Cheap Quad Bikes: An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide 

cheap quad bikes

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Cheap quad bikes are the greatest wish for farmers, adventurous, fun-loving and sports personnel. Do you have any idea about what they are? If not, then stay along; we have covered a lot for you. 

Traditionally used for sports and off-road, Quad bikes are becoming familiar for agricultural and hobby work.

Cheap quad bikes are the first choice of those who are beginners and want to gain some experience before buying an expensive one.

They are used by farmers for transporting through muddy fields, forestry needs, and pulling small loads. Small quads are purchased by parents for their kids.

No matter for what purpose, you have to consider some important factors before buying cheap quads.  All are given in this guide, so read carefully and pick the best option.

Let’s have a look!

Purpose of Use

Firstly you need to check for what purpose you need a cheap quad bike.

It is amazing to think about riding a quad bike but be very careful as it consists of four wheels and is not so intuitive, which is why they are difficult to handle.

Much of the control and steering is done via weight distribution and body position. Hence, beginners must pick the best cheap quad bikes that are manageable for their size and are easy to control.

cheap quad bikes

This is especially true for kids and adults who may need a small bike. Farmers use them for various purposes related to agricultural needs. At the same time, other people may use them for fun or riding to nearby places. 

Parents buy them for their kids so they will feel pleasure. There are various purposes, so choose accordingly. The first thing you have to consider for getting a good quad bike is the type of activity performed on your bike. 

  • 350kg – lighter quads for kids and young riders
  • 400kg – a general quad bike for regular use
  • 550kg – A quad uses for carrying goods 

Even though some quads are designed with a large seating capacity, some people think they may carry a passenger. But in reality, most quads are engineered to accommodate only a driver. The extra space is there for your convenience, so you will position yourself and control the bike in a better way. With an extra rider, the bike may lose control.  

What Type of Tyres are Best?

Choosing the right tyres for riding a very cheap quad on different terrains is necessary to provide you with better control. Tyres also play a part in safety as they can affect braking sensitivity. You also have to keep in mind that not all quads are road legal as sometimes they don’t meet the road safety standards. 

So if you want to ride on the road, tires should fulfill the safety requirements. For riding your cheap quads on roads, it is vital to fit the road tyres as they are great for giving excellent grip on flatter surfaces.

Choosing the right tyres

On the other hand, universal tyres are a versatile option and can deal with off-road paths when running on moderate terrain. Therefore they suit best for most off-road purposes. 

Off-road tyres are only required by experienced riders and are great for extreme terrains. Choosing the correct tyres is necessary for meeting the safety standards, so always check them carefully before purchasing a cheap quad bike. If they are incorrect or worn out, you may bear the replacement cost. 

Engine Size to Consider

The engine size all depends on your needs and experience. The adventure-loving people, who like to spend only on bikes, have larger engines (705cc-1,000cc). Mini Quads for kids may run on 60cc,70cc engines. Sports riders like to get a quad with at least an 800 to 1000cc engine, making sliding and wheeling comfortable. 

Bikes that run on 400cc, 450cc and 500cc are considered powerful, but they ride best on terrains that don’t need control but instead require acceleration. Farmers always look for a dependable engine that is comfortable to service and easily carries supplies and pulls loads. 

Two or Four-Wheel Drive?

Four-wheel quads are engineered to ride on hilly and towing terrains, and they are often more in weight and a little bit hard to control than two-wheel quads.

On the other hand, two-wheel drives are made for flat surfaces such as roads, and they are lightweight and comfortable to handle.

Two-wheel drive suits beginners best as it will give them a wonderful opportunity to get experience before starting riding in a more powerful vehicle. 

Two-wheel drive is not so common and dangerous to drive in steep and hilly areas. If you tow a lot, the four-wheel-drive would be better.

Remember, a four-wheeler is heavier, so it is harder to push around by other objects that you are towing. People who spend money on 4 x 4 quads generally own larger yards with various terrains. 

Power Steering 

Quad bike Yamaha

“Quad bike Yamaha” firstly introduced the Electronic power steering (EPS), and now other manufacturers are also using it.

Power steering makes the bigger quads more manageable, and riders feel less fatigue. This is a blessing for those riders whose upper body lacks strength and is also great for bearing shocks. 

Auto or Manual

You can still find quads having a manual transmission, but most ATV quads are belt driven autos, and they are great.

You can also choose from second-hand cheap electric quads as they are easy to operate and save money, which you have to spend on buying petrol. Your decision of yours will be easier with the modern auto transmission. 

When buying an ATV, it is suggested to consult with the dealer first. Automatic quads are a lot easier to operate than manual ones, but experienced people love to ride on both types of quads.

Remember that rural dealers know about their customers, which is the reason for their success. 

Buying Used Vehicles

There is a big second-hand market where cheap Chinese quads are available for sale, from racing to farm quads.

Here riders can get reliable quads and save money. Before buying a second-hand quad, firstly take a ride and check its condition.

Check that the frame should not be rusty, the tyres are in good condition, and it can be your first quad. 

These all are some of the important factors that you have to look at before buying any cheap bike. Engine size, tyres, and all other features are important which collectively make the quad bike great for various purposes. Don’t miss any of the factors mentioned above as they are necessary to make any bike the best. 

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