Where are DuroMax Generators Made?

DuroMax Generators Made

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Founded 20 years ago, DuroMax has quickly become one of the true leaders in the manufacture of high quality electrical generators for homes, worksites, camping and a whole range of other activities.

But where are DuroMax generators made? Let’s look a little closer:

Who Makes DuroMax Generators, and Where Are They Made?

Duromax generators

DuroMax Power Equipment is located in the United States – Ontario, California, to be specific – and this world headquarters is where they engineer and design all of their excellent generators.

The actual manufacturing of DuroMax generators, however, is done overseas

Although the DuroMax website is not specific about the exact location of the factories responsible for the manufactury, industry sources locate most of the work as being done in China.

It is significant to note that not only does DuroMax design their own generators overall, they also design and exclusively use DuroMax engines, which are also engineered in California and made in China.

And after trying, using and reviewing several different DuroMax generators, we here at The Final Kit can tell you that the company, while not actually manufacturing their engines and other components in-house, clearly has exceptionally strong and tight control over the process, and overseas manufacturing in no way lowers the quality or compromises the company’s high standards.

This is obvious from the very high material and build quality of every single DuroMax generator we’ve used, and the amazing consistency from unit to unit.

Are DuroMax Generators Any Good?

good duromax genrators

I should clearly state that not only do we regularly use and review DuroMax generators, we also regularly recommend them – in fact, there is not a single DuroMax generator we haven’t enthusiastically endorsed.

So yes, DuroMax generators are not just good, they are really excellent, and they tend to offer incredibly good value for the money – but this, of course, just leads to another question:

What’s the best DuroMax generator to buy?

I could try to be cute and just say ‘any,’ but even with such a consistently good lineup of products there are a couple of DuroMax generators that really stand out in my experience.

Each of the generators I will recommend here is fully CARB compliant, meaning that they are legal to buy and use in California – this is not just a plus if you live in the Golden State, but also indicates that they are a bit kinder to the environment no matter where you use them.

And, of course, all of them – and, again, ‘any’ DuroMax generator – at least any I’ve ever used – is not only brilliantly designed and engineered, but built to the very highest standards, and pretty much as reliable, both day to day and over the long term, as you can get.

DuroMax XP13000EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

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A big and powerful open frame generator supplying 13,000 watts of peak power, and 10,500 watts of running power, the DuroMax XP13000EH is a dual-fuel model, using both gas and propane, and in addition to being a great home backup or worksite generator it is fully RV ready, with both 30 and 50 amp plugs. Well made and very reliable, this is one of DuroMax’s most popular products, and it’s easy to see why. 

DuroMax XP5500EH Dual Fuel Portable Generator

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A smaller generator from the same popular EH series – which are all dual-fuel (gasoline and propane) electric generators – the XP5500EH is definitely one of our top choices at this power level. With 4,500 running watts, and 5,500 watts of peak power, this unit provides plenty of power for most applications, and can easily power most RVs – including air conditioning. Great also for worksites, home and emergency backup, the XP5500EH is notable for its very quiet running as much as for its quality and dependability.

DuroMax XP9000iH Dual Fuel Digital Inverter Portable Generator

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With the DuroMax XP9000iH we are getting back into the higher power levels – 7,600 watts of running power and 9,000 peak – but with a key difference: the 9000 is a true inverter generator, with a separate inverter section which provides much cleaner and more stable power than any standard generator. This allows you to plug in sensitive electronics like PCs, phones, televisions, smart appliances and more, and you can be sure they will work perfectly and will not be damaged by power distortions. It should not go without saying that this fantastic generator also reflects DuroMax’s commitment to high quality and reliability, and is in fact one of the best made and most dependable units we know.

DuroMax XP2300iH Dual Fuel Digital Inverter Portable Generator

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A smaller model from the same inverter line as the superb, but admittedly expensive, 9000 just above, the XP2300iH also offers a true inverter stage, making it completely safe for sensitive electronics and critical equipment. The 2300 is a great choice for any lower power applications – basic emergency or home backup, powering a smaller RV, workshop and worksite power, tailgating and a lot more. In fact, unless you are running air conditioners or other very heavy draw appliances or equipment, this much more affordable inverter generator should have all the power most people need, and is exceptionally quiet and smooth running – a great little unit, and one of our favorites!

DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator

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Another one of DuroMax’s most popular models, the XP4400E is also right now their most affordable, and is in fact an amazing value – especially when you consider just how well made, how tough and durable, it really is. With 3,500 running watts of power, and 4,400 peak watts, this little guy has plenty of power for most applications, including homes and recreational vehicles (it is RV ready, with a standard 30 amp plug), and can even handle a small to medium sized air conditioner. Known for its smart and simple layout, for the quality of all its components – switches, connectors, frame and engine – the XP4400E is easy to start and easy to use, and is a pretty  amazing product for the money.

But really, bottom line, any and all DuroMax generators are exceptionally well designed and well made, and I can recommend any of them without hesitation. You can check out the whole product line at the DuroMax Store Page