The Best Budget Friendy Axe For Bushcraft (Improve Crafting Skills)

The Best Budget Friendy Axe For Bushcraft

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Anyone who deals with wood regularly, whether they are an outdoor enthusiast, a homeowner, a lumberjack, or anything else knows how necessary a good axe is.

Our Great Selection For you.

In case your budget is limited and you are looking for a better choice of axe for practicing bushcraft skills.

This might be a time taking task for you to find the best one among the tons of Axe, to make the selection much easier and better for you, You don’t have to do the research because we did it for you.

budget axe for bushcraft

Our selection is the best option for not only bushcraft as well as great tool for chopping, splitting (for firewood), cutting tree roots, shaping wood and much more purposes.

So, see our suggestion.

Our Picks for the Best Axe

Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe

Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe

Easily, the Cold Steel Trail Boss Axe is our favorite bushcraft Axe for the list that comes with all the bells and whistles that you are looking for in the best bushcraft Axe in budget price tag.

The Cold Steel Trail is a chopping master that will sweep clean the bushes with comfortable swings, and you will be able to cut trees ( Not the large ones) and clear trails effortlessly with this best-selling Axe.

The design and shape of the Axe is a field test that ensures that the Axe will perform flawlessly in the battleground of trees.

The Axe head weight is less than five pounds, making it good for bushcraft; you must read the buying guide below that highlights the weight limits of the Axe.

The Cold Steel Trail Boss features an American Hickory handle with grains pointing toward the Axe, making the Axe good for bushcraft. Plus, the handle is nicely designed, keeping in mind the ergonomics to ensure a firm grip with powerful swings.

Overall, the Cold Steel Trail Boss is a nice all-around Axe that is lightweight and comes with a single sharp bit, which will help you make precise and effortless cuts.


Weight: 0.5 pounds | Handle Material: wood| Overall Length: 27 inches


  • Precise cutting with efficient design
  • Lightweight Axe head
  • Grains and bit in the same direction


  • Lacks sheath

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CRKT Woods Camping Axe


The next best bushcraft Axe on our list is CRKT Woods Camping Axe, a perfectly priced Axe with a durable Axe head that weighs nearly two pounds and is forged with 10055 Carbon steel with incredible durability and edge retention.

The CRKT Woods Camping Axe Tennessee Tennessee hickory wood has no curves on the surface. It can easily absorb sh, rocks that make this Axe suitable for power cuts of medium-sized trees in the jungle.

Two-in-one means it has an axe bit one side, and the spike on the other end will you cut woods and convert them into pieces effortlessly.

Overall, the CRKT Woods Camping Axe is a durable bush cat with a lacquer coating to ensure durability and is designed to make deep cuts type of wood. Regarding price and performance, the CRKT Woods Camping Axe hits an s, making it a considerable pick for this list.


Weight: 1.95 pounds | Handle Material: wood | Overall Length: 7.5 feets


  • Two in one tool
  • Handle made with Tennessee hickory wood handle
  • Lightweight Axe head


  • The sheath is not available in the package

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Marbles Hunters Axe MR703

Marbles Hunters

The final pick for bushcraft Axe is the Marbles Hunters Axe MR703, a well-bulky-looking Axe that comes at a reasonable price tag and has everything you expect from a great bushcraft Axe.

The Marbles Hunters Axe MR703 features a genuine hickory wood handle with nice curves. The ergonomic grip allows you to hold the Axe firmly and precisely without causing slips.

Plus, the handle features a small hole that allows you to easily hang the Axe on a wall in case you forget where you placed the Axe.

The Marbles Hunters Axe MR703 has a length of 18 inches which is slightly on the smaller side, which means it will be more suitable for cutting logs in your backyard rather than cutting trees in the jungle because you won’t be able to make deeper cuts with such small size of the Axe.

Overall, the Marbles Hunters Axe MR703 is a great bushcraft Axe that doesn’t cost you a dime and allows you to swing the Axe effortlessly with the nicely designed ergonomic c handle. The 3.5-inch Axe is suited for cutting as a hobbyist, not a professional.


Weight: 2.7  pounds | Handle Material: wood | Overall Length: 18 inches 


  • Good Quality
  • Sharpens fairly easy
  • Lightweight
  • Durable hickory wood handle


  • Slightly smaller size

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What to look before getting right one

Couldn’t pick the best budget bushcraft Axe from the list of given above due to the lack of knowledge? Worry not, as this buying guide will help you make an informed decision without wasting time and money.

We are going to look at some of the factors that matter a lot when it comes to buying a budget bushcraft ax, and we are going to start with the most important part of the ax, which is the handle.

Axe handle is going to determine how powerful your cuts are. The most commonly used handle types are metal, wood, and synthetic. Each type has its pros and cons. The metallic handle is super durable but has little to no shock absorption, making cutting painful. Synthetic handles are good for shock absorption but are more likely to break.

Now, the final type of handle is the wood which is the most commonly used handle type compared with both the metallic and the synthetic handle.

The most important thing to pay attention to in a wood handle is the growth ring; the grip will depend on that.

Next, pay attention to the grain direction, which should be in the order of the Axe bit; if you can get such a handle, durability is guaranteed because if the grain isn’t in the direction of the bit, the Axe will snap.

Generally, such aces come at an expensive price tag as well. This article lists the best wooden handles with near-perfect grain orientation to help you get the best Axes without wasting time and money.


Another thing that matters is how the handle is mounted in the Axehead. To check that, lay the hold down and see if the middle and the end of the handle, both points are touching the surface or not. They should feel the surface for better grip and cuts.

Single Bit or double bit

To get a quick idea about a single bit and double bit, consider the Axe with one edge, which will be a single bit, and an Axe with two cutting edges is a double bit.

Although the single bit makes more cutting sense than the double bit, the most used bit is also single bit by novices or even professionals for the fast-cutting experience.

The single bit is going to make two pieces of a wood pellet, and the double bit is going to make four pieces of a wood pellet that offers twice the efficiency compared with the one single, but the double bit Axerequires more precision than the single bit ax.

So, whether you choose a single bit or a double bit, the choice will depend on your experience because a beginner cannot cut faster and smoother with a double bit. But, a beginner and an expert can do a better job with a single bit.

Axe Head Weight

You are going to choose the Axehead depending on the use. You should be aware that a heavier Axehead requires more power, and a beginner won’t be able to make precise cuts with a serious Axehead. So, for cutting jobs or logs in your backyard daily, you must choose an Axehead weighing no more than five pounds.

Although the five-pound Axe is still on a slightly heavier side, that is the maximum weight limit for any Axehead.

For more serious jobs like cutting trees, you can go beyond the 5 pounds weight of the Axehead to get deeper cuts.

The sweet spot for an Axehead is two to three pounds to get precise, sharp cuts without straining yourself or risking yourself.

Handle Length

To determine the handle length, it’s super important to be clear about the job of the Axe or what you will be cutting with the axe.

For heavier tasks like cutting trees in the forest, go with a longer handle to get powerful and precise cuts but if you need an Axe for your backyard, get a shorter hold for more accurate cuts.

Keep in mind that getting the longest Axehandle isn’t going to help you cut, nor the shortest ax. Both have pros and cons; you will always choose an Axe that is neither too long nor too short.

How do I choose a bushcraft Axe?

To choose the right Axe, you should know about the Axe weight, handle type, and length of the handle, and all of these things are explained in detail in the buying guide given above.

How long does an Axe take to bushcraft?

An Axe can take a few swings or many swings, depending on the area you have to cover.

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