A guide (How do you bypass chamberlain garage door sensors)

How do you bypass chamberlain garage door sensors

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It is no more than a terrible day when a garage door won’t open or close. How do you take your car out of that confined space now? Or if you use your garage door for any other purpose, how can you get something out of there?

An automatic garage door is supposed to fulfil its purpose by providing you convenience rather than posing an inconvenience. But unfortunately, although mechanical devices are manufactured to make your life easier, they can also be a source of discomfort.

Often a garage door out of the blue stops working. For example, the door sometimes opens six inches and does not go beyond, whereas, in other instances, it does not open. The problem can be within the internal processing, for example, a faulty logic board of the door or emerge due to external influences such as extreme weather conditions.

Nevertheless, if the sensors of your garage door stop working, it can also cause the door to malfunction. So, how do you bypass chamberlain garage door sensors? We will address your query in this article, so keep reading. 


How can you bypass chamberlain garage door sensors? 

Different components in the garage door’s interior work towards a particular purpose. The logic board of a garage door is responsible for catching the signals delivered from the remote.

Similarly, the chamberlain garage door sensors function to prevent the door from closing immediately. This means that once you have opened the door, it will only close if the sensors are working. 

Well, if it’s any consolation, know that you are not the only victim of this problem. Hundreds of house owners with garage doors face this problem relatively frequently rather they go with new and best garage door. they preferred to resolve the issue to save money.

The sensor issue is easy to deal with, only if you know that the sensors are the ones causing the door to not close. 

Easy solution 

Here we will discuss the easiest and the most straightforward solution for how do you bypass chamberlain garage door sensors.

Start first with a detailed inspection. Search every nook and cranny of the garage door. Look under it, around it, beside it and, of course, on the sidelines. See if there is anything, even a tiny piece of metal or a toy, that could be coming in the way of your garage door and preventing it from closing. 

If the sensors of the garage door sense any hindrance that might be in the way of the closing, then the installed reverse mechanism aids the chamberlain sensors from shutting down. 

Other methods

Bypassing chamberlain garage door sensors is more challenging than we made it sound in our easy solution. However, it is always wise to begin with the straightforward solution, and we recommended that to you.

Now let’s proceed to other alternative methods you can utilise when pondering how do you bypass chamberlain garage door sensors. 

Push the garage buttons, and hold! 

This method of bypassing chamberlain garage door sensors does not require a remote. Instead, you need the buttons on the wall near the garage door. 

Push the buttons altogether, and hold them in that position for a prolonged time. With the push of the controls, the door will start to go down. Keep holding till the door has gone down enough to your desired extent. 

Remember, this is a forced closure of the door. The sensors won’t work until you have left one of the buttons, meaning that you cannot fully close the door because the chamberlain garage door sensors are still in reverse mode, preventing the garage door from achieving full closure. 

However, this arrangement is only a partial one. You still would have to solve the fundamental cause. Even though it is the best way to bypass the sensors in this manner, still your garage door requires proper maintenance. 

Try manual functioning 

It is safe to say that out of all of the preferred options. This one is the most reliable. Also, is it not exciting to use your garage door manually after being exposed to making use of it automatically? 

Switching the garage door to manual functioning, even though it may not allow you to use it for an extended period, can indeed be your saviour while you wait for your mechanic. 

With this, the chamberlain garage door sensors won’t work anymore but will allow you to close or open your door by lifting it.

Simply plug the cord that emerges from the motor, which is placed on the ceiling. This would free the door of the chain that enables it to go up and down. So now it’s your time to shine and raise your problematic garage door. 

A keen reminder: if the door is half opened and you are switching it to manual functioning, ensure that someone is holding it for you. Or else it will fall onto you when you disconnect the fastened cord. 

Readjust the alignment of sensors 

This is the least recommended option for you to bypass chamberlain garage door sensors, but don’t desperate times require desperate measures?

Here you would have to readjust the alignment of your sensors in a rather technical way and not your conventional method. You will be hacking them! 

Cut the sensor wires of the garage door, and remove them from both sides of the door- right and left. Subsequently, directly rewire them into the overhead motor, so the wires face each other. Make use of a mounting device or tape to do so. 

