Difference Between 235 And 245 Tires – A Detailed Guide

235 tire

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235 and 245 tires are known as the most similar tires, as the difference between 235 and 245 tires is not so notable. Generally, information about tire numbers is mentioned on the sidewall of the tire, which can be written in either millimeters or inches form. 

The only main difference is that the 245 tire is a bit bigger than the 235 tire, which means it can perform better than the 235 tire due to its large size. However, the type of tire used in a vehicle when it comes first to you is mentioned in the user’s manual that comes along with your vehicle; check it out in case you didn’t get to know the number from the sidewall.

Difference Between 234 And 245 Tires 

The main difference is the size of both tires; 245 is ⅜ larger than the 235 tires. Besides, both perform similarly, with 245 providing a bit more good results while driving compared to 235 tires due to their bigger size.

The tire’s number is mentioned on the tire’s sidewall, and if the driver does not find them there, then the user manual could be of great help for any such information detail.

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This article will provide you with all the relevant information and will highlight the difference between 235 and 245 tires in a descriptive way.

We will look into details of whether both types of tires can be replaced or not? Who’s the more feasible and preferable when it comes to performance

Can 235 And 245 Tires Work As Each Other’s Replacement?

Tires play a very vital role in the vehicle, either its small vehicle car or big vehicle truck. The tire used should be of the correct size with the specifications that fit best for a particular vehicle.

Now the question is will 235 tires fit 245? The 235 tire is 9.3 inches wider and 27 inches taller, while the 245 tire is 9.6 inches wider and 27.65 inches taller.

It can be seen from the measurements that the difference between 235 and 245 tires size is minimal. They can work as a interchangeable for each other as rims size also may not vary too much.

However, this replacement should be done after discussing the authorized company’s policy about tires and their replacement. 

Moreover, experts and certified mechanics should be consulted before interchanging both tires. The 245 tires should be preferred over the 235 tires at the time of replacement as it is a bit bigger and means 245 can perform better than 235 tires.

are 235 and 245 tires interchangeable? Although 245 is mostly preferred over 235, at times, 235 can also replace 245, fulfilling the tire’s required purpose with smaller dimensions.

All interchanging , either 245 over 235 or 235 over 245, should be done under the supervision of certified and expert mechanics to avoid any unauthorized and unexpected incidents.

Difference In The Size Of 235 And 245 Tires 

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The tire size accounts for too much of the vehicle’s performance, running speed, and frequent maintenance, regardless of the vehicle, truck, car, tractor, or any other vehicle.

It is always preferable to use bigger tires than smaller tires when options are available in the market. Bigger tires are always preferable over smaller tires when it comes to the size of the tire.

However, the difference between 235 and 245 tires is not so high and is also acceptable for replacement.

235 Tires Size 

For instance, let’s take the example of P235/70R16 (code discussed below in more detail) to understand tire size better.

235 tire

The 235 tire is smaller than the 245 tires, with a height of 27 inches and a width of 9.3 inches. So P235/70R16 here can be read as a tire with the passenger car tire 235, a 70% width tire when measured from surface to the rim, and a tire with a diameter of 16 inches.

This is the exact way to read the tire size, and it should be done in comparison when choosing from different tires.

245 Tires Size

For example, let’s take 245/75R16 for a more precise and better understanding of the 245 tire size reading. The 245 tire is ⅜ bigger than the 235 tires, with a height of 27.65 and a width of 9.6 inches, sometimes making 245 more preferable over 235.

However, the difference between 235 and 245 tires is minimal even when compared. So 75 represents the aspect ratio of tire 245, and R refers to the radial ply construction with a wheel diameter of 16 inches.

245 tire

However, this does not eventually affect the performance of the vehicle a lot as it is not a big difference, over which 235 tires should be rejected or be said lesser in any way than 245.

What Is The Actual Purpose Of The Numbers Mentioned On Tires?

Numbers mentioned in the tires have some purpose and meaning as well. There are many subcodes for tires 235 and 245. However, for ease, let’s take one specific code to make understanding the number reading easy. 

P235/70R16 Code

Let’s start with the first letter, P, which refers to Passenger Car Time. However, in some other tires, there could be codes T, LT, and ST, referring to Temporary Spare, Light Truck, and Trailer, respectively. 

Letter R, which comes after the 70, is a variable that measures the aspect ratio of the tire. The aspect ratio can be measured from the wheel’s rims moving around the wheel’s surface area till the external tread.

R is called radial ply construction, while some other tires may have written D instead of R meaning Diagonal.

Simultaneously, 16 is the diameter size in inches, and it measures the diameter of the wheel. Here 70R represents that according to the aspect ratio, the cross-section width of the tire’s sidewall height is 70%.

245/75R16 Code

According to the research, a standard size limit has been recorded for the width of the tires between 125 to 335 mm.

However, here 245 represents the width of the 245 tires to be 245 mm. 75 refers to the tire aspect ratio that can be measured from the width area to the height of the area. Although the lower this aspect ratio would be, the greater control the vehicle will have while driving. 

Moreover, here also 16 refers to the 16 inches diameter of the tire, while there are 10 and 23 inches diameter tires available in the market.

Companies Using P235/70R16

P235/70R16 is a choice at the first preference for many companies as a basic factory vehicle tire. This is because of the worthy features P235/70R16 provides the vehicle while driving. Here is the list of popular companies that are using P235/70R16 as their main factory tire wheel;

  • Ford
  • Dodge
  • Mazda
  • Chevrolet
  • Jeep 
  • Mitsubishi
  • Mercury 
  • Hyundai

Companies Using 245/75R16 

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245/75R16 is used for specific and special models by some popular companies as their main factory tire. Here is the list of companies that are using 245/75R16 as the main factory wheel for the specific vehicles they are manufacturing;

  • Chevrolet Express
  • Dodge Tire
  • GMC
  • Toyota 
  • Jeep
  • Mazda
  • Cadillac
  • Mercedes-Benz

Preferable Tire Codes For Comparison 

When compared with correct competitive feature tires, tires assist users such as drivers and mechanics in having better knowledge available when a decision about tire replacement is to be made.

Tires should be compared with the other tires containing almost the same features, making the comparison more realistic and valuable. The following includes the best codes for comparison with 235/70R16 and 245/75R16.

Comparison Codes Of 235/70R16  

  • 265/70 R16
  • 265/75 R16
  • 205/ 50 R15
  • 285/ 75R16 
  • 245/ 75R16 
  • 285/ 60R18

Comparison Codes Of 245 Tires

  • 245/ 70R16 
  • 225/ 75R16 
  • 235/ 70R16 
  • 265/ 75R16 
  • 235/ 75R16 
  • 265/ 70R16 
  • 205/ 50R15
  • 235/ 85R16
  • 255/ 70R16


In light of the above-detailed analysis, conclusions can be drawn about the difference between 235 and 245 tires in a more realistic way based on the above mentioned knowledge.

Sizes of 235 and 245 tires do not vary much, as they are almost similar in size, with 245 at the first rank followed by 235.

However, still, they are replaceable with each other, which should be done after consulting an expert and certified mechanic and, most importantly, after seeking all information from an authorized company whose vehicle needs replacement.

Moreover, in the article, 235/ 70R16 and 245/75R16 are used as example tires and have been discussed compared to similar codes, along with the information about the companies that are using these tires as factory tires vehicles.

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