Cooling Fan Comes On With Ignition- A Detailed Analysis

Cooling Fan Comes On With Ignition

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The cooling fan functions with the engine in the car; the engine provides signals to the cooling fan through sensors, after which the fan starts to work until it reaches the higher set temperature to trip.

However, Cooling Fan Comes On With Ignition clearly indicates a problem when the cooling fan is on for a longer time than expected to turn off after getting settled at the required temperature.

Meanwhile, if cooling fans stay off for a long time even after the car has started, it indicates a problem that should be checked.

However, when working, a proper cooling fan accurately gets on and off according to the temperature required for maintaining the engine’s heat.

Although, if this happens more often, it’s a sign of trouble that needs to be cured. Multiple reasons contribute to improper working of the cooling fan, and all need to sort out on priority for better working of the engine and other parts of the car associated with the engine.

Cooling Fan Comes On With Ignition 

Generally, the cooling fan starts when the engine needs to cool down, or the air conditioning system starts in the car.


But, at any time, does this ever happen to you, that cooling fan comes on with ignition? If yes, multiple reasons can probably happen to it.

The cooling fan operates to maintain the engine’s temperature and refrains it from getting heated up.

However, even in the presence of a cooling fan, the engine suddenly starts burning or overheating, indicating an issue with the cooling fan that should be resolved to restart the engine.

How To Check Working Of Cooling Fan?

Before any repair, a clear cause needs to be detected, which could be detected either from inside or outside the car.

If the fan is throwing heat instead of cool air, then there must be an issue; if grinding and cranky noises come out of the fan while running the car, then there must be a problem with the fan, and the fan area could be inspected for any breakage or molding of wires which also need to be repaired vigilantly and quickly.

All the repairs can be done without removing the cooling fan from the engine, which eases the task and can be done quickly by an expert mechanic.

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Problems Happen To Cooling Fan 

  • Low Temperature

Cooling fans’ main purpose is to maintain the engine’s temperature. It should start functioning when engine temperature gets high and stop when engines operate at normal flow without heating up.

This on and off the cooling fan in response to the engine is normal. However, if the cooling fan comes on with the ignition and does not stop when the engine temperature gets low, then it’s a matter of concern and against the functioning of the cooling fan.

  • Air Accumulation 

Air filters are installed in the engine; at times, the air gets accumulated in these filters, causing the engine to get heated.

In such situations, it’s a clear indication for the cooling fan to work, but if it does not operate in such a situation due to air accumulation, then it needs to be repaired.

  • Thermostat Issue

The thermostat signals the fan about the engine’s temperature; if the thermostat fails to work accurately, the fan will turn on and off without any correct signals leading to over or underheating of the engine.

  • Damaged Fan Belt 

The fan in the car is surrounded by the belt, which, when damaged, will cause the cooling fan to work improperly.

The engine can get overheated in response to non-functional cooling fans failing to cool it down, which may lead to any big issue in the car.

  • Defected Cooling System 

A cooling fan works with a system with multiple parts at the back end. However, when any of those components get damaged or defective, they can affect the working of the cooling fan.

vehical cooling fan

Whether it’s the water pump that starts to leak or the air that gets accumulated in the filters, the cooling system can shut down, occasionally on and off the fan.

  • Fan Switch Issues 

The switch operates the cooling fan; if that switch gets into trouble and won’t work accurately, then the cooling fan gets turned on and off many times, leading to trouble with the engine or car in response to overheating. However, the switch can be changed without any expert mechanic help, which is not counted as a very major issue.


In light of the above discussion, it can be concluded that when the cooling fan comes on with ignition, it’s a matter of great concern.

Because it can overheat the engine, stopping the car’s air conditioning system from working, leading to suffocation in the car. This matter should be resolved as soon as it occurs. Certified and expert mechanics should be contacted in time to repair or exchange the cooling system.

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