarter load
  • They are both dual-fuel (unleaded gasoline and propane) generators ( it’s worth noting that DuroMax also makes a tri-fuel generator, which can also run on your home’s natural gas – the DuroMax XP13000HXT)
  • They are both fully EPA and CARB compliant, and so legal to sell and use in all 50 states
  • They both come with a full 5 year factory warranty, as well as the excellent support offered by DuroMax

And, in my opinion and personal experience, both the DuroMax XP13000EH and XP13000HX are not just reasonably priced, but exceptional values, and both can be enthusiastically recommended.

Conclusion: Which is Better – The DuroMax XP13000EH or the Duromax XP13000HX?

Considering that these are basically the same generator in all the key ways – engine size, power output, dual-fuel capability, runtime, noise level, EPA and CARB compliance and so much more, it might not make sense to say one or the other is somehow ‘better.’

Of course if safety is your main concern, and you wouldn’t want to get an electric generator that doesn’t have carbon monoxide monitoring, the DuroMax XP13000HX is your choice, and the extra 300 dollars or so is well worth the money.

On the other hand, if budget is a key factor, that extra money is not really getting you anything else other than DuroMax’s CO Alert technology, and so for quite a bit less you can get just as good a machine – indeed, basically the same machine – with the DuroMax XP13000EH.

Either way you go you will end up with a fantastic electric generator from a fantastic company. Indeed, these DuroMax 13,000 watt generators are, in my mind, probably the best choices you can make at this level – you can purchase either one with absolute confidence, and can look forward to a lifetime of dependable service.