Best Tri-Fuel Generators in 2024: Buyer’s Guide and Review

Best Tri-Fuel Generators in 2024

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If you are looking for the ultimate in flexibility and emergency preparedness, you might want to consider a tri-fuel generator – that is, a generator that will run on three different types of fuel: unleaded gasoline, propane and natural gas.

That’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this article – the best tri fuel generators on the market today – with recommendations of the best models and a brief description and review of each.

If you’re in a hurry and want to get right to the recommendations, here are my top picks:

What Is a Tri-Fuel Generator?

Simply put, a tri fuel generator, or a three fuel generator, is one that will use all three of the most popular kinds of gas – normal unleaded gasoline, propane like you get in a propane tank, and natural gas like you get from your home’s gas lines.

In having a tri-fuel generator you get the great advantage of extreme flexibility in being able to find a fuel source in pretty much any situation, which can make a huge difference in disasters, emergencies and lots of other scenarios where you need electricity.

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But you also get the benefits of all three kinds of fuel:

Gasoline: Unleaded gasoline is available pretty much everywhere, and so is the quickest and easiest fuel source for your generator

Propane: Propane tanks are maybe not as readily available as gasoline, but are of course still widely available in most places, and propane has the distinct advantages of being less expensive and cleaner burning than gasoline

Natural Gas: Natural gas is always right there in your home, often available during emergencies and extreme weather even if you’ve lost electricity, making it a great choice for home backup. Another big advantage of natural gas is that your generator can keep running for days or weeks without refueling.

Who Makes the Best Three Fuel Generators?

Here’s where we run into a bit of a snag because, as great of an idea as three-fuel generators are, actually very few companies make them, and finding a good, reliable tri-fuel generator you can really trust is a tricky proposition.

Luckily two of our very favorite companies here at The Final Kit – DuroMax and Champion Equipment Company – make three fuel generators, and they are both as good as their excellent single fuel and dual fuel models.

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And, even more luckily, although there may only be a couple of generators we can confidently recommend, they are in the two most popular sizes / power ratings for this type of portable generator – the DuroMax XP13000HXT has a substantial 10,500 watts of running power and 13,000 watts peak (with gasoline – you’ll always get a bit less with propane or natural gas), and the Champion 100416 is rated at 8,000 watts running and 10,000 peak power.

So, as you can imagine, you can use either of these great generators for so many different things – of course they are perfect for home backup and emergencies, but they also work beautifully for RVs and camping, for worksites, workshops and greenhouses, for on-site parties and tailgating and so much more.

But what if you already have a generator. Do you have to replace it just to get three fuel capacity?

Do Tri-Fuel Conversion Kits Really Work?

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If you are buying a new generator, and are looking for one of these two popular power levels, I think a good three fuel generator is a great idea.

But if you already have a generator – either a single fuel gasoline generator or a dual-fuel gas and propane model, and want to also have the option of using natural gas from your home’s lines, you can get a three fuel conversion kit.

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And the good news is that they work perfectly!

There are several to choose from, and some are surprisingly inexpensive, but I don’t have to tell you that you don’t want to scrimp with something like a gas line conversion kit! And so our favorite, and the one we can recommend without hesitation, is the Hutch Mountain Generator Tri Fuel Conversion Kit, which is designed not just for the highest level of safety, but also to allow your generator to run as cleanly as possible, and with the highest level of power.

But let’s get back to the generators themselves, and take a closer look at these two excellent models.

The Best Tri-Fuel Generators on the Market Today

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Best Tri-Fuel Generator – 8000/10000 Watts

Champion 100416 10,000 Watt TRI Fuel Portable Generator with CO Shield

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  • Noise Level: 74 DBa
  • Power Output, Gasoline: 8,000 Watts Running, 10,000 Watts Peak
  • Power Output, Propane: 7,200 Watts Running, 9,000 Watts Peak
  • Power Output, Natural Gas: 7,000 Watts Running, 8,750 Watts Peak
  • Plugs: 1 x 30 Amp 120/240 Volt :: 1 x 30 Amp 120 Volt :: 2 x 20 Amp 120 Volt Standard 
  • Weight: 207 Pounds
  • CARB Compliant: Yes
  • Running Time: 12.5 Hours, Half Load

What I Like:

  • Excellent Value
  • Plenty of Power
  • Extremely Well Made
  • Easy Start
  • Great Company and Great Support
  • CO Monitor

Possible Downsides:

  • No 50 Amp Plug

The big, powerful Champion 100416 open frame portable generator is really the perfect choice for a tri-fuel electric generator at this very popular power level – yeah, it may be the only choice, really, but we couldn’t have wished for a better one.

