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People who are daily users of drill always fear losing the drill chuck during the works, But the Milwaukee Drill Chuck Won’t Open.

I can assure you this is due to the multiple supporting features of the Milwaukee Drill. First of all, it has a keyless chuck, unlike other conventional brands we do not have to tighten it using a portable key.

Chuck is drawn with a screw with a simple reliable rotating feature, making it more appealing and handy, and safe.

Self-safety is the first and most priority of every skilled worker either from any of the professions, Milwaukee has made its users comfortable with the handy drill device with reliable features. 

Skilled workers always search for the best products with distinguishing features from others, for their professional work, Milwaukee fulfils most of their demands under one name. The most noticeable feature of all is the Drill chuck won’t open.

It doesn’t mean that it won’t get opened on its own, but you can open it when needed with the help of a ranch to loosen it first.

Milwaukee offers drills of different sizes, voltages, and amperage according to the need. It also gives cordless features, with battery bases making it more convenient to use.

Milwaukee Drill Chuck Won't Open

The package also includes accessories that can be packed under its bag for easy carriage. The article below discusses the issues which old drills face and their respective solutions along with the need for Milwaukee’s new invention of the keyless chuck.

Milwaukee Drill Chuck Won’t Open

Skilled Mechanical workers should not compromise on the quality of the drills. Therefore Milwaukee comes with a range of products with a variety of features tailored according to the need of the workers. Every design is sleek and handy.

The risk of the drill chuck getting open at the time of use fears the users a lot but the Milwaukee drill chuck won’t open while using is a plus point that Milwaukee offers.

This is due to the reason that this grill has a keyless chuck which means here the risk of sudden opening does not exist because the Milwaukee drill is properly tightened with the portable key.

How To Resolve The Issue If Milwaukee Drill Chuck Gets Stuck 

The basic purpose of a drill chuck is to hold the bit and keep it in place so that while using the drill, it may not lose and work smoothly.

Though, many of the time’s drill chuck fail to hold the bit that’s why Milwaukee has resolved this issue by introducing a keyless chuck which does not need a key to tighten and this way the bit is adjusted to a moderate level.

However, this also has many issues attached. Below is the overview of some of the cures which can be done in general when the drill’s chuck faces issues; 

Loosen The Chuck With Wrench Or Vice 


Mostly, the chucks are made up of plastic or metal material, though, in both cases, it could get stuck which needs to be opened to start the functioning of the drill. A wrench or vice can be used to open the drill chuck when it gets stuck.

With the help of a wrench, one should grip the holding of the stick and try to move it clockwise or anticlockwise to release it slightly so that it may open.

However; at times wrench fails to make the proper grip of the chuck especially if it’s the plastic chuck, in such situations a vice must be used so that the chuck can be loosened and it may lose the bit to resume the working of the drill.

If the vice alone does not make a huge difference then lubricant should be poured on the chuck which will make it smooth and will let the vice do its work properly so that the chuck can be opened and the working of the drill starts again.

For Old Drill Release The Chuck 

Dewalt 20v drill

Conventionally, the drills used to have the chucks which needed keys to be opened if they got stuck in any case. To open the chuck and release the bit a key was required.

The procedure to use the key was simple, firstly, the key should be inserted into the chuck hole and should be moved clockwise, afterwards, another hole needs to be located and after some unsuccessful tries, one successful try can open the chuck which enables the bit to release.

Though, this process was carried out with the old drills and had big trouble if any were lost. New keys which should be of an accurate size as every drill contains different sizes so to open a specific drill, one should need to search for the exact size that could fit in.

This problem has now been solved by Milwaukee, who have now introduced a keyless chuck which has eliminated the worry of keeping the drill key in the safest place.

But, modern inventions have modern problems, if a keyless chuck got stuck at any time it needs a bigger solution and only a specialist can open it with tricks and tactics as the option of inserting a duplicate key is not available here.

Check The Drill Bit Material 

The drill is used for heavy work which may involve the spreading of small chunks everywhere, in this process, at times, some of the material gets stuck into the bit which stops the working of the drill. In such circumstances, the drill chuck does not work till the bit is cleaned properly. This should be done in the following way.

If the bit has stuck itself in the material, for instance, drill in the wood and not come out as it has stopped working while inside the wood. Then a pair of pliers is required which should be inserted into the bit and moved anti-clockwise so that bit could be removed from the wood successfully.

The other way to resolve this issue is to leave that bit inside the material it has stuck. And use another bit from the opposite side which could complete the drill work and let the previous bit come out of the material on its own.

But this may involve some limitations as to insert another bit there must be another bit of large size should be available and the opposite side should also be available with the capacity so that their drilling process could be carried out.

Remove The Broken Drill Bit 


One of the rarest situations is when the drill bit gets broken inside the drill and this stops the working of the drill also all the above options could not be applied.

In such circumstances, the only option one is left with is to remove the broken bit from the chuck successfully and resume working. To remove the bit from the drill, a pair of pliers are required again which should grip the but and try to get it out successfully.

Though this process may seem to be the simple one, in reality, it is not simple at all. As ba roke it mat does not come in the grip of the pliers easily and secondly, it has very sharp edges which may cause problems while coming out this task should be done with extra care so that these sharp parts of the bit do not harm your hands.


Why is the Milwaukee drill chuck keyless?

Milwaukee has taken the initiative of making a keyless chuck to reduce the headache of keeping keys in protected places.

Where are the bit places in the drill? 

It is placed in the chuck of the drill and is an important part of the drill.

What material is used in making a chuck? 

A chuck could be made up of either plastic material or metal material.

How does the broken bit come out of the drill? 

Broken bits can come out of the drill chuck with the help of pliers and this task should be done very carefully to avoid any injuries.


In light of the above article, a conclusion regarding Milwaukee chuck won’t open can be drawn, stating Milwaukee has introduced the keyless chuck which will not open while carrying out the drilling process. Though this has some issues as well, chuck contains a bit in it which is a main part for drilling.

At times this drill gets stuck, gets broken or even can get jam in the materials. In such circumstances, it becomes essential to open the chuck while a keyless chuck may cause trouble and take a lot of time in opening.

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