Driving Without Air Intake Hose -A Detailed Guide with Solution

Driving Without Air Intake Hose

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A Lot of drivers don’t know the behavior of their vehicle, in which a confusion arises about can you drive a car without air intake? And also a lot of thinking about vehicle air intake hose systems.

In order to help drivers understand the real issue after driving, and as well we detail guide over its importance of the air intake system. In which may mostly require some maintenance ( some of them you can also resolve other may require a mechanic to resolve issue )

Air Intake Hose

The possibility of driving a car without an intake hose exists, which means you can drive your car without an air intake hose. This can be no problem, but it should only be used for testing and not for a long period of time.

air intake hose

Can air intake cause problems?

If you properly take advantage of driving for a long period, debris in the air intake hose can cause a serious engine problem.

A issue discussed on pistonheads and explain The driving without air intake entered too much air directly around your throttle body that could cause a lean situation (if unmetered air entered it caused too much air and delivered a low amount of fuel) at the end much higher combustion would start in the engine and the results likely could damage the engine.

As well you know if the hose does not get enough air to the engine due to any issue such as broken or hole in then drivers can easily notice their car has a fast or it won’t feel smooth.

How can you fix a cracked air intake hose?

Basically repairing the crack depends on the condition and type of damage. If the damage or crack is not fixable then it is better you replace it with a new air intake hose the replacement cost of a new air intake hose system is around 30+ dollars (depending on the vehicles but start from this cost ).

However you are facing a challenge with the boot cracked. It is also replaced with a new boot; its replacement cost is lower as compared with the whole system of air hose.

driver without air hose

Although we also have some DIY methods which help you to fix cracked easily with the help of a few bucks and effort. So, some of them are following:

Duct Tape

Duct tape is the most useful and famous method to fix cracked/broken air intake hose and the follow of cold air start well as on the new hose work.

duct tape for intake hose

You could buy the duct tape from markets if you are a DIYer. You can easily fix it with the help of duct tape and it covers the whole point of the hose.


Different types of sealant also can help you to fix the hose problem and make the leak proof. One of the sealant that you can use is 3M aerospace sealant which is polysulfide sealing compound made, it actually looks rubber and works as rubber to cover damage point making it usable to transfer cold air in the engine this compound is friendly not like any roof sealant or bathroom caulking it’s a special one for better results. For detail you can watch; 

Which are vehicles facing this problem most?

Honda Accord, Civic, and Pilot are the most searched cars. Those cars have problems like broken or damaged intake hose.

Others can have this type of problem but mostly happened in old models of cars. Due to use for a long time it requires replacement after the limit time of use.


It is vital for your vehicle’s engine to have a good air intake. Driving your vehicle with an inadequate air intake will result in numerous problems.

The air intake serves as the engine’s first point of contact with fuel and air. In the case of an air intake problem, the engine cannot receive the proper amount of fuel and air, and the engine cannot perform as well.

It is important to understand that the air intake plays a vital role in the engine of your vehicle, even though this is a general concept.

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