Does Home Depot or Lowe’s Have Scratch and Dent Appliances? Helpful Guide

Does Home Depot or lowes Have Scratch and Dent Appliances

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Home depot is where everyone loves to shop, and they stock everyday household items, electrical appliances, furniture, beddings, and whatnot.

Home depot considers the well-being of their customers by offering reward points, loyalty programs, and many more benefits that one can avail of if they are members of the store. 

However, we see that not everything you purchase from Home Depot is top-notch. When we pick out an electrical gadget from Home Depot, we should consider whether home depot has scratch and dent appliances?

Home Depot Have Scratch and Dent Appliances

In the article below, we share a detailed insight on this matter and help you dodge such tricky situations.

Does Home Depot or Lowe’s Have Scratch and Dent Appliances?

Home Depot announces shopping festivals and sales at various times every year. The Black Friday sale, Cyber Monday Sales, and Christmas sales are the most prominent sales of the year.

Apart from these events, Home Depot offers many special offers around the year, when products are sold at discounted rates to customers.

Regularly, sizeable electrical appliances like range hoods, refrigerators, grills, and stoves are available for customers at an even lower price than dirt. The typical cost for a dented and scratched appliance is nearly half its regular retail price. 

scratch-and-dent outlet store at Lowe's

The first scratch-and-dent outlet store at Lowe’s is now open, where you can purchase slightly damaged appliances up to 70% off.

A Little Damage

In the retail industry, sizeable electrical or gas appliances usually get scratches or bumps on their outer side.

These bumps, dents, and scratches typically occur when the products are shipped from the manufacturing site and brought to the warehouse for storage, and later, they are stocked at different stores like Home Depot. 

While shipping and storing such a large amount of stock, some of these products may get slightly damaged, but this does not mean that they cease to function.

Due to the bruises on their exterior, customers shy away from buying these appliances. 

Large retail stores like Home Depot have devised an intelligent solution to tackle this problem.

During various year-round sale seasons, the store offers these appliances to their valued customers at a further discounted rate.

The new decreased prices are attractive enough to let the customer ignore these dents and scratches on these appliances.

dent appliances

As well there are now Lowe’s scratch-and-dent outlets, where you can buy slightly damaged appliances at up to 70% off the usual price.

Free Shipping 

During an annual clearance sale, Home Depot clears up their stock and empty the space in their warehouses by getting rid of such bruised and dented appliances.

free shipping

By selling products of this sort Home Depot ensures cash flow back into their financial system.

The retail store offers a clearance sale on scratched and dented appliances and further offers the facility of free shipping to their valued customers. The store aims on making the offer attractive enough to cover up for the damaged goods. 

Haggle Further

Although Home Depot will place such appliances at a discounted rate to facilitate its customers, you may get an even bigger cut-rate for said products.

Shopping and saving experts claim that at Home Depot, customers get a better deal if they try hard enough for it. 

If you have set an eye on that beautiful range hood and feel that it would look perfect with the theme of your kitchen, don’t let the little scratch on its side stop you from having it.

Usually, customers talk with managers or supervisors at the store and negotiate with them until they get a price they are looking for to buy that desirable appliance.

Many customers step foot in the Home Depot retail store, searching for the perfect kitchen appliance that has even the slightest damage.

Upon finding such a product, they negotiate with the sales associate and get the ideal appliance with a not-so-perfect appearance. 

Outdated Models

The Home Depot offers certain appliances at a significantly lower rate than their retail price due to unrecognizable damage to the exterior of these products.

outdated appliances

Customers are attracted to these appliances like crazy, and the store soon sells these damaged goods to the customer. 

It is essential to consider a possibility when we see such cheap appliances in the retail store. We think that why does Home Depot have scratch and dent appliances? As a customer, do your research before making a purchase.

Do not let the store trick you into buying a damaged appliance with the help of an attractive price tag. Check whether the machine is fully functional or the store is selling you an outdated model for a low price.

Cost of Repairs

When Home Depot offers you a low-cost appliance while telling you that it has slight damage on the outside, it does not necessarily mean that the product will not require any repairs later.

Think about a refrigerator with a significant dent on either side; you will need to hire a professional to remove that dent.

Many know how to fix a dent using easy techniques at home. But those who are unaware of the methodology need to get a professional’s help.

Add the cost of their services to the price of the appliance you intend to buy from Home Depot. 

Whites vs. Colored Appliances

We discussed repairing these appliances with some wear and tear but excellent working performance. Removing the dent is one thing and repairing the scratches and paint peels is another when it comes to damaged appliances at Home Depot.

In white-colored appliances, it is easy to cover up the bruises with the help of a can of paint and buff them to restore the glossy finish.

On the contrary, God forbid if the appliances are colored, imagine how much trauma and stress one would have to go through to find the correct shade of paint to match that exact color.

If you still think that the product is worth the effort and remains within your budget after adding all costs, by all means, go for the appliances with scratches and dents.

Beware of Deep Paint Scratches

Unlike regular scratches that are just a little bit of paint chipped off the appliance’s surface, deeper scratches account for the damage digging way deeper to your liking.

It is evident that the deep paint scratches seem more unappealing than those on the exterior and require special treatment to cure them.

Automobile paint experts advise customers to run the tip of a fingernail on the scratch; if it catches over in the paint scratch, you have to invest more effort and money in making the scratch disappear.

We also recommend steering clear of appliances that have deep paint scratches unless you are of the type who does not mind an ugly-looking refrigerator in their kitchen.

Hurry Up to Report

Home Depot has the policy of attending to the customer’s complaints and issues about damaged or bruised appliances that are bought from them within the past 48 hours.

In any case the customer reports a faulty appliance after this period, the services desk at Home Depot takes no responsibility for that commodity.

Does Home Depot or lowes Have Scratch and Dent Appliances

Although Home Depot has a wide range of technicians who can help you in case of a problematic situation, but you will have to hurry up to get their help. Otherwise the customers are asked to contact the manufacturer or a third-party technician to help you resolve the issue. 


It is worth mentioning here that if the customer thinks about purchasing a dented and bruised appliance from Home Depot, is it possible that the manufacturer’s warranty and protection plan of the product is not valid as before due to the damage to the product.

In case anything goes wrong with the functional parts or operations of the appliance, will the producer cover the repairs, replacement, or refund for such machine with scratches or dents? 


Does Home Depot have scratch and dent appliances? They certainly do offer such appliances at a lesser than usual price.

Even though these appliances might have scratches or dents on the exterior surface, it doesn’t matter.

When we talk about their performance, these products are in mint condition, so a little downside in their appearance doesn’t hurt, especially when you get them at an unbelievable price.

Such bargains are hard to drive, so keep your eyes open for such offers at the Home Depot store closest to you.

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