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Cheapest Tacoma Rock Sliders

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In order to protect your car from rocks and debris, Rock sliders are the most cost-effective and effective option.

In order to make sure you are buying the right Rock Sliders, you need to know as much information about them as possible.

Want to protect your expensive car from rocks and other hard objects with heap and high quality? Sliders On this page, you’ll find the exceptionally cheap and good ones for Tacoma.

Affordably Tacoma rock sliders

What to consider before buying a best rock slider


One very important factor which could matter with your purchase of the rock sliders or side step bars would be how much weight they can take.

The APS iBoard nerf bar has a weight limit of 300 pounds, while the Tyger Auto G-AM2T20048 has a higher weight limit, up to 500 pounds! Stepping bars are used for assistance for you to step into the truck or SUV that is high raised,

and the weight limit probably matters the most since that would be one of the main purposes for your side step bars, along with the rock sliders preventing your automobiles from damage from rocks or high raised platforms or objects.


DOM or HREW steel is the material that your rock sliders and side step bars should be designed from if you want the best quality and sturdiness of your product and want to prevent the rock sliders from dents.

Alloy steel in the Tiger auto brand is also a good choice as it contains the rock sliders from corrosion and is relatively cheaper.

If you choose from many options where the rock sliders are made of aluminum, they tend to be a bit less sturdy and more fragile than steel. However, they have the benefit of being lightweight, which is a plus. The material also ensures how long and in good condition your rock sliders would work.


Drilling into your car can be stressful. You might constantly be in a worry that the drilling process of rock sliders would damage your vehicle.

But you don’t have to worry now because the rock sliders can be easily installed with a bolt-on installation where no drilling is required, and the APS iBoard running boards even come with a DIY kit for easy installation. For some rock sliders, you might want some assistance, or if you don’t understand, you can get them installed from a car/auto shop.


Car parts can be quite expensive, especially for trucks and SUVs. You can choose from the cheap Tacoma rock sliders that we have reviewed, as they fall at a reasonable price. You can pick the one that best suits your requirements from any of the three mentioned above in the article. The Tiger Auto TG-RS5T50158 range around $264.00, while the APS iBoard nerf running boards are around $275.95, falling close to the Tiger Auto brand. 


When purchasing the rock sliders, it is always a good idea to check the warranty since the contract ensures the company bears the damage (if any) to your product, and the brands discussed above give a 5-year warranty.

Five years of warranty is pretty good, and now you don’t have to worry about less warranty time! A contract which is for five years is a good deal, so you can consider availing it.


If you are also looking for rock sliders to match your automobile’s classy and chic look, you might want to opt for the rock sliders that complement the vehicle.

The APS iBoard is coated in a matte-black powder for the finishing look, which is a super classy, elegant design. Some of the Nerf ones are different in design, with metal rods shaped in curves as a rock slide or a side step bar. You can get the one which meets your requirements and specifications. 

What it fits

Before buying, you must check whether the rock sliders would fit your vehicle, how many there are in the package, and what comes with them, for example, a kit for easy installation. You can choose the right one by the type of vehicle you have. Some double fir cabs with full-size four doors mentioned in the article above might have different specifications.

Our Affordable choice for you

Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048

Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20048

Looking for some best, cheapest Tacoma rock sliders, consider the Tyger Auto brand, which is high quality with a 5-year warranty!

The Tiger Auto TG-AM2T20048 are the Star Armor Kit rock sliders that can be utilized with the 2005 to 2024 Tacoma Double Cab to protect your car’s door sills and the bottom of the door from any damage when passing by big obstacles like rocks. 

This product is only the first double cab with four full-size doors. They are not for access cabs with two full-size front doors alongside two suicided rear doors. These sliders don’t only act as a protection for your entries against the rocks but also serve the purpose of stepping in and out of your car/cab. 

To install the Tyger rock sliders, you don’t have to drill them in, but the easy bolt-on installation is extremely convenient. It allows an average of 500 lbs of weight on each side and makes sure it does not exceed it. It also has a dual girder system which ensures maximum safety for the lower side from forceful impacts that could damage your vehicle.


  • Easy installation
  • Acts as a step in/out of the cab
  • 5-year warranty


  • Difficult to carry 

Tyger Auto TG-RS5T50158 

Tyger Auto TG-RS5T50158 

Do you want some heavy-duty, sturdy, good-quality rock slides for your cab or SUV, then the Tiger Auto TG-RS5T50158 is the brand and model you should look forward to.

These tyger auto TG-RS5T50158 step bars are heavy-duty, easy to install, and alloy steel. Alloy steel is an intensified corrosion-resistant material, and the hard metal won’t wither away too soon. 

You don’t have to drill the Tyger Auto TG-RS5T50158 and fear your car getting damaged. Yes, drilling can harm your car or SUV, so if there is no drilling, your vehicle won’t be damaged. 

The important point is that the Tyger Auto TG-RS5T50158 only fits double cabs with four full doors. These rock sliders suit the 2005 to 2024 Toyota Tacoma double cab.

Tiger Auto has designed rock sliders or steps bars with a width of 5 inches sturdy, heavy-duty triangle mild steel tubing with coverage of black powder coating to act as a rust-resistance along with the UV resistant step pads non-slip for extra protection of your automobile.


  • 5-year warranty for manufacturing failings
  • No drilling
  • Non-slip


  • It can be heavy to carry

APS iBoard Running Boards

APS iBoard Running Boards

Is your preference for the type of side step bars that are nerfed side step bars? APS iBoard running boards have the option in store for you; good in quality, these cheap Tacoma rock sliders are your go-to for your cabs or SUVs. 

The APS iBoard running board doesn’t just come alone, but in their package, there are also mounting brackets, and to make the installation easy for you, a DIY hardware kit also comes along. 

With a width of 6 inches, these APS iBoard running boards are sturdy and heavy-duty with raised ends to keep the mud at bay. This ensures your cab or the rock sliders don’t accumulate dirt, and both of your things stay safe. 

The nerf side step bars are designed fully in length and UV resistant for a better grip of your footing on the bars, along with anti-slip action for safety. You no longer have to worry about the side step bars being slippery. 

The exterior also gives off a chic and classy look for your automobile, being coated in matte-black powder atop the material, which is aluminum, for a rigid and sturdy balance.


  • Easy installation
  • Material is alluminium
  • Heavy-duty
  • Comes with a DIY kit


  • It can be not easy to carry


Will 4runner rock sliders fit Tacoma?

Yes, a 4runner rock slider will fir Tacoma, depending on the size of the length of the rock sliders.

Are rock sliders necessary?

That depends on many factors. If you are driving around rocky areas with obstacles, rock sliders can come in handy, preventing any damage to your car, or they can also be used as a side step for your vehicle.

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