Cococo Vs. Restoration Hardware- Must Read!

Cococo Vs. Restoration Hardware

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Choosing the right style, design, and durable and better-quality furniture seems a bit hassle as multiple brands showcase their products.

Any negligence in selection could make you waste all your money. To get a better choice and satisfy you with the best-branded furniture, we compared 02 different top brands, Cococo vs. restoration hardware, with furniture and home decor products that rule over people’s hearts because of their quality, versatility, and many other features.

You may come across multiple similarities, but both offer different styles and designs of products, targeting numerous users’ and buyers’ tastes of products they desire.

What are these brands, and how are they compared based on certain factors? Let’s check them out. Get through the comparison guide without wasting a second to learn more about the top brands.

Restoration Hardware

Cococo Vs. Restoration Hardware- Quick Fix 

Both brands provide high-class luxurious and ultimate style home products that add an aesthetic look to your home interior.

Those users who get confused would now easily select the one they desire. To get entirely hand-crafted products, contact the Cococo products, while variation between imported and hand-crafted ones seems more common in restoration hardware.

To get versatile yet limited materials, go for Cococo, while the restoration looks like a good option for a wide material range. Both durability and style-wise win the game, but Cococo seems the winner for customizability. 

Cococo- Brand Review

Cococo refers to a North California-based handmade customized furniture company that provides impressive, high-quality furniture and home decor with top-class leather accompanied by versatile and high-quality fabric that lasts till the end to ensure user satisfaction. 

Despite the high quality, you will also get superior comfort from the furniture raging from multiple variety sofas, sectional chairs, and dining furniture to beautifully designed ottomans and stylish benches. They provide highly comfortable and extended production furniture that is simple and effective, which most users love to opt for in their homes. 

cococo furniture

The Cococo sofas are trending across northern California, where people usually buy them the most. Cococo adds an aesthetic touch to your dream furniture with multiple customization options ranging in a hundred to create the dream furniture you want for your home. 

They also contain various showrooms well equipped with high-class furniture, and anyone who desires to get them can consult them without any issue. Also, they got visual showroom consultation, so pick up your spot and get through the north California virtual showroom to get your desired product and have a talk!

Restoration Hardware- Brand Review 

Restoration Hardware is another furniture and home decor brand internationally recognized. Still, it operates from the US and Canada.

It is known for its best furniture, luxurious home, and other Indoor decor products perceived by their durability, comfort, quality, and artistic style.  

Restoration hardware products may range from home furnishing to other furniture, Textiles, outdoor and indoor furniture, teen furniture, rugs, and many more. Products are both available at a luxurious price range and average to satisfy all kinds of customers, including the high-class ones.

Restoration hardware has been categorized into three sections keeping the design and aesthetic sense of the customers.

RH Modern has the most contemporary and static-looking design products. Sky house that the coziest home furniture the user usually loves for their homes, and the last RH beach house comprises wooden products with fluid and airy design.  

Restoration hardware also works by providing trendy restaurants located around the US and Canada providing various discounts and services to buyers. You may find about 36 stores and outlets of Restoration hardware across Canada and the United States. 

Restoration Hardware

The company focus was changed in 2010 when they attempted to go on furniture gallery with a high pricing strategy to create a solid barrier between competitors and handle their abilities to grow restaurants, including ten different restaurants across these gallery locations.

Cococo Vs. Restoration Hardware- The Major Differences and Similarities

Considering various factors, we made it easy to compare Cococo vs. restoration hardware and check out which one is more versatile, what each brand offers to the customers, and other top qualities each brand owns. 

Check out the quick table review to understand common comparing factors.

CococoRestoration Hardware
North California (USA)The United States of America and Canada
Multiple outlets36 outlets and ten restaurants
Furniture and home décorFurniture, indoor and outdoor home décor
Furniture like sofasOutdoor furniture, lighting, indoor sofas
Products nature
Handmade customizableBoth hand crafted and imported items
Leather and FabricWood, leather, foam, metals
Versatile leather and fabric collection to customize dream furnitureVersatile materials but less customizability
Multiple costs based on productsMultiple costing products
30 days exchange warranty30 days exchange warranty


Based on location, Cococo is mainly found in northern California, while the restoration hardware from the USA made Canada with almost 36 outlets. So, location-wise, the restoration hardware gets the advantage, but Cococo also not lies behind, and worldwide, virtual showcasing also seems to be another advantage. 


In terms of products, Cococo focuses explicitly on various kinds of sofas ranging from dining to the bedroom, outdoor to indoor, and wide more varieties.

Still, for restoration hardware, you might get versatility based on furniture and other home decor products. If only furniture is your case, then Cococo seems a good option, but to opt for home decor products, then restoration hardware can opt. 


Cococo offers products made in either leather or fabric, including various origins that add more versatility based on a single material. In terms of leather, you get Saloon, Florene, Mont Blanc, Pure, and Storm, while fabric buyers get customizability for waxed Canvas, wild Irish Linen, Velvet, Sunbrella, and Bella Dura. 

Mostly their products are customizable and hand-crafted compared to restoration hardware that provides multiple material products ranging from reclaimed wood and kiln-dried wood to leather, shagreen, down filling, and foam. Other than these, you would also find fabrics, metals, iron, and aluminum products. Such versatility adds up more options for users to select their desired item.

Durability And Style 

Both products are durable and last longer; the higher the price tag, the better the material and the longer it lasts if appropriately maintained.

Style-wise, Cococo is similar to restoration products in furniture like sofas, but both claim to be the best at offering quality and aesthetic-looking products.

Cococo claims to last longer, but still, if not maintained, longevity can get affected. The best thing about Cococo is that they have various design centers which you can visit and get your dream furniture. The centers lie in Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, NYC, and Minneapolis.

Cococo design

Versatility and Customizability 

Both are versatile brands, but each one in its perspective. The Cococo might get limited with the materials. Still, its versatility for swatches and materials subclasses is top class. On the other side, the restoration hardware provides multiple materials for products along with high-class home decor like a chandelier that seems too expensive if got the luxurious ones. 

The customizability for Cococo is more and gets over the restoration hardware because each part of the product is handmade only for Cococo. In contrast, the other sells both imported and hand-crafted ones. If hand-crafted ones are your choice, for now, we suggest Cococo because they focus just on that, making it outclass brand. 


Cococo products come with an initial informing warranty of 14 days if you find a defect from the supplier. Any apparent defect found can be replaced within 30 days from purchase. For Cushion cores, you get 03 years warranty, while for mattresses, 02 years. In the case of Electric motion mechanisms, you get two years warranty, while the air pumps get only one year.

Remember that for Cococo, the materials, including fabric and leather, won’t be included in the contract, so take genuine care of them. You can get a quick exchange within 30 days if you have any defective restoration brand products. 


So how was the comparison for Cococo vs. restoration hardware? We hope you have received information regarding both products as both seem durable but are versatile in terms of other factors. The cost isn’t specified because you can get all types of products with versatile costing and usually mostly ranges in the high budget, so those users who require luxury receive the best from both brands.

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