First, and maye foremost, it is a Champion – one of our favorite companies, because of the extreme quality and dependability of their products and because of the wonderful support and service they always provide.

And the Champion 100416 three fuel generator is definitely exceptionally well made and dependable, as well as intelligently designed and easy to use, and it’s very easy to start with the electric start or the recoil, even in cold temperatures.

The super-strong 459cc Champion engine is surprisingly quiet when it’s running, and the solid frame and overall material and build quality make this a very stable and quiet generator. And while it is a big beast, the 100416 is surprisingly easy to move, maneuver and set up. It comes with everything you need to get going, including the wheel kit, propane hose with regulator, natural gas hose with fittings, even engine oil and a funnel.

A clean running generator, the Champion 100416 is fully EPA and CARB (California Air Resources Board) compliant, and so legal to buy and use in all 50 states. It also has a CO Shield feature, which monitors carbon monoxide levels and shuts down the engine if they reach unsafe levels.

A strong, powerful, very well made and reliable generator for a reasonable price, and from a fantastic company, the Champion 100416 three fuel generator is an easy recommendation.

Best Tri-Fuel Generator – 8000/10000 Watts

DuroMax XP13000HXT 13,000-Watt Tri Fuel Portable Generator with CO Alert

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  • Noise Level: 74 DBa
  • Power Output, Gasoline: 10,500 Watts Running, 13,000 Watts Peak
  • Power Output, Propane: 9,500 Watts Running, 12,000 Watts Peak
  • Power Output, Natural Gas: 8,500 Watts Running, 10,000 Watts Peak
  • Plugs: 1 x 50 Amp 120/240 Volt :: 1 x 30 Amp 120/240 Volt :: 1 x 30 Amp 120 Volt :: 4 x 20 Amp 120 Volt Standard 
  • Weight: 240 Pounds
  • CARB Compliant: Yes
  • Running Time: 8.5 Hours, Half Load

What I Like:

  • Very Powerful
  • Full Range of Outlets, including 50 amp
  • Industrial Quality
  • Exceptionally Reliable
  • Good Value
  • CO Monitor

Possible Downsides:

  • None

I should say right up front that, as much as I love the Champion 8000 watt generator we just looked at, and as often and enthusiastically as I recommend it, if it were my money I would definitely get this DuroMax XP13000HXT three fuel generator instead.

Speaking of money, I should be clear that the XP13000HXT is nearly a thousand dollars more than the Champion – but it is still a very reasonably priced product, especially considering what you’re getting.

I think the substantial increase in power is enough to warrant the additional outlay, bearing in mind how important those extra ~2500 watts can be in home backup and emergency use. And the inclusion of a 50 amp plug is brilliant in a generator this size, making it the perfect choice for an RV and ready for any sized unit, including larger class A recreational vehicles with 50 amp electric.

In addition to its suitability for emergencies and home backup, and for even the largest RVs, the DuroMax XP13000HXT is also wonderful for worksites, even larger ones, and has plenty of juice for multiple workers and power tools, fans, lighting and more, even all going at the same time.

Of course all of this is great, but even with all its power and flexibility – and even considering there aren’t really any other good choices for 3 fuel generators at this level – I still couldn’t confidently recommend this generator unless it was a truly high quality product.

But luckily that’s where the DuroMax XP13000HXT really shines. Even in comparison to the already superb Champion generator, the XP13000HXT feels more substantial – connectors and switches, materials and build quality – and is even more stable and smooth in operation, even though it has a larger engine. The two generators have the same rated running noise level, but in actual usage the DuroMax seems quieter – again, a pretty remarkable feat for such a big and powerful generator, and a good indication of its essentially industrial-grade quality.

Throw in a brilliant control panel and user interface, CARB (California Air Resources Board) and EPA compliance, carbon monoxide safety monitoring, a full five year warranty and so much more, and it the DuroMax XP13000HXT is an easy recommendation, and in my mind the best tri-fuel generator on the market today.