All You Need to Know About Composite Fencing – A Complete Insight

All You Need to Know About Composite Fencing

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Traditionally, fences were only wooden rails. The method was difficult and required a comparatively large budget.

Over time, the homeowners complained about the rotting wood of the fence. To overcome this problem, builders required a robust yet aesthetically pleasing solution. All You Need to Know About Composite Fencing is the best solution.

The combination of these materials provides the strength and sturdiness of the fence required to ensure its longevity.

Composite fencing will hold out against wear and tear caused by harsh weather. If one installs a composite fence, it will continue to appear as new as ever, come rain or shine.

All You Need to Know About Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is different than conventional wooden fences. Composite fencing uses planks made from fibers of wood and recycled plastic.

Various materials are Brought together with an innovative combination to form a new material that is better than wood in every aspect. 

No home is complete without installing a proper fence around its border. A fence is a good idea as it provides a layer of security to your otherwise serene living space. It not only helps to mark the area of your property but also helps keep your kids and pets from running out of the yard repeatedly.  

everything About Composite Fencing

Usually, a fence compromises several layers of planks aligned on top of another to create an illusion of a wall.

There are several materials one can use for fencing; however, composite fencing is the most reliable form of fencing available in the market that offers durability and grace. 

Why is Composite Fencing Different?

Composite fencing has many other benefits besides being a resilient building material. These fences are a tough build having a water-proof and weather-resistant finish.

Most customers prefer buying composite planks in the shade closest to a wooden finish. However, manufacturers make these fences in various colors and textures.

The distinctive combination of materials to make a composite fence makes the product merge well with the surroundings and appear as close as natural. 

Types of Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is different than wood, a synthetic and inorganic building material. The manufacturers have come up with two varieties of composite fencing that differ slightly in their composition.

Let’s unravel the mystery of these two types of fences so you can know all you need about composite fencing.

Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC)

The first type is the Wood-Plastic Composite fence. WPC is the most popular sort of composite fencing amongst customers.

As the name suggests, the WPC is made from traces of wood left behind from sawing and furniture manufacturing combined with recycled plastic.

The type of wood base that the industrialist uses in its production governs its toughness. It is crucial to instill the correct ratio of wood and plastic to achieve a high-quality WPC material.

Bamboo-Plastic Composite (BPC)

BPC is the other type of composite fencing and is an innovation. BPC used bamboo fibers. Grow in abundance and have a high production rate, using them in making a synthetic product will not yield much difference.

Bamboo-Plastic is a better formulation that guarantees strength and robustness than any other type of fence. On the downside, the price of BPC is high and buying these burns a hole in your pocket.

Low Maintenance

Composite fences are low-maintenance building materials that builders and homeowners prefer using to border yards.

Once you install these fences, require very little attention from the homeowner to keep them in top condition.

One can trust composite fences to remain in top-notch condition throughout their life. Do not accumulate rust or mold over time.

The colors will not fade or lose their look because composite fences are prone to the sun’s harmful UV rays. 

design fencing

If you notice some mud gets stuck over the surface after rain, all you need to do is grab the garden hose and shower the fence with fresh water. One should carefully inspect the garden fence from time to time to check if there is dirt or mud on the surface because if it is not taken care of, some milder might grow on the fence. 

No Rotting 

As we have stated before, composite fencing is made from recycled plastic. The plastic composition in these fences makes them resistant to damp conditions even where the fence meets the soil. Therefore there is little to no chance of these fences decomposing over time. 

An additional advantage of Composite Fencing is the product is splinter-proof. The wood will not decay and leave behind loose splinters from the wood. As a result, you will never notice any gaps in the planks of the fence or accidentally hurt yourself due to fragments from these fences. People who have little kids always appreciate this feature. 

Heavy Duty

If we want to compare composite fencing with any other material, nothing apart from wrought iron beats it in toughness. These heavy-duty fences are guaranteed to stay strong in all weather conditions because of their thickness and high density. 

Whether you live in an area with extreme wind loads, high temperatures, or high rainfall, composite fencing is the perfect choice for your home. Surely will sustain the majority of degradation and distresses and give the homeowner a good run for their money.  

Timeless Beauty

Builders claim that there is no way that composite fences will lose their look from exposure to constant sunlight.

Their color will not fade away and remain stable even after prolonged use because of an additional film coating their exterior. 

