What’s the Difference Between 4L60 and 4L60E -Detail Guide

What's the Difference Between 4L60 and 4L60E

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The 4L60e designation is the same for the 4L60 and 4L60E but represents that the transmission has four gears.

The 4L60E information has proven to be more potent than the original 4L60 and will be installed in applications up to £ 8,600. Maximum weight allowed. 

GM renamed the 700R4 in the middle of the production cycle. 

4L60 was the new moniker. A few years later, around 1992, the 700R4 / 4L60 was renamed the 4L60E. This causes comprehensive ambiguity between those looking to purchase the correct gearbox.

In the aftermarket, the 700R4 is most commonly referred to as the 700R4.

There is no ambiguity. When you get the “4L60” on Craigslist ( where you findout transmission for sale craigslist), however, all you understand is that it’s a wholly distinct transferring than the 4L60E.


It was created as a replacement or upgrade for the 700R4 transmission, also known as the 4L60 transmission. Both messages were largely the same.

The transition from hydraulically to electronically controlled transmissions, on the other hand, was a significant difference.

General Motors/Hydramatic developed and produced the transfer, which has become widely available in various GM vans, SUVs, and trucks.

E Abbreviation

The letter “E” denotes the electronic shift controlled variation found in the 4L60E transmission layout.

The vehicle’s onboard computer system handles electronic shift control. Shift points are determined by RPM, throttle ranges, and other factors.

Bolt Positioning

In late-model 4L60E transmissions, the rear output housing has a six-bolt pattern. The 4L60 information features a four-bolt design.

However, the bolt pattern does not guarantee differentiation because early 4L60E transmissions, manufactured from 1992 to 1997, also have a four-bolt design.


The swappable bell housing of the 4L60E transmission allows greater access to the transmission parts, which is a massive improvement over the 4L60 transmission.

Differentiated Names

Because all transmissions are now electronically governed, the E transmitting classification may be removed from more recent versions of the 4L60E transmission.

The key signifiers of the early 4L60 transmissions and the 4L60E transmissions without the E designation are the manufacture date and the rear output housings.

Most significant Difference Between 4L60 and 4L60E

The most significant difference between 4L60 and 4L60E is their control method.  

A computer controls 4L60E, and a TV cable controls the 4L60. One is computer-controlled, and the other is not computer-controlled,

so they don’t work well together. If you try to place the 4L60E where it used to be, you’ll need to buy an aftermarket gearbox controller for that. 

Put another way, he doesn’t know when to shift gears, when to transform off, and how fast the vehicle is moving.

A 4L60, on the other hand, would necessitate the use of a custom bracket in order to connect to the TV cable correctly.

They also lack the same geometric features for interacting with the commutator, necessitating the use of adapters.

If you’re thinking about putting one of these transmissions behind an engine it wasn’t designed for, check out this site’s LS swap transmission page.

It’s jam-packed with helpful information on making these transmissions play nice in places they weren’t meant to.

If you try to place the 4L60E gearbox where the  4L60 was once located, you will need to purchase an aftermarket gearbox controller to control it. 

Both transmissions come from  700r4 transmissions. This was a 4-speed automatic transmission used in mild GM passenger cars, trucks, and SUV applications for many years, similar to the 4l60 family.

Furthermore, they do not have the same geometry for engaging the torque converter.

When comparing the two transmission, As a result, torque converters will be required to achieve engagement.

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4L60E vehicles

4l60e transmissions were found in many GM vehicles, trucks, vans, and SUVs from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s. The 4l60e can be used with either an all-wheel-drive (4×4) or two-wheel-drive (2WD).

With so many vehicles using the 4l60e, it’s easy to find a used transmission in good condition or an experienced transmission builder to refurbish an existing transmission or supply a refurbishment unit. 

Over the years, the 4l60e has proven to be a long-lasting transmission in many everyday driving applications and, if properly constructed, may be able to handle some power.

The GM 4l60e transmission will undoubtedly work if properly built, but it is not the best option for use in high-performance drag racing or street applications when the vehicle is heavy.

Overall, the 4l60e is an excellent gearbox available at an affordable price.


700R4 is the named of 4l60 transmission, the 700R4 also known as turbo hyra-matic, that 4 speed automatic transmission which was launched by the general motors in the early 1980s. after that differences in years go well in its years upgrade non electronic transmission also launched that use on automatic transmssion and the older model of car (which are rear wheel drive)

4L60 Transmission

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The 4L60E communication was presented in 1992 as a revamp or substitute for the 700R4, also known as the 4L60 transmission.

The two transmissions have mostly been similar, with the promotion from hydraulically to electronically controlled transmissions being the most notable difference.


The 4L60E transmission is built to withstand and handle the maximum engine torque of 360 lb.-ft. Furthermore, the name of the 4L60E transmission says a lot about it.

The number 4 in the title indicates that the message has four speeds. The letter L in the title denoted that the information was a longitudinally positioned engine.

General Motors/Hydramatic designed and manufactured this transmission.

The 4L60E dispatch was widely known in many GM truck, van, and SUV applications and rear-wheel drive car applications.

Some of the numerous widespread automobile applications where the Chevrolet Corvette, Camaro, Caprice, and Impala, just to name a few.

4L60 and 4L60E similarity

Here are some similarities.

When the 4L60E was introduced, these transmissions appeared almost identical on the outside.

They could always be distinguished by the massive harness plug above the transmission pan. There are several things that these transmissions have in common.

  • They share the same bolt pattern on the bell housing. (Later, 4L60Es have a bolt that breaks at midnight.)
  • The transmission pan and bolt pattern are the same.
  • They are the same length.
  • The number of gears and gear ratios on the 4L60E and 4L60 are the same.

When discussing the first 4l60E transmissions, they looked and acted exactly like the 700R4. It wasn’t until later that the 4L60E started to change.

Some Common Transmission Problems of 4L60 And 4L60E

The following is an index of some of the numerous familiar 4L60E information issues:

  • Slipping, Slow Reverse, or No Reverse Available
  • Numerous proprietors report that the “lo-reverse” grips are modeled out or vandalized. In addition, there is a liquid leak in the reverse apply circuit. There’s also a shattered subshell.
  • The 1-2 shift is punishing and inconvenient. Owners of 4L60E transmissions have reported a delay or harshness in 1-2 changes and an inability to shift into overdrive.

The three or four clutches are not functioning and are fast unraveled out.

According to reports, the 3-4 clutches wear out quickly. As an outcome, they will need to be revamped after being ignored. You can safely drive the car in 2 until you call to a technician.


It is critical to understand that these transmissions sound nearly identical. The distinction is in how their shifts are managed. May help if you are deciding 4l60 to 4l60e swap due to includes of transmission swap guide in detail.

They represent General Motors’ transition from mechanical control to more sophisticated computer vehicle management. They are not easily interchangeable, so make sure you get the one you require.

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