Is Broyhill Furniture Good Quality? (Pick or Avoid)

Is Broyhill Furniture Good Quality?

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There was a time when we were surrounded by just a few options to pick. But today, as we are trapped among a wide range of brands, each claiming to provide their best, it is becoming harder to decide.

As far as interior designing of our homes and work-spaces is concerned, furniture is eyed for the best space utilisation. The furniture serves as a circulatory and functional object in interior design.

With this much importance that it holds, we look at it as a long-term investment that must have guaranteed durability. 

Today we look at a vast market providing a diverse range of furniture.

So, with this must product available to us in stores, showrooms and online we can go with anything we like or prefer.

But knowing something is mandatory, especially if we are thinking of buying it rather than just trying our luck with that.

People usually prefer one-time investment in high-end furniture so that they have this matter off of their minds for a considerable period. 

Today we will look into one such brand that has offered the market furniture for household and office purposes for 100 years, Broyhill.

Broyhill has been a leading furniture brand for decades. Still, investing a pretty decent amount without extensive research would not be wise enough.

Broyhill Furniture

They have provided the market with an affordable and comfortable range of smartly coordinated and curated furniture. But they got discontinued 3 years earlier.

So, we’ll talk about why they got discontinued? Have they joined hands with other furniture brands? And most importantly, is Broyhill furniture good quality?


Broyhill was founded by James Edgar Broyhill, an American industrialist, in 1926. It is one of the oldest and finest American furniture brands that has displayed immense craft in 90 years of its innovative manufacturing tenure.

They once offered mid-market furniture at big box stores. But now they offer lower priced items as they have discontinued by the name of Broyhill and have now shifted to a retail company, Big lots.

So basically, Broyhill is now owned by big lots, but it does not mean they have left the market. Instead, they are available at several local furniture stores.

Broyhill provides the individual warranty of their products and components free of defective material.

Under the details of this restricted guarantee, Broyhill holds the choice to fix or supplant the bad thing on a professional level.

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Is Broyhill Furniture Good Quality: Explained 

As far as the quality is concerned, good quality furniture is constructed of either solid wood or plywood. And Broyhill provides us with solid wood goods representing the traditional American styles of making elegant and classy furniture.

Though this style is not ideal for modern artisans, this signature Broyhill taste will never get out of fashion.

In vintage Broyhill furniture, you can observe really good construction techniques; the use of solid wood is evident in their high-quality furniture with oak, maple, and solid cherry as the main ingredient

Some unique furniture lines by Broyhill include Broyhill Madison court, Broyhill vintage world, Broyhill attic heirlooms, Broyhill Maison Lenoir, and fun Broyhill canyon ridge.

And the sheer variety offered by Broyhill is what makes it really unique. However, about the quality of Broyhill furniture, the are now mixed because earlier, they focused mainly on mid-market consumers. And hence good quality furniture was offered by them at good market price. 

But what is being presented in the stores today lacks the particular signs of quality that Broyhill was once known for and is neither categorized as heirloom furniture nor fine furniture.

It does not have longevity of 20+ years. Customers initially had glowing reviews about their purchases, but later a few clients got disappointed with the fabric and foam quality as Broyhill furniture now mostly features upholstered furniture pieces.

Some even had issues regarding the broken frames, but it can be neglected since this issue was not reported majorly. 

However, we still can’t seem to complain because the market price they are offering is highly affordable compared to others in this market.

And with that being said, Broyhill still doesn’t appear to rank lower than other comparatively estimated or even somewhat more expensive items.

And for Broyhill goods, we can say that they sometimes get overlooked and are given less attention than they actually deserve.

So, suppose you are looking for furniture that is elegant and refined. In that case, you will go well with modern Broyhill furniture, but as far as a long-term investment is concerned, vintage Broyhill furniture never disappoints.

Broyhill Furniture Good Quality

But since the families now prefer handsome furniture rather than furniture that comes with greater longevity so in that case, Broyhill do keep an eye on the current design trends and represents luxury furniture, and

thus its intimate knowledge about craftsmanship will never be out of fashion and hence it will continue to provide the best solution for its buyers.

Some discontinued collection from Broyhill furniture includes Broyhill Brasilia having sculptural front and peg legs, and their dining room sets that could have gotten Broyhill’s

but thanks to their high-end quality reclining chairs, living room sets, and sofas that managed to get their rank back to their deserving place on the top of charts.

And currently, their collection for outdoor living, Broyhill Biltmore collection, is available at good prices and in elite designs, which clearly defends Broyhill in their regard of making good furniture that, alongside being long-lasting, is modern too.

About Broyhill Big Lots Furniture 

Big Lots Broyhill Upholstered furniture is the most common type of furniture today. Most of the furniture sold at Big Lots stores is intended for the living room. Broyhill furniture is now available in both fixed and flexible configurations.

Broyhill couches and pieces, as well as various two-piece loveseats, are available from the firm. Big Lots’ prices are outstanding for the sake of honesty.

For less than $2,000, you can furnish an entire room with living room furniture, including a sofa, a love chair, and an accent chair. A full-size sofa with two chairs, on the other hand, can cost around $1,300.

The grades are uneven when it comes to quality. Many individuals post glowing evaluations for their Broyhill living room furniture at first.

However, several buyers were dissatisfied after owning Broyhill sofas for several months to a year. Customers’ bottlenecks are peeling dust, little cracks, and very soft foam.

Again, because fewer people have mentioned broken frames, you may overlook some of these issues. On the other hand, the quality of the fabric and foam is critical for long service life.

Of course, we all want to like the way the furniture looks. Many of the things on the Big Lots website have a modern style with rolled arms, dress nails, and elegant neutral hues in the name of honesty.

However, when the “news” vanished, several customers were dissatisfied with the overall quality.

However, with so many excellent evaluations of living room suites, armchairs, and couches, Broyhill Big Lots Furniture remains a top choice.

So, at a low cost, you might want to give it a shot.

What furniture is comparable to Broyhill?

Being a leading name for so long, there were many competitors too, Big Lots. The name mentioned was famous for providing discounted furniture without compromising the quality and durability.

Like sofas and cuts, Big Lots provides very affordable and budget-friendly folding brands such as Broyhill. Big Lots offers synthetic upholstery or synthetic leather sun loungers for manual and electrically adjustable sun loungers.

Big Lots is much more than a furniture retailer. They are a home and budget department store that sells furniture, mattresses, home accessories, bed and bath supplies, and other items.

Final Words

To conclude our discussion on ‘Is Broyhill furniture is of good quality, we would say that it does happen to be one of the finest in furniture designing because of its rich history, detailed attention to craftsmanship, and trend-setting designs.

You can have the furniture that will keep you unbothered for a good 10 to 15 years in terms of quality and will prove to be worth your investment

Even though it has gotten its quality compromised to a small extent, but the benchmark it has succeeded to set covers its drawbacks and maintains its long legacy of respect,

thus making it one of the best furniture brands today that can even be bought online with retailers such as Wayfair and amazon easily

It won’t be wrong if we pen it down that Broyhill has always succeeded in making a decent and affordable product that many were very proud to own.

And this isn’t vital to everybody, except assuming that you hold solid blessing towards having a unified presentation of furniture in your home purchasing from brands like Broyhill can have a colossal effect.

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