Best Chainsaw for Homestead: A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Best Chainsaw for Homestead

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Homesteading is a continuous effort towards self-sufficiency. Most landowners need a robust chainsaw to cut the shrubs and trees and make their land clean and beautiful.

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But before making this heavy investment consider some important factors. We have covered some important factors.

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Buying Guide To Grab The Best Chainsaw for Homestead

Many operators are unaware of the important factors, but you have to pick the best saw for homesteading.

Chainsaw for Homestead

For this purpose, we compile a list of some of the important factors for buying a chainsaw for homesteading.  

Types of Homesteading Chainsaws

Here we mention two types of homesteading chainsaws for you. Check out what you need exactly. 

  • Homeowner Chainsaws

Operating a homeowner chainsaw is a breeze, as it is comfortable to control and a fantastic pick for training novice cutters.

Start with a homeowner saw if you use it for the first time. After that, go for a high-powered saw. These saws must have a certain range. 

If you are using it for cleaning your yard after a storm hits, it should be at least 35cc – 40 ccs in case of a gas engine.

If you are using an electric engine, make sure to check the equivalence with the gas engine. But if you are planning for something else, let’s look at another choice. 

  • Ranch/Farm Chainsaws

These chainsaws regularly sport decent weight-to-power ratios and do a lot of jobs around your ranch naturally.

These chainsaws feature an exact amount of power for handling firewood chopping work. It is easy to cut small trees within seconds using a ranch chainsaw. 

A ranch saw is perfect for clearing land if you need more space for homesteading. Most of the homesteading chainsaws have a maximum of 40 ccs of power for gas engines and support for 14 to 16 guide bars. 

  • What are Chainsaw Safety Features?

Such chainsaws were also built with some vital safety features. Hence, it should also be good to check the important safety parts. Below we mention some of them. 

Right-Hand Guard: This is built to protect the hand of the user in case of the derailing of the chain brake. 

Throttle Lock: This is designed to protect from accidental throttle advances. The throttle will activate only if the lock is pressed if you hold the saw handle firmly while accelerating. 

Easy Accessible Stop Control: The stop control should be easily accessible on the saw so the user will turn off the engine in uncertain situations. 

  • What Should Be The Power Of The Chainsaw

If you are using the best off-grid chainsaw or any other model, its power must be proportional to the wood’s hardness and the size of the limbs or boles.

Getting a powerful saw for occasional uses means you are spending many bucks. It is recommended to go for a lighter chainsaw that is comfortable to manage for everyone. 


Contrary to this, if you use a saw which does not have enough power needed for tasks to be done, it is often likely to overload, making its lifespan shorter. 

  • Appropriate Guide Bar Length

Guide bar length is the feature that guides the chain and controls the cut lengths. It has to be proportional to the power of the saw and the job at hand.

Chainsaws having short guide bars are comfortable handling and weigh less than models with longer guide bars. 

  • Is Low-Kickback Chain an Important Feature?

A kickback is an unexpected backward and upward thrust of the chainsaw while cutting. It can cause neck and face injuries, and it even leads to death in the worst situation.

The main difference between professional and consumer chainsaws is that consumer saws come with a low kickback chain. These suggested chains can also be present on professional saws.

When replacing the chain of your saw, keep in mind that the blue label of chains fulfils the standard of a low kickback chain and is suitable for almost all saws. Contrary to this, yellow labels are only suggested for professional use. 

These are some of the necessary specifications to check before getting the best chainsaw for the homestead. Don’t forget to do the full inspection of the chosen chainsaw. Otherwise, you will waste your hard-earned cash.

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