What should I do if my Dewalt 20v drill light won’t turn off?

What should I do if my Dewalt 20v drill light won't turn off?

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One of the most efficient manufacturers of cordless drills is the renowned brand Dewalt. Not only are they known for creating the most versatile industrial products, out of which the most widely used is their 20v drill, but they are also famous for being within one’s financial budget.

Also, once you get to work with Dewalt 20v drill, it will last for a long time as the batteries do not run out of power anytime soon and thus can withstand and power your repairing project for hours, consistently.

However, one problem the users and consumers of the Dewalt 20v drill have been facing is that the Dewalt 20v drill light won’t turn off. So let’s discover why my Dewalt 20v drill light won’t turn off and just remain there to distract the users. 

Dewalt 20v drill

Dewalt 20v Drill Light Won’t Turn Off

The constant shining of the led light, which is primarily used for aiding the users while using the product, can prove to be a nuisance. The issue may not even be that serious; nevertheless, if something keeps your mind occupied and impacts your productivity, then that problem must be solved immediately.

Therefore, let’s look for why the Dewalt 20v drill light won’t turn off. The two major causes of keeping your cordless drill’s light on and due to which the light won’t turn off can be because of problems with the battery or the triggering switch. 

Sometimes there is even a probability that the light not turning off is a trivial matter for concern. Still, you must look into it if it keeps you from working at optimal productivity. 


A commonly occurring cause for which the Dewalt 20v drill light won’t turn off is battery malfunction. The batteries keeping your 20v cordless power drill might have worn out or been defective. 

If your batteries have been faulty, then you should replace them. The best way to narrow down to this conclusion is to see if the batteries are taking longer than their ordinary span to charge to 100% when they are put on charge or if they are sourcing your 20v drill for the same period as they initially used to. 

Another alternative to identifying if the batteries are the problem for Dewalt 20v drill light won’t turn off is to use a voltmeter to check the battery reading against the meter. If the batteries’ volts are fluctuating, such as more or less than 20v, and not comparable to figure 20, then the battery is definitely an area for worry. 

Such flawed batteries cannot only impact the span for which your cordless drill will run but will also cause problems within the internal system of the machine, as seen with the Dewalt 20v drill light won’t turn off. 

The easiest way to eliminate the constant shinning of the led lights while you work is to take the batteries out, let the drill be for a few minutes, and then re-insert the batteries again. 

Although you must remember that this is a temporary fix and does not guarantee that the light will remain turned off on the next use of your 20v Dewalt drill. Hence, if the cause of concern is the batteries keeping the Dewalt 20v drill light from turning off, it must be fixed without waiting any further. 

Triggering Switch 

This trigger switch on the top of your cordless 20v drill is adjustable and flexible, permitting the machine users to alternate and change the sides where the drill is working.

The set position of your drill will be determined by the way you are pressing the switch, and with the help of the arrows located correspondingly, you can change the directions on either side, look at the position on the tool, and set the switch in the center.

Now, from the functioning of the trigger switch and if you regularly use the Dewalt 20v drill, you must be aware of the importance of this specific component on the machine. 

In some instances, a short circuit occurs within the trigger switch and either result in problems with the triggering switch’s adjustment or the Dewalt 20v light won’t turn off.

As in the previous part of our article, we stated that to identify the cause of the light not turning off could be the batteries, and to confirm your suspicion, you can check the readings against a voltmeter. You need a voltmeter to verify if there is a fault with the triggering switch. 

Suppose the readings from the battery against the voltmeter fluctuate significantly, and the batteries show no hindrances in their performance. In that case, it is time you stop contemplating in an attempt to reason out another problem because the issue lies in the triggering switch.

Take your 20v Dewalt cordless drill to a mechanic and make them specifically check the triggering switch. After materializing a problem, get the triggering switch replaced because it has probably shorted out. 

Remedies To Fix Dewalt 20v Drill Light Won’t Turn Off

Until now, we have spotted that the two primary areas of concern for the Dewalt 20v drill light won’t turn off. This section of the article will propose remedies to fix the Dewalt 20v drill light that won’t turn off. 

Keep yourself consistent and conscious with each remedy because you do not know when you can find the one to fix your distracting problem. 

Tap The Shaft. 

Sometimes, setting the Dewalt 20v drill light won’t turn off is just a tap away. Are you aware of where the main shaft of the drill is? It is right on and above your 20v Dewalt cordless drill. Take a toy mallet and tap the shaft of your drill a few times with it.

Do not aggressively use the mallet, as you do not want to trigger any further problems within the internal mechanical system of the drill that does not even exist. So tap and tap, lightly and gently. 

This tapping on the main shaft would ensure that if an inaccurate supply of current from the primary power unit has gone wrong, then a tap on the shaft can make it go right by turning the drill lights off. 

After tapping with either a fiber or a toy mallet, go ahead with readjusting the Dewalt system, as the tapping could have also mixed up the main settings of the drill. 

Fix The Loosened Wires 

Another reason why the light won’t be turned off for your Dewalt 20v is because of issues within the internal wiring of the drill. When the wires connecting each drill component loosen out, they impact various parts differently.

Supposedly, what is causing your Dewalt 20v drill light won’t turn off can be the reason associated with wiring. Maybe the connecting wires have lost their cohesive connection, due to which the current only travels in a particular direction and cannot go back, preventing the light from turning off.

Fix The Loosened Wires 

Therefore, part your drill by unscrewing all the screws and nuts and keeping the machine fastened. Proceed further with examining the internal wiring only if you know the few required basics. Else consult a mechanic for their expertise.

Call For Help at the Dewalt Repair Center and Claim Warranty 

If you do not want to go to a mechanic to solve the problem, then save your misery and call for help at the Dewalt repair center. They will recommend you a mechanic of the company to fix your problem.

If you cannot fix the problem and the light is causing your cordless drill to act up a lot, claim the warranty and get your equipment replaced.



Now you no more have to ponder over why the Dewalt 20v drill light won’t turn off because to assist you, not only do we have identified the causes but have also provided you with solutions to be utilized! 

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