This hack we have guided you with will permit your sensors to be adjacently aligned to each other, ensuring that the garage door closes. However, a drawback accompanying this procedure is that the garage door will keep closing regardless, even when something is in between, which can cause a severely dangerous risk.

Before you consider proceeding with this procedure, contemplate whether this hack is worth undertaking or not. 

Garage door sensors’ purpose

If simplifying the purpose of the garage door sensors is to say that they are a safety device. The governments mandated the installation of these devices to ensure the users’ safety against any potential injury that could occur. 

Despite the fact that garage door sensors are apparent, many users need to be made aware of their use. The primary function of the chamberlain garage door sensors is to avoid colliding with anything that comes in the way or blocks the course of the closing of the garage door. 

For the function to be undertaken, the sensors must receive uninterrupted infrared signals from the surroundings. When there is an interruption in the receipt of such signs, it indicates that something is hampering the way of the garage door. Thus, it will not close.

As you might have guessed from the function of these chamberlain garage door sensors, they play a vital role in overall functioning. Without them, or with impaired sensors, you might expect sudden closing of the door even when you are standing under it or, on the other hand, no closing of the door. 

Therefore, if you encounter a malfunctioning chamberlain garage door sensor, we advise you to replace it immediately and not wait for it to start working again miraculously. 

Recontemplate bypassing chamberlain garage door sensors 

After all, bypassing your chamberlain garage door sensors is a risky task. If you just undertake it to avoid a minor convenience, it can, later on, result in a hazardous situation. Especially if you are bypassing the sensors yourself, there is always a risk that something with the garage door can go wrong and seriously harm you or your family.

Therefore, before you implement your learning from how you bypass chamberlain garage door sensors, we say- contemplate. Think it over. In fact, question yourself if the bypassing is necessary or if there is any other way around the situation.

If you decide to go with the latter, troubleshoot your chamberlain garage door sensors rather than bypass them. If you are lucky enough, you can fix your acting-up garage door and restore it to its regular activity in mere minutes with the following methods. 

Check for hindrances in the way. 

Yes, we know we have already stated this method in our easy solution. But it is an easy solution. Rest assured, sometimes chamberlain garage door sensors work in bizarre ways.

Even if some items may not directly be in the way of the sensor, causing a hindrance, it will still work under the reverse mechanism. On our insistence, once again recheck if any object is too close to the garage door. On the corner sides?

Be on the safer side and clean your garage out. Take out any object within a distance of a foot with your garage door, and try again! 

Inspect the sensor alignment 

Since chamberlain garage door sensors are often settled with the rails through a small metal bracket, they can sometimes slide away. 

This usually happens when the sensors bump, and the alignment gets mismanaged, entirely losing connection with other sensors. Inspect both the sensors and see if they are still well within the range of alignment or not.

If not, then align them by gently and cautiously bending them until they are in the proper position. 

Cleanse the sensors 

Cleansing of chamberlain garage door sensors is something that most of you do not consider because who thinks about the malfunctioning of such sensors?

The sensors might need to be fixed because their front might be blocked by rust, dirt, or even a spider web, proving to be a hindrance in the sensor receiving signals from the remote.

Take a cloth, and dampen it but beware- do not soak it. Then smoothly cleanse the sensors with the fabric. 

Examine the wiring 

When an issue with the wiring arises, remember that this is the one you cannot fix yourself. As much as we all love saving dollars, saving up is inevitable in some situations. We hate to break it to you, but this is one of those situations.

Examine if the wiring connecting the sensor to the motor is broken, cracked, or frayed from any joint. Issues with the wiring can be a fundamental reason for the sensors not working correctly. 

Upon discovering a wiring problem with your sensors, get them fixed. Also, until and unless you have sufficient experience to settle the issue, do not try because you will surely end up worsening the situation for yourself. Of course, you are adding up on additional costs of fixtures too! 


One question that you would now have no struggle answering is- how do you bypass chamberlain garage door sensors?

We have covered every reason for your chamberlain garage door sensors’ dysfunction and discussed ways you could easily bypass them and solution also done by disabling senor of garage but this guide also provide more various solution that help you to bypass door not only chamberline also work that method on liftmaster, genie garage door, & ryobi garage door

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