The beautiful finishing of these fences makes them look even better than wooden ones. Their optimal thickness makes them a better choice than vinyl boards that some people use as fences.

Many manufacturers produce composite fences in a wood-like finish. Customers usually prefer buying cedar wood, walnut, and redwood-styled composite fences for their homes.

Long-term Warranty

Composite fences have the highest number of satisfied customers for various reasons. These fences require minimal maintenance, and yet can last very long.

The longevity of composite fencing makes them an attractive commodity that you need not change after a few years because it has decayed.

Manufacturers of composite fencing warranty 30-50 years for each board you install in your home. If you take proper care of composite fences and prevent any mold from growing on these fences, turn out to be unstoppable. 

The plastic molecules inside these composite fences reduce the wear and tear with time, leaving the fences more indestructible than conventional wooden fences.  


Millions of trees get destroyed worldwide to provide building materials for housing and other construction projects. Imagine a project in which you replace wood with a different material that promises unmatched durability. 

Composite fencing is made from 87% recycled plastic and a certain amount of wooden fibers. These types of building materials are more environmentally friendly due to the improved sustainability that offer. 

Composite fencing

Using composite fencing in construction projects will reduce timber deforestation and imply no unfavorable consequences on the environment. We must take corrective measures to make this planet better and greener by playing our part.

Costing Factor 

Putting up rolls of chicken wire with the help of wooden posts is probably the cheapest fencing out there. But we doubt it would be in favor of your aesthetic sense.

Composite fences are easier on the pocket as well as look beautiful in the yard when compared to other products used as fences. 

Although manufacturers are taking measures to cut down the cost of composite fences even further, it is slightly higher than wooden fences.

If you are on a tight budget, we recommend that you carefully estimate your overall cost and make a rational decision.

It is worth mentioning here that composite fences are guaranteed to stay up for a very long time with very little maintenance if necessary. Hence, reducing the cost even further. 

Easy Installation 

Composite fencing is a relatively new concept in outlining the yard compared to other materials traditionally used for this purpose.

People now prefer installing a composite fence rather than using any other type. These planks give your home a stylish look but are easy to install. 

Composite fences are straightforward to install and require no special equipment for fixtures. All you need is the standardized tools and the correct-sized nails to fix the composite fence around your home.

If you can manage it independently, we advise taking certain preventive measures before installation. Before the purchase of composite boards for the fence, take accurate measurements.

On the contrary, if you cannot manage installation single-handedly, there are builders or construction workers who can provide assistance in this regard and help you put together these authentic-looking fences.

The best thing about composite fencing is that many makers produce these types of planks that one can use to border the yard. Homeowners and builders can order these fences directly from the manufacturer or a third-party service provider.

Composite fences are readily available and can be used directly out of the box. With composite fencing, there is no need to wait long for the building materials to arrive so you can finish installing the fences.

Some suppliers facilitate their customers even further by providing free samples of their products to make it easy to choose according to their home and style.

Painting Composite Fences

Most customers prefer buying composite fences with finishing just like wood. There are a large variety of colors that one can choose from when purchasing composite fences. But there are many other options available that you can use around the home.

It might be possible that you might not find a color according to your liking or get bored with a certain shade with time.

Composite fencing panel

In such a situation, these composite fences can be painted easily, just like wooden fences. All you need is a primer to seal open apertures that might not be visible to the naked eye and apply a couple of coats of latex paint on top of it. Paint is all you need to do to change the appearance of your composite fence. 

Limitations of Composite Fencing

By now, you must understand all you need to know about composite fencing through our write-up. However, certain limitations put proprietors in doubt when they want to buy composite fences for the yard.

They have all outstanding features and promise durability with class, but all these features appear too good to be true.

Like any other commodity, composite fences must have some limitations as well. When we dig deeper, we understand that installing composite fences requires a little additional cost.

But this is a one-time thing. In the longer run, composite fences are cost-effective for the consumer. The other problem we uncovered is that composite fences might shrink or expand during extreme weather. The behavioral change is due to the plastic component in making composite fences.


So this is All You Need to Know About Composite Fencing. Composite fencing is scientifically proven to be more resilient and withstand the effects of all types of weather.

These fences require less maintenance and are relatively easy to install, even on your own. The durability of a composite fence is its most attractive feature, but customers prefer having such fences due to their lower cost.

He hopes that by the end of this article, you will have a good understanding and will have learned all you need to know about composite fencing.

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