Can A Mini Split Be Installed On An Inside Wall? A Comprehensive Guide

Can A Mini Split Be Installed On An Inside Wall?

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If the scorching heat during the summer season annoys to and the increasing humidity in the air makes it difficult to breathe, get a mini split air-conditioner for your home and leave these problems behind.

A mini split air-conditioner costs less than those beast-like air conditioning units but performs well in a small living space. 

Conventional air conditioners require that you make space inside the wall before installation. However, in the case of a mini split air conditioner, can a mini split be installed on an inside wall?

We will discuss this probing query in detail, so you do not have to go forth and tear down that living room wall if you want to install a mini split air conditioner at home. 

Can a mini split be installed on an inside wall?(Quick Guide)

This question is a significant concern regarding the positioning of a mini split air conditioner. The mini split air conditioners are usually 24 inches high and 26 inches wide, with a depth of around 8 inches.

They weigh around 30 to 50 pounds, and one can easily hand these mini split air conditioners on a wall inside their home.

insall mini spilt inside wall

The air conditioning unit will function better if one installs it away from direct sunlight, preferably in an air-insulated room.

One must administer certain precautions while installing a mini split air conditioner on an inside wall to manage the wires and ducting of the unit, so they do not mingle with your aesthetic sense. 

Selecting the Perfect Place

Before installing a mini split air conditioner in your home, consider the perfect spot to suspend the indoor unit.

A well-insulated area must ensure no air leaks through cracks and spaces under doors and windows, affecting the AC’s performance. 

Choose the room where you want the most comfortable in the house. After selecting the space, consider positioning the mini split air conditioning unit.

Here is the tricky part, do not place the AC too far away from the seating area or hide it behind large furniture. Many people make the terrible mistake of positioning it behind absurd obstructions.

Increasing the distance between the AC and the seating area decreases its efficiency. The AC would work at its total capacity, but it will take longer for the cool air to reach you, leaving behind an unsatisfied customer.  

selecting right place for mini spilt

Consider installing a mini split air conditioning unit in a place in your home that does not have abrupt temperature changes too often.

In such a scenario, your air conditioner will require more power and struggle to cool the area, increasing your electricity bills.

Make sure that there is no window or door near the air conditioning unit such that direct sunlight falls on the mini split causing its temperature to rise. Making a little effort in the start can lead to a more efficient working air conditioning unit. 

Camouflaging the Ducting and Wires

Installing a mini split air conditioner does not require proper licensing but rather an abundance of common sense and sound decision-making abilities.

Mini split air conditioners are easier to put up because there is no need for extensive ducting around the machine.

The installation is invasive to a minimum level; you only need to drill a little hole in the wall to guide the exhaust pipe out of the room. 

duct mini spilt

Some might consider the ducting and wires are going out of the air conditioner an eye sore. To rectify this situation, we recommend that you hide these AC ducts and wires behind decorative sleeves that are readily available on Amazon. You can select something that works best for you. 

There is also an option of hiding it behind curtains, woodwork, existing artwork, or any other house decoration that can serve to cover these tubes and wires and keep them hidden from the bare eye.

One can choose decorations that correspond to the room décor to help them merge better with the surroundings. 

While camouflaging these wires and exhaust pipes or the mini split air conditioner, bear in mind that in no way must the line be blocked or tempered.

Electricians recommend that the tube must not bend in any place to stop the coolant or refrigerant and air from circulating through these pipes. 

Drain Lines

Air transportation causes condensation of the moisture in the air around us. Switching on any air conditioner circulates hot and cold air through the pipes to bring the room to a convenient temperature as preferred by the user.

That is why air conditioners have a drain line to remove excess water content from the space, making it more comfortable. 

drain line mini spilt

When answering the question, can a mini split be installed on an inside wall, do consider a safer way to dispose of this excess moisture that turns into a steady water supply. Determine where the drain line will lead; you can take it anywhere in the house plumbing. 

Special precautions must be taken to block or trap this drain line. We have seen customers complaining about the water backflow caused by any blockage in the pipe.

If in any way the water reverts its directions, it can seep through the drywall or, even worse, damage the beautiful painting you have hung under the mini split air conditioner. 


The installation of a minis split air conditioner is a relatively simple process on its own.

You can skimp down the installation cost by reviewing the little details and eliminating any associated problems. Still, one must take out time to research preparing your room before the installation.

These air conditioners do not require extensive ducting to connect the cooling unit to the house’s interior compared to conventional air conditioning units. Hence there is a visible decrease in the cost of installation of these ACs.

One can hire professional help to get the job done if going near drills and wire cutters gives you jitters. In such a case, the overall cost will be comparatively more, but you will get an efficiently operating air conditioner with little to no problems. 

Overall, ductless mini split air conditioners are worth the investment because you get an efficiently working air conditioning system inside your home that is guaranteed to keep you peaceful during those hard-to-bear summer days.

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Mini split air conditioning units are perfect for medium to tiny enclosed spaces. One can easily install them and manage their wiring and ducting with ease.

With changing times, we need to ask that can a mini split be installed in an inside wall rather than positioning it outdoors and then making arrangements for the cool air to be brought inside.

We hope that by the end of this article, you must have got the hang of things, and now you know the basics of installing a mini split air conditioner on an inside wall.

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