How do car detailers clean windows? (Step By Step)

How do car detailers clean windows

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Although we almost always tend to ignore the car’s windows and only focus on the windshield. But car windows are equally important and must be deeply cleansed. 

If you have never noticed how a car’s clean windows miraculously and significantly enhance your driving experience, you should start noticing from the day forward. The vehicle looks brand new when you get your car back from a carwash dealership. 

Undoubtedly, the deeply cleansed and newly polished windows add to the final appearance of your car. The critical question is, what do these car dealers do to make the windows look so neat? How do car detailers clean windows?

We suggest you keep reading this article to discover car detailers’ various hacks and eliminate the need to take your vehicle to a car washing facility again. 

How do car detailers clean windows

How do car detailers clean windows?

Every car detailer you take your car to uses a different method to clean the windows. But, even though the methods may differ, what remains the same is the outcome that they strive to achieve- clean windows! 

Window cleaner 

car window cleaner

Cleaning the glass of your windows can be problematic, mainly if you are thinking of a deep cleanse. This is because the material composing the window is not only fragile but is also prone to scratches.

Therefore, it is integral that you make use of the right window cleaner while cleaning your car. Some detailers prefer using a cleaner that is free of alcohol and has no traces of ammonia. Using a cleaner with these components can likely dehydrate the glass and eventually cause it to crack or discolorise. 

Cleaning towel 

cleaning towel for car window

Whatever liquid you use to clean the windows, make sure for it to cleanse the glass and wait for it to dry thoroughly. For this purpose, do not clean the window using a towel; instead, use a towel made of microfiber. 

Even though paper towels also efficiently clean a glass window, it does not have the same result on a car window. Such towels will scratch the glass when you rub the material against it. In comparison, microfiber towels ensure the removal of any present particulates on the glass, contrary to spreading them and making the situation worse. 

Avoiding scratches 

scratch on car window

Another reason why you can never have windows as clean as the car detailers are because of the technique that you undertake. The slightest change in the shift of your hand can cause numerous scratches on the car windows. 

Before cleaning the window, remember to undertake the working environment conditions. For example, you would not want to clean the windows when the temperature is warm as this heat will cause the products being used to clean to evaporate immediately. 

Additionally, to avoid scratches, use two towels—one for applying the cleaning liquid and another for removing it. However, when removing the cleanser, apply slightly more pressure and acquire a relatively straightforward motion than going for the circular one. 

Intense cleaning of the car window

When there is a situation where you can do the work yourself and save money, then why not? Nothing can be impossible even the phrase “impossible” contains the term possible. Why can you not clean your car windows and make your car look like it straight out of a wash from an expensive dealership?

Intense cleaning of the car window

Now to have a crystal clear car window, similar to the one you attain from a car detailer, it is essential that you religiously abide by the entire procedure we will be stating. 

Step 1 

Take a microfiber towel and fold it into two. The folding ensures you not only have a sufficient surface area but also gives you adequate control. 

Step 2 

Apply the preferred glass cleaner onto the towel and not directly to the glass window. Spray small increments on the towel, enough to have the towel dampen and not soak. 

With this, you avoid the dripping marks that could have appeared if you sprayed the cleanser on the window. 

Step 3 

Begin the cleaning with the exterior of the window and then proceed to the interior. As the glass on the outside is dirtier than the one on the inside, cleaning it first will assist you in spotting any dirty spots on the inside quickly. 

Step 4 

Clean the window from the middle part and then excel onto examining the sides and the corners. These areas house a lot of dirt. Therefore, approaching them towards the end will prevent the glass from contaminating. 

Step 5 

Wait on the glass to dry. Then, when dried, and if you spot any more dirty areas, repeat the process until and unless the level of cleansing you require has been attained. Keep in mind to clean every inch of the window because only then will you have a result similar to or exactly like the car dealerships.

Step 6

Supposedly, you have successfully cleansed one window and approached the other one. Check your towel. If it is now covered in dirt, replace it! 

You would want to avoid making the already dirty window dirtier in an attempt to clean it. 

Car window cleaning tips 

  • After you have sprayed the cleaner on the window, wipe it off immediately. Keep the cleaner away from drying out on the window.
  • If there are spots on the window that may not be wiped away using a cleaner, use a razor at a 45 angle to scrape them off. Spray the cleanser first and then use the razor.
  • Use a premium quality window cleaner. Invest in it!


After reading this article, you no more have to think about how car detailers clean windows. Numerous ways car dealers employ have been discussed, and some valuable tips have also been provided. With this, and only if you follow all the steps orderly, we assure you that you will never have to pay a visit to your nearest carwash again!

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