Blank Flange Vs Blind Flange – A Detailed Insight

Blank Flange Vs Blind Flange

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Blind flange is an interesting tool which is used for the blockage in the pipelines. Merely, blind flange is used for blocking liquid because of its unique design.

Blind flange is designed in a way that there is not a single whole which remains open or lets liquid flow to the other side.

Perhaps blind flange works as the best seal when placed between the pipes or when a pipe is covered with it. The article below further clarifies the meaning, purpose and benefits of blind flange to the users.

Needless to the features of blind flange, the benefits of using it as a seal on the pipes saves a lot of cost, which otherwise would have incurred if the main valve needs to be closed instead of inserting blind flange. In contrast to this, this flange assists in easing the maintenance work on the pipelines.

What Is Meant By Blind Flange?

Blind flange works as a stoppage between the two pipelines and can be used as the upper cap case for one pipe.

Blind flange is made up of steel and has mounting holes around the edges of the circle along with the gasket ring that lies in the centre of the flange and is used for the sealing of liquid. Blind flange is not a very unique or differently designed product instead it is designed in the same way as other flanges in the market. 

Purpose Of Blind Flange 

Blind flange works as the stoppage of liquid in the pipelines. Usually, when a maintenance work is to be carried out in a pipeline a blind flange is used to block the flow of liquid content. It works as a seal at the point from where liquid is to stop for carrying out work in the pipeline.

Moreover, blind flange is inserted at the time when the pipeline needs any additions or discontinuation. At the time of connecting two pipelines, a blind flange is added for temporary stoppage of liquid. In contrast, when a pipeline is no longer needed and is required to be disconnected, a blind flange is used to cover up the ending of the line and for discontinuation.

Benefits Of Using Blind Flange 

  • Blind flange helps to carry out the necessary maintenance without losing liquid or extra hussle 
  • A pipeline can be added or removed without turning off the main valve which may lies far away from the repair and maintenance area
  • Using blind flange for blocking the liquid is cheaper when compared to turning off the main valves
  • Blind flange does not have a whole in the centre which is very useful as it can easily work as the main ending cap of the pipeline and does not allow a single drop of liquid to flow out
  • Most commonly used for public services, water work areas, engineering pipes and petrochemical, to assist the work been done effectively and in budget

What is a blank flange?

In addition to blank flanges, known as blind flanges, many different materials may be used to manufacture them. As their name suggests, blank flanges are most often used for capping off or terminating the end of another Hayward Pipe is proud to distribute industrial and commercial flanges in all of the materials listed below